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The I BODY - Clean Body Detox

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In a modern world technologically driven in a fast-paced setting more stress sores are affecting our health now more than any other time in history. Our exposure to chemicals from food processed foods water medication and household products is impacting our health with more obesity diabetes cancer's auto immune deceases and heart disease despite all the medication and modernization of medicine. WHY? Toxins in our environment have made a sicker and fatter.





Innovative Science for Skin and Body


The IBODY CLEAN BODY system provides a method to lose weight by cleaning the body of toxicity. We aim to promote health diminish disease end support longevity to take control of your life and happiness.

Everyone benefits from our detox program.

The I BODY cleanse program includes eating organic and unprocessed foods and nutrient dense shakes and supplements to help the body purify and rebuild itself from the inside out. It is designed to measure nutrient deficient body and supports body systems to promote effective detoxification.



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A Clean Body is

A Lean Body.


Why do our cleanse program?

Our cleanse program is life transforming the choice to do our claims means choosing health over disease.


Will the cleanse help me lose weight?

Although detoxification is not a diet, toxic weight is eliminated. Our clients typically lose 8 to 20 pounds during the 21 day program


What can I eat?

Unlimited vegetables some fruit, wild caught fish organic chicken lentils and brown rice. What can I drink? Springwater, herbal tea, (non-caffeinated) fresh juices made from vegetables.


Can I exercise?

Exercise will assist with the elimination of toxins end promote weight-loss. A 30 minute walk for five times a week is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise while on the detox.


Any side effects?

You may experience frequent urination end bowel movement (not diarrhea) us your body eliminates toxins most people experience headaches end two end fatigue with difficulty subsides in one to two days.


Can I take my medication?

Yes you may require less after the program which can be discussed with your physician.


How often should I cleanse?

We recommend doing the clean body cleanse ideally every six months or at least once every 12 months. In between your classes you can do mini cleanses (7 or 14 days).


You may also try our other system cleanses the focus on one specific system at a time To obtain body balance. Benefits weight-loss clear skin increased energy improves mental focus west for sleep and eliminate food cravings identify allergies proximity elimination increased vitality improved immunity improve metabolic disorder plus medication power movement increase metabolism.




Why do our cleanse program?


  • Weight Loss

  • Clear Skin

  • Increased Energy

  • Improved Mental Focus

  • Restful Sleep

  • Eliminate Food Cravings

  • Identify Allergies

  • Toxin Elimination

  • Increased Vitality

  • Improved Immunity

  • Improve Metabolic Disorder

  • Less Medication

  • Regular Bowel Movement

  • Increase Fat Metabolism

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I conceived IBODY after treating diseases for many years and realized that we do not have to accept looking old, overweight and unhealthy. The IBODY thinks different; in a broad spectrum of wellness and all its facets we strive to bring focus to weight issues, the basics of balance with a clean body and a little dose of vanity along the way. This is IBODY…its personal.


Roberto Tostado MD