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Hurricane Clips

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Hurricane board-up clipsHurricane Board-Up Clips provide a simple, quick and inexpensive way to protect windows during high hurricane winds. Don’t damage your property, these clips provide a safe, temporary attachment of plywood without the use of fasteners, brackets, caulking or adhesive.STORM PROTECTION:Designed for use over windows on brick, wood and stucco surroundings that project outwards at 90-degree right angles, adjacent to recessed windows.RE-USABLE:Zinc-plated steel clips t 1/2 in. thick plywood and are re-usable.EASY TO INSTALL AND OPERATE:Easy to follow instruction sheet included in product packaging.(800) 255-3505primeline.netprimeline.netZZ 549S 5100S 5100 (Zinc - 20 per clamshell)MP5099 (Black - 50 per bag)

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Installation Instructions1. Measure the width and height of the window opening. Subtract 1/4in. from each measurement (this will leave a 1/8in. gap on all four sides). Using 1/2in. plywood, cut covers for all windows.2. Attach the clips to the vertical edges of the plywood (clips should fit tightly, adjust if necessary). The number of clips and the spacing needed will be determined by the width of window open-ing (see chart).3. With the clips teeth out and facing you, push the plywood into the window opening.Removal: Using your thumb and index finger, grab the tension leg of the clip and pull toward you (if needed, a screwdriver may be used to ease removal).Minimum inset depth—wall or brick surface adjacent to the window in a perpendicular arrangement—is 2in.Plywood greater than 48in. should be reinforced by attaching 2in. x 4in.’s along edge for increased strength.Wind Speed (mph, gust)Nominal recessed width of window (inches)24 36 48 60 72 96Clip spacing in inches on vertical edges110 24 24 24 24 16 8120 24 24 24 16 8 6130 24 24 16 8 8 N/A140 24 24 12 8 6 N/A150 24 16 8 6 N/A N/A