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Hydro Hero's       journey

Written by Joselyn Arriaga

Earth. Earth has become a dark cloud turning and turning crazily, it is the elements’ job to defeat all evil and save the humans on Earth. So many problems, no one knows where to start. Then, there was cry coming from a land that was in need to for help. Hydro flew with his extremely fast speed to reach the cry. Hydro was the lightest element and the nicest, he always believed in teamwork and will always have a partner to help him in his battles. Although the Earth was at its ruins, Hydro believed it could be fixed with some good. The humans needed clean water in order to survive, most of it contained oil and trash, and that wasn’t healthy one bit. So, like a good hero, he tried to find one of his friends. See, when you mix two or more elements, it can create something else but be careful, some elements can cause damage. 

He needed help from his good pal, Oxygen. Together in the past, have created a large vast of water. Hydro flew around the plains looking for his pal when he saw the worst of the worst. The dark cloud. The dark cloud has been the cause of all this chaos that ran Earth. It was pure evil, the cloud could form anything it wanted but you could never miss it for its dark wicked color. 

At first, it looked like the cloud was just flying around and covering the land with fumes but as Hydro looked closer, he saw his pal. The Dark Cloud was choking the innocent element who had been trying to give fresh air to the humans down below. This ticked off Hydro, and his skin soon began to turn dark blue while his eyes raged with an ultraviolet purple. A little side note, although Hydro tries his best to be the good he wants to see in the world, he can also become very dangerous. He was highly explosive when mixed with the wrong person but he is a pure element. 

Using his invisibility power, he became colorless and flew closer to the dark cloud. Being colorless was natural to him. Here’s a fun fact about this dear element; Hydro was so pure that there was a possibility for him to end the greenhouse gas effect. He is an alternative use of fuel that has positive effects on the air. So Hydro went to the humans on the floor and gathered them to stop feeding the dark cloud with their vehicles and other appliances. Some of the humans apologized for they did not know they were hurting the hero’s friend. So with help from the humans, Hydro replaced all the fuel with his power making the air much cleaner. The Dark Cloud noticed the change in atmosphere and his decreasing size, to say he was furious would be an understatement. When he tried to attack Hydro, he was already too small to even punch the element.

After running away like a coward, all you could hear was the Dark Cloud wanting revenge. Hydro then knew that it was not going to be the last of the Dark Cloud. While Hydro was staring off, he had forgotten his friend was now free and was quickly attacked with a hug. They laughed together and joked around before Hydro discussed the water problem. Before they left together, he thanked everyone for their help and to stay safe and in a flash, he was gone to save someone else. 

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