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Kitchen Safety and Sanitation

Connor McCoy Matt Huster

Foodborne Illness 




-Salmonella is a bacterium usually found in the intestine

-Associated with raw eggs, milk, uncooked meats, and other animals



-Cook foods to proper temps

-reheat leftovers to 165 degrees

-keep strict hygene

-avoid cross contamination

-keep insects and other rodents out



-Abdominal pain

-fatigue and fever




-fluids injected directly into veins

-anti-diarrhea meds

Chemical Hazards

-Toxic chemicals found in food

-Ex: Agricultural Pesticides




Physical Hazards

-Foreign objects found in food that may hurt the consumer

-Ex: glass, metal shards

Cross Contamination

-bacteria unintentionally tranfered from one substance or object to another

Direct Contamnination

-when juices or blood drips from raw meat onto another plate of cooked food

Avoiding Contamination

-wash hands with soap and water

-wash cutting boards before adn after use 

Clean Vs. Sanitary

-being clean is washing hands or directly cleaning something

-having good hygene and keeping cooking areas free of dirt and organized

When to Wash Hands

-before cooking a meal

-before eating 

-after using the restroom


Danger Zone


-a mnemonic device used in the food service indusry to describe the 6 favorable conditons required for the growth of foodborne pathogens

Internal Temperatures

-Ground Beef            160

-Poultry                     165

-Stuffed Poultry        165


Thawing in the fridge is the best way becuase the meat stays at 40 or below


-perishable goods should not be left out at room temp for more than 2 hours

-when cooling food you can cut it up into smaller pieces

-Can also stir food constantly

-Keep hot food at 140 degrees

-Keep cold foods at 41 degrees or colder


Preventing Cuts

-Make sure knife is sharp

-Don't be distracted while cutting

-Don't try to catch the knife if you drop it

Preventing Fires and Burns


-Smoke alarms

-Correct wiring

-Keep small fry away from flames


-Stay in kitchen while food is cooking

-Turn pot handles away from the edge

-Open lids away from you to force teh steam away from you

How to Prevent Falls

-Clean up spills right away

-Use a step stool or other device when trying to get something out of reach

-Always wear shoes to prevent slipping

Preventing Electric Shock

-Avoid water by electric

-Turn off electricty when done

-Install breakers, outlets, or adapters

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