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Hurting Churches 2020

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Making a Difference Mission The Hurting Churches Fund The Hurting Churches Fund is here to help make a difference in the life of the church Ozaukee Congregational Church Grafton WI is pleased to have been selected as a recipient of a 2 500 grant from The Hurting Churches Fund It has helped us sustain our congregation during an extended pastoral search Vision Making A Difference In The Life Of The Church Whether you are in need of assistance or are in a position to help others we welcome your participation today National Association of Congregational Christian Churches PO Box 288 Oak Creek WI 53154 Phone 800 262 1620 Fax 414 764 0319 Email naccc naccc org Website www naccc org

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The Hurting Churches Fund This fund was created to help the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches NACCC member churches through challenging times Two existing funds were consolidated to create the Hurting Churches Fund Endowment Morgan Park Hurting Churches Fund In 1996 the NACCC received proceeds from the sale of the Congregational Church in Morgan Park IL Church members also created endowments at the NACCC to directly support church development and assistance The church s legacy lives on through this generous gift 21st Century Pilgrim Club This program assisted churches in reaching out to other NACCC churches and individuals to ask for their donations for a specific project or need Combining these resources enabled the NACCC to leverage under utilized funds in direct support of our member churches How to Apply Complete the application form found on the NACCC website at www naccc org or contact Carrie Dahm at 414 856 1612 Grants up to 2 500 per application are available and repeat applications cannot be made within a 24 month period A lifetime maximum of 10 000 per church is imposed Approval of grants is made by the Growth Ministry Council which is based on the recommendation from The Hurting Churches Fund Task Team Examples of needs are Emergency capital or operations support Consultation expenses on matters of critical importance to the church Emergency funds when a pastor is ill or incapacitated How You Can Help Generous donations from individuals and member churches will help to keep The Hurting Churches Fund healthy and available to those churches who are in need Consider a gift today We have always strived to support the 21st Century Pilgrim Fund one of the funds that formed The Hurting Churches Fund because as important as our history may be our future is of yet more importance We enjoy our independence as a congregationally governed church but we also recognize and value our interdependence as well and want to be supportive of others who are living worshiping and serving in the Congregational Way Rev Don Mayberry Pastor First Congregational Church of South Paris ME Use the enclosed card and mail with your contribution to the NACCC office Your generosity will make a difference to those churches in the NACCC that are in need of a helping hand

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