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By: Connor Waite

"5 Things To Know"

  • HPV viruses are spread through contact with infected genital skin, mucous membranes, or bodily fluids,
  • Can be passed through intercourse and oral sex.
  • HPV can infect skin not normally covered by a condom, so using a condom does not always work.
  • Is the most common



How do you contract HPV?

How do you know you have HPV?

  • It is the most common STI
  • There is no test to see if you have it HPV itself 
  • By getting tested for the cervical cancer whitch is directly related to HPV
  • If you get genital warts there is a possibility that you could have it



  • Yes you can be treated
  • Genital warts can be treated with antibiotics
  • Cervical cancer can be treated but it is recomended for women to get regualr PaP visits.
  • More than 11,000 women get it a year.
  • Other cancers related with HPV are also treatable

Can it be Cured?

Where can you get it tested and Treated?

  • You should be able to get tested at any clinic or hospital in your area.
  • Some places might have a charge to get tested
  • There is also links on the Center for Disease Control webpage dealing with most STI's and STD's

What happens if you don't get it treated?

  • It could just go away whitch is what usaually happens
  • You could develop some form of cancer that is realted to HPV 
  • Genital Warts is also a sideeffect of not getting HPV treated if it becomes bad

Does a condom prevent this STI?

What test can you get done to see if you have it?

Is it common?

 Where can it be treated?


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