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Synroof HB Technical Catalogue

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SYNROOF HI BUILD Premium Quality Acrylic Waterproof Coating GENERAL 1 BITUMAT SYNROOF Hl BUlLD an PRIMING 1 Old asphalt surfaces and bituminous roofing felt Cut felt blisters crosswise dry and rebond with suitable adhesive Allow to cure Then orime cleaned surface with BITUMAT SYNROOF Hl BUILD diluted with elastomeric premium quality acrylic coating may be applied by brush roller squeegee or spray equipment depending on site conditions To spray select a nozzle size of at least 0 028 in first checking the spray equipment to ensure suitability 2 All surfaces to be coated must be clean dry 3 free from dust dirt oil and other contaminants Coverage varies depending on factors such as 4 5 2 3 type and quality of substrates i e surface regularity and application method Apply in separate coats each at a right angle to the one before The final coating thickness to be achieved depends on the requirements of the individual 4 roof 50 water tile roofs Following removal of all loose and other alien material prime with BITUMAT SYNROOF Hl BUILD diluted with 50 water Greater dilution may lead to weaker bonding with the substrate Metal roofs Clean and remove all rust and apply a rust inhibitive primer Follow this by applying metal primer to all corroded surfaces Other roofs Should the roof be affected by algae or fungal growth use a stiff bristled broom to remove this before treating the cleaned surface with a suitable fungicide and apply primer coat by diluting BITUMAT SYNROOF H l BU LD with 50 water Concrete Terrazo I PREPARATION Surface preparation is a very vital issue and this influences the integrity of the waterproofing system Hence care must be exercised when the preparation is done This is very important when reroofing over an existing old roof APPLICATION 1 Primer must be completely dry before the first coat is applied 2 BITUMAT SYNROOF HI BUILD may be applied by soft brush roller or spray gun 3 For spraying BITUMAT SYNROOF Hl BUILD may be slightly diluted with water a dilution may lead to Instructions should be followed strictlv Too great 1 sedimentation and blocking of spray gun Apply two coats each at the approximate All surfaces to be smooth clean dry and free 4 from dust rust and latience 2 3 Concrete and cementitious substrates must be well compacted with a wood float type finish be at least 28 days old and well dried Uncured concrete surface will have moisture trapped inside and willturn gaseous when temperature rises This will lead to blistering and even delamination from the surface Wooden or metal panels to be firmly fixed in rate 0 35 kgisqm Excluding the SYNROOF prime coat after diluting with 5 25o owater Where substantial movement is anticioated in the substructure a reinforcement 60 80 gsm thermobonded polyester as part of a sandwich membrane system is used Lay this reinforcement in the wet first coat before application of subsequent coats All detailing to pipes upstands drains position projected line etc should be reinforced in Terrazo roof tiles Clean and repair damaged this way joints Ensure that the tiles are firmly grouted Remove all loose material Metal Roofs Wire brush to remove moss mildew loose paint and rust areas then clean surfaces with a broom before priming High pressure water brooming may be used if necessary CURING Allow 24 hours between coats A final curing time of 48 hours is adequate at normal working temperatures Ensure curing is complete before laying thermal insulation boards mechanical protection and othercoverings if required Low temperatures and high V SYNROOF HI BUILD REINFORCEMENT tnroruc rHE pARApErs rF NEEDED tN oLD atmospheric humidity will slow down the curing rate and vice versa

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SYNROOF HI BUILD Premium Quality Acrylic Waterproof Coating 5 MECHANICAL PROTECTION roofs The installed BITUMAT SYNROOF Hl BUILD can either be covered by Accessible 6 insitu concrete screed or by thermal insulation Place a non woven polyester separation layer over the acrylic waterproofing membrane followed by appropriate thermal insulation boards Then lay kraft paper or polyethylene sheets as separation layer over the insulation boards and place the topping screed of 4cm to Scm thickness or suitable Do not clean the cured SYNROOF HlBUILD coating with brooms that have hard bristles These may cause damage Do not use SYNROOF HI BUILD on areas that will be constantly submerged in water CLEAN UP As a good roofing practice flush all hoses equipment and tools with water immediately after use cementtiles PACKING 2okg metal pails others on request Non accessible roofs Place a non woven polyester separation layer over the acrylic waterproofing membrane followed by the insulation boards Cover the insulation with another layer non woven polyester separation layer and place 15 30 gauge washed gravel to a minimum depth of 5cm Forthicker insulation boards the gravel depth should be at leastequal tothatof board thickness STORAGE Keep away from direct sunlight and preferably store below 30 C and above 5 C Protectfrom frost When stored in unopened containers expect a minimum shelf life of one year PRECAUTIONS HEALTHANDSAFETY Bitumen or asphalt roof surfaces to receive a 1 coating of L 2 3 BITUMAT SYNROOF HI BUILD should be totally dry Trapped moisture can lead to severe oroblems later Neverapply if rain is imminent Application of thick coat at temperature below soC may result in incomplete film formation with reduced elasticity and the possibility of crackforming BITUMAT SYNROOF HI BUILD is resistant to light foot traffic However heavy traffic high heel shoes furniture etc will cause damage 2 3 4 ln these cases the 4 hazard Skin contact Prolonged contact is to be avoided Use of a barrier cream or gloves will orotect sensitive skins Cleaning Remove with water when wet and proprietary hand cleanerwhen dry Medical assistance This should membrane should be o Ventilation to the working area Typical Value Property Test Method 1 Solids Content z Viscosity CPS 50 000 70 000 Brookfield Density Kg l 1 30 0 05 ASTM D 1475 16 oC ASTM D 1076 Application Temp Curing Time at25oC 5 minimum ln House Tesl Approx B for touch dry ln House Test o Service Temoerature C Approx 5 to 100 ln House Test 7 Tensile Strength W CM 480 ASTM D 412 8 Elongation at Break 440 ASTM D 412 I Hardness ShoreA 68 ASTM D 2240 10 Permeability Dry Peel Adhesion lbs sq in Pass ASTM_E 398 11 is desirable 64 t 1 4 be sought if BITUMAT SYNROOF Hl BUILD is ingested or rinsed with copious amount of clean water protected bytiles slabs etc SNo non toxic and odourless Flammability non flammable when wet The cured film will burn but is not a fire Toxicity o o ASTM C 297 12 Flexibility No Cracking of film when aged over 10 years weathering conditions and flexed 180 degrees 13 UV Resistance 14 Colours 16 Coverage 2 000 hrs No deterioration no colorfade Stain White Grey other colors by request For 1 mm thick dry film allow approx 1 10 Kg m ln house Test ASTM D 822 lncorooration of a reinforcement considerably increases certain drv film properties propertie based on laboratory test and practical experiencg subject to the tolerance Tha lnf6rmelion given diven in this Technical Data Sheet reflects tvDical median properties The Information levelsofUEAtoAirectives However astheproductisoftenusedunderconditionsbeyondourcontrol wecan twarrantbuttheproductltselr pREVtous PUBLtcATIoNS RELATING To rHls PRoDUcT inis pueLtclrroNt nuroH lnrtcarlv supEnseoes nrr BITUMAT COMPANY LIMITED Corporate Office P O Box7487 Dammam 31462 Saudi Arabia Tel 966 3 8121210 Fax 966 3 8121190 Website www bitumat com email marketing bitumat com Central Region P O Box 58698 Riyadh 1 1 51 5 Saudi Arabia et O1l 477044314792553 Fax 01 4762318 Western Region P O Box 12605 Jeddah 21483 Saudi Arabia Tel 02 6644449 Fax 02 6640506 Disttibuted by MSD 05 2014