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The sequel to Caillou, Lights Out.

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Chapter One: The second blackout

It had been a week since Caillou had experienced his first blackout. Caillou was walking home from school with his mum, telling her about what he'd done that day. "Today, we had art! We had to draw our favorite place, so guess what I drew!" said Caillou. "Did you draw the park?" asked Caillou's mum. "Yeah!" exclaimed Caillou. 

When they got home, Caillou went upstairs. He played Minecraft for the remnant of the day(10 hrs). but at the 9:30 mark, the lights went out, and Caillou's laptop stopped charging. He was raging, destroying everything. When he finally calmed down, it looked as if a nuclear storm had gone through his room. His parents were out( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Rosie was watching My Litty Pony in her room. When Caillou looked around his room, he screamed because he didn't know what to do. Rosie heard him screaming, and she covered her ears and screamed too. 

The screams that Caillou and Rosie emitted were so loud that the house fell on them and then they died. 

The End