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High school nutrition lesson that teaches nutrition and meal planning. Students will create, participate in, and present a one day nutritious meal plan.

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Components: Nutrition Lesson, Personaleal Plan, Follow Through and Reflect

Objective: Students will be able to identify the five food groups and their healthy portion sizes as presenteed by the Choose My Plate model.

Nutrition Triathlon

Health and Wellness

Nutrition Triathlon

Health and Wellness

Implement: After watching the Prezi, your assignment is to create a 1 Day meal plan including the five food groups for three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each portion must fit the Choose My Plate guidlines (use metric or US measuring system). You may add personal preferences such as calorie count, sugar, sodium, carbs, trans fats, etc.

Homework: Create a 1 Day: 3 Meals meal plan and follow it for one day. Use a phone app or website to create and track your meals. Next you will be required to follow your meal plan for one day and write at least one paragraph to reflect on your experience.  

App ex's: Argus (iPhone, Android), Lifesum (iPhone, Apple Watch)

Web ex's: 


Presentation: Your final product will be a chart or list format representing your meals (measurements and portion sizes in relatoin to Choose My Plate guidlines included), Web links or screen shots of your meal plan and tracking, Pictures of your meals from when you eat them, and a one paragraph reflection on this assignment and your experience

One class period will be deticated to the use of technology to work on this assignment. Laptops/computers will be provided. Be productive and creative.

DUE: 1 WEEK FROM LESSON DATE      There will be one class period to present. Each presentation should not exceed 5 min.


Collaboration: Each individual student will submit their meals into a class Google Sheet to create a class meal plan for multiple days. For this reason avoid using exact meals as other students. This collaborative meal plan will be presented to the principal.

Watch: watch the nutrition videos in the provided Prezi. You may skip the fastfood videos.


Meal Plan Must Include:

     - Breakfast: Grain, Fruit, vegitable, Protein, Dairy

     - Lunch:Grain, Fruit, vegitable, Protein, Dairy

     - Dinner: Grain, Fruit, vegitable, Protein, Dairy

    Each with a measurement of the amount that will be served in the Metric or US system.


Presentation Must Include:

     - Chart, List, Webpage, or App screenshots of Meal plan

     - Digital tracking of amount of food you ate. (May very with digital tools

     - Pictures of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals you made/aquired in your meal plan and ate.

     - 1 Paragraph reflection of this assignment and your experience creating and eating a nutritious meal plan

          a) What did you like or dislike about the digital lesson and project?

          b) How did you feel having to stick to a healthy meal plan?

          c) What did you learn?

          d) Was it helpful/benificial to you and how?

          e) Would you do this again?

     - Presentation lasts 2-5 minutes long



     - Must fill in class Google Sheet with your individuale meal plan

Meal Plan Project Rubric