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A break down of human rights not granted to those in Indonesia.

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Human Rights in Indonesia

Where is Indonesia

1. We are all born equal

2. Don't discriminate

3.The right to life

4. No slavery

5. No torture

6. You have rights no matter where you are

7. We're all equal before the law

8. Human rights are protected by law

9. No unfair detainment

10. The right to trial

11. Innocent untill proven guilty

12. The right to privacy

13. Freedom to move

14. Seek a safe place

15. Nationality 

16. Marriage and family

17. Your own things

18. Thought

19. Expression

20. Public assembly

21. Democracy

22. Social security 

23. Workers right

24. Right to play

25. Food and shelter to all

26. Education

27. Copy right

28. A fair and free world

29. Knowing your own rights 

30. No one can take away your rights

Human Rights

Discrimnation against Women

The military commander says it "is a measure of morality. There's no other way,". Last Febuary, a city councilor of Jember, suggested that graduating middle-school students should be required to tale virginity tests.

As of October 2015 Indonesia passed 31 new discriminatory regulations leaving them now with a total of 322 that target women

Laws against women

One big one is Virginty tests done to women wanting to join the miliitary, police force, or wanting to marry military officers.

Disability rights

The villages Sidoharjo, Karangpatihan, and Krebet have the title "kampung idiot" where children and adults are suffering from mental retardation. They are shackled to the floor and suffer malnutrition, paralysis, and imparied hearing and eyesight. 

The local governments and locals blame Incest, malnutrition, and lack of iodine for the cause of the mental diabilities. 

Abuse of the disabled 

The Indonesia government banned the deprivation in 1977 but failed to actually push it.

Media censorship

In 2014 a law was passed making it mandatory for ISPs to block negative websites. Indonesia is now drafting legislation that would require foreign internet companies to set up officies in the country or be banned.

The largest ISP in the country blocked US-based video-streaming service Netflix to "protect Indonesian consumers from unregulated content that does not comply with the country's film regulations."

Censorship of the media

Government agencies, lawenforcers, and the general public can lodge a report with the ministry's directorate general of informatics to request a specific site be blocked due to 'unlawful content'.

Religious Freedom

On july 17th a mosque in Tolikara district was burned down along wityh dozens of nearby food stalls when mosque authorties refused to shut down the boradcasts of the Idul Fitri prayer

In 2015 there was over 194 incidents of violent attacks on religious minorities. In June the the constitutional court rejceted a petiton to allow inter-religious marriage.

Religious Freedom

July 8th Jakarta district administartion ordered the closure of n ahmadiyah mosque in Bukit Durt in responce to pressure from Sunnni militants. That same month, three churches were forced to close in Bandar Lampung, Yogyakarta, and Samarinda.