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Agriculture of Hruska
By: Maximilian Hodsden
Farming Systems of
Olympic Overview
The citizens of Olympic like all the normal foods and agricultures, but with the
exception that they like theirs heavily modified, even to the point where it doesn’t
taste like the original.
Used for making bread, barley, cereal or just eating raw.
Special Leaf
What is this leaf? What does it do? Why is it banned in many countries? Why do
Olympics treasure it so much? Will these questions ever be answered?
Olympic produces many new GMOs every year, with many becoming invasive
species, destroying the environment of neighbor countries.
Farming Systems of Rain
Rain River Overview
The people of Rain River love water filled agriculture, and it’s easy for them to
have it, as they have access to constant clean water.
Rain Riverers truly love watermelon, as it consists of 20% of their diet in the
Summer and 10% the rest of the year.
Another popular food product in Rain River, but in neighboring countries
(especially Maximilian) the populus uses it to fuel their psychic powers.
Although not used much by the Rain Riverers, it is an important cash crop to the
neighboring cattle countries like Warm Water.
Farming Systems of Warm
Warm Water Overview
As the name implies, the water of Warm Water is far too warm to properly grow
crops, so the farmers often have to rely on cattle drives and other meat-making
These majestic, massive herbivores give you everything you need, including: meat
weapons, skin, fuel, cups, soap, fly-swatters, etc.
Have you ever felt llama fur? It’s so soft and valuable!
The fleece of the sheep, although not as valued as the fur of a llama, is still very
nice. Sheep are herded using a migration method known as transhumance,
meaning they often go up and down mountains depending on the current season
or weather (also, lamb-chops).
Farming Systems of
Most Popular Crops in Maximilian
1. Bananas (for eating and for armor)
2. Rubber (for armor)
3. Corn (for eating, for intergalactic communication, and for mazes)
4. Money (for spending and for armor)
5. Food (for eating and for armor)
6. Grass (for armor)
7. Seaweed (for eating and for armor)
8. Blueberries (for eating)
Weeds (for armor)
Bananas are by far the most valued crop in Maximilian. It makes up ⅓ of the Maximilian
diet, with the average citizen eating 15 a day. Also, the peels are highly valued, as they
can be used to create slip-slip armor, allowing the wearer to move without friction. Every
punch against the wearer merely slides off, and they can move at high speeds without
being stopped by friction.
Rubber is the most valued military asset in the entire country, as it fund the cool, but
deadly, rubber armor. Imagine it: being able to contort your body into whatever shape
you see fit. Using rubber armor, you can defeat anyone (just don’t go in water). Rubber
armor works in 4 different ways, or “gears”. 1st gear is the normal, stretchy stuff,
allowing you to punch your enemies from long distance. 2nd gear is when either
gasoline is pumped into the armor or the wearer drinks it. Anyway, the gasoline ignites,
causing the wearer to half extreme speed and power in whatever they do. Unfortunately,
this often causes extreme exhaustion, pain, and occasionally, death. 3rd gear is when
the user rapidly pumps air into the armor, causing it to grow in a location of the wearer’s
choice, creating giant fists, kicks, or bodies. Finally, 4th gear is when the armor is
compressed into a non-stretchy, indestructible rubber armor. If all gears are used
together properly, you can be an unstoppable rubber soldier.
Maximilian is famed for it’s amazing, 50 mile long corn-mazes. As a matter of fact, once
a man was trapped in one of these fields for 9 years, driven mad by the pure isolation.
But when it’s not being used for mazes, it’s being used for eaten, and as opportunities
for extraterrestrial beings to communicate with us through crop circles.
Amazing Maximilian scientists have discovered how to earn trillions in just months, with
the all new money tree! These amazing trees have literally made Maximilian the richest
country ever, toppling all other global economies. Not into being super rich? That’s okay,
because you can compress all your money into powerful money armor, giving you the
power to buy anything! Now that’s what I call a cash-crop!
Even greater than money is the amazing food tree! You see, all you have to do is
take a normal apple tree, and pump it with gallons upon gallons of grease! Then,
the apples will turn into delicious foods like bacon, cakes, pies, cheese, burgers,
pizza and tacos! Not into eating a lot? Then compress all your food into food-food
armor, allowing you to never become hungry again!
Super easy and nice to step on? Grass is the super crop of the future! Not sure what it
can be used for? Figure it out!
Do you not what’s better than grass? Underwater grass! This can be used for eating, like
sushi, and for armor. The sea-sea armor allows you to breathe underwater with all the
oxygen being produced by the aquatic plant.
Imagine something fast growing, like grass, but edible! Blueberries, my friend,
Also easy to grow, weeds can be compressed into spike-spike armor, allowing the
wearer to be immune to any attack along with hurting the attacker! Pretty cool right?
One word: rice balls! Okay, that’s two words, but oh well.
Man-Eating Plants
Used as border protection for Maximilian, as whenever someone goes through a field of
these, they are quickly torn apart. Also, can be used to make munch-munch armor,
allowing the wearer to eat anything.
Kind of self explanatory
This is currently an invaluable resource right now. Yes, we are importing trash from
around the world to use for constructing, but wood is special. It is the main material for
our country sized ship.
Types of Farming
Sub-Farming: the process of growing plants beneath the surface using complex light
delivery systems. (33%)
Alti-Farming: the process of growing plants on top of buildings in order to maximize
space efficiency. (33%)
Armor-Farming: the process of growing huge amounts of produce on people wearing
specialized armor, like the food-food, banana-banana, tree-tree, etc. (10%)
Farming-Farming: the process of growing produce on top of other produce, like
planting a wheat field on top of your apple tree. (9%)
Spiri-Farming: the process of increase produce production through mass prayer. (8%)
Magi-Farming: the process of creating new, magical plants through close contact with
Most Popular Farm Animals in Maximilian
1. Monkeys
2. Dragons
3. Puff-Puff Chickens
4. Chickens
5. Cows
6. Dogs
7. Humans
8. Pigs
The national animal of Maximilian, this epic, majestic creature is bred for their
connection to the multiverse, meaning they have religious significance as well. The
monkey is even more valued than the dragon and the human! Throughout every
government that Maximilian has experienced, there has been the constant law
protecting them. As a matter of fact, once a man from Riverrun walked over the border
and killed a monkey for sport, and as soon as the government discovered this, the man
was repeatedly tortured and fed to a swarm of monkeys. Anyway, monkey breeder is a
very valued job in Maximilian, for the monkeys are kind enough to also to assist us in
industrial, agricultural, military, and economic endeavors.
These scaly, fire breathing beasts have assisted Maximilian ever since their discovery
on the continent of Concord. They are used for aerial transport, warfare, and trade.
Every country on Nunc wants them and their eggs, and I can see why.
List of Dragon Types
Fire Dragon
Frost Dragon
Dwarf Dragon
Imperial Dragon
Celestial Dragon
Millennial Dragon
Southern Dragon
Northern Dragon
Marsupial Dragon
Monkey Dragon
Puff-Puff Chickens
Puff-puff chickens are a special breed of chickens found on Concord that produce
massive amounts of feathers! These feathers can then be harvested into armor called
fly-fly armor, allowing the wearer to fly through the air like a flying chicken!
Unlike their puffy cousins, these chickens are just made into delicious wings!
Used for milk, beef, steak, burgers, leather, glue, cheese, cream, ribs, plowing,
breeding, fuel, potions, manure, artificial limbs, experiments, alien bait, etc.
Dogs are also quite popular, as their breeding abilities are unmatched. As a matter of
fact, Maximilian scientists have discovered a breeding formula to create the ultimate wolf
warrior: Husky (immune to cold) + Lab (obedient)= Labsky + Wolf (killing machine)=
Wabsky + Terrier (small yet deadly)= Warrier!
Now, I know what you’re thinking: what? But don’t worry, they signed up for it! Being a
farm animal is an actual job in Maximilian! It includes plowing fields, eating slop, and
eventually being sent to slaughterhouses and never being seen again!
Farming Systems of River
River Run Overview
River Run is a very busy and stressful country, and their crops certainly reflect
this, as most are recreational/performancing enhancing crops.
The River Runners drink coffee constantly, as the average citizen works around
15 hours a day. As a matter of fact, River Run leads the world in coffee
production, as well as deaths by heart-attacks and tired grey-haired people.
But what do the coffee drinkers do to lower their heart-rate, calm down and overall
improve their health? Smoke tobacco of course! (This is also a cash crop)
The End
Want to hear some corny jokes about agriculture? Too bad! I don’t exist just to
make jokes for your amusement! I have a life too, and sometimes I don’t get to do
what I want because others give me long, tedious tasks like “write down ten jokes
for me” or “make a 50 slide presentation”! I’m done joking around! I’m going to go
outside, and live for a change! And no one’s going to stop me!
Fine, one more: Why did the scarecrow get the Nobel Prize? Because he was out-
standing in his field!