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This Is Me


Death's Black Veil


Late at night you can hear her cries,
Haunted by all her lies.
Worried of all her sins,
As she hurts family and friends.


Her very exsistence shadowed in pain,
To the point she sees only one way to gain.
Her trials surrounded by a deadly storm.
Sometimes she wishes she hadn't been born.


To save those she loves a decision she makes.
She will gives it all it takes.
She will do something she must not tell,
For soon she will wear Death's black Veil.


Your words, my blade


Your pain is my crime,
my blood is the price.
Payment for this has no time,
nor would any amount suffice.


Anew freshly formed cut,
or a knife to the heart,
to me is nothing, but
your words have torn me apart.


My world is dark.
My crimson blade cold.
The death of my soul is stark,
for my heart is crushed in your words hold.


Will write more soon.