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Soulpreneurs University 2021 Catalogue from Lisa

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Dual Coaching Certification | Business & Marketing Mastery2 0 2 1 C A T A L O G U E A N D S Y L L A B ISpeakEasy Enterprise

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Table of ContentsWelcome p.3About Soulpreneurs University p.4Purpose & Core values p.5 & p. 6Benefits of getting certified p.7How much does a coach make? p.8Quick Facts p.9, p.11-13Cost Comparison p.10Times and Dates p.14Syllabi p.15-23Graduation Requirements p.24Keep your certification active p.25Admissions p.26Testimonials p.27-31

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Hey life changer,I know that when choosing a school the quality and vibesare super important to you, so let me tell you a bit aboutme and why I created this school. I'm a licensed educatorthat has taught for over a decade. I'm a wholisticmassage therapist, certified health coach, certified inbusiness & marketing and was the co-founder andmanaging director of a 501c3 nonprofit theatrecompany.I absolutely LOVE helping people who want todo good in this world. I use my 10+ years as a mentorand educator, plus my certified health and businesscoach training to teach other souls that want to becoaches how to do it well, give them the training theytruly need and then certify them with rigor that setsSoulpreneurs University apart. Soulpreneurs University certified coaching schoolisunique because it was made from the experience of amulti-passionate human that has spent over a decadeembodying and mastering the skills of unconditionallove, the art of allowing and leveraging the laws ofattraction.This school is truly unlike any out there as youwill find out through looking through this packet. Best wishes on your coaching journey,

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Who do we serve?We serve soulpreneurs making 0-7k per month online thatlove learning and want to expand their knowledge and business.A soulpreneur is a person who first has a greater purpose to help people,animals, or the planet, and then dares to step out of their comfort zonementally and financially to create a business to manifest this ideaWe are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment forall students and our staff, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients.We do not and shall not discriminate based on race, color, religion (creed),gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, maritalstatus, sexual orientation, or military status in any of our activities or operations.Within nine months, we offer dual certification in coaching and take thestudent step by step through growing their tribe online, building theirinfluence, and launching their dream profession.2 0 2 1 S O U L P R E N E U R S U N I V E R S I T Y

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PURPOSE AND MISSIONPurpose:The Soulpreneurs University certified coaching school wouldmerge the student's current skill-set and experience with asense of ease, alignment, and resilience that will allow themto serve at their most significant potential and impact theirclients. Mission:To foster in the student core values that will allow them todiscover and hone their genius zone and empower them tothrive as one of the best coaches in their field.

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Self-Love must come first.Alignment is fundamental for success. (Alignment is when your thoughts, heart, andactions all move in the same direction. It is thefeeling of satisfaction or better.)We believe in Positive psychology "founded onthe belief that people want to lead meaningfuland fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is bestwithin themselves, and to enhance theirexperiences of love, work, and play." - Penn State Positive Psychology CenterAt the core of every human, there is love.Every human has the power to change withinthemselves.Every human has a genius within that is bestignited by ease and fun.Do our corevalues alignwith yours?W H A T I S M O S T I M P O R T A N T ?

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BENEFITSof certificationLifetime access to all the up-to-date trainings and live coachingcalls with your certificationsYear-long membership in theSoulpreneurs Coaching MastermindFor each level, you pass you'llreceive one-on-one coaching fromVirginiaReceive 2 years access toSoulpreneurs Membership™ (worth$2328)Receive a certification that is highlyvalued by professionals in theindustry. *See Testimonials below

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In 2016 the International Coach Federationconducted a Global Coaching Study of15,380 coaches in 137 countries. AVERAGE LIFE COACH SALARY IN:North America $61,900Western Europe $55,300THE AVERAGE FEE FOR A 1-HOURCOACHING SESSION IS $231.10+ years $321 per hour5- 10 years $256 per hour3 – 4 years $194 per hour1 – 2 years $152 per hourHowever, fees quoted per one-hour sessionvaried by coach experience:Less than one year $128 per hourHow much docoaches make?

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Soulpreneurs Certified Coaching SchoolYour satisfaction with yourCoach Certification Programtraining, Product and Service isimportant to us.

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Advanced personaldevelopment conceptsCost Comparison chartLIFE COACHSCHOOLSOULPRENEURSUNIVERSITYONLINE STATESCHOOL$297 per month1 with additional available2 + additional certifications available9 mo.1-2 yearsadditional costincludedonly 1includedincluded

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Soulpreneurs Certified Coaching SchoolCan I access the trainings via mobile? I don't know what I want to do.

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Soulpreneurs Coaching Certification School

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I know the average business owner, mom/ dad/ caretaker, or person working a 9-5 isalready busy trying to do and figure out everything themselves. So two very validquestions are, "Can I fit this in, and can I do this?" The good news is, I've been there, donethat, and it's the reason WHY I created this school in the first place. If you're worried about having to be a tech expert, know that I explain everything in whatI like to call "soul-friend speak." I have spoken and worked with MANY non-tech-savvyclients, too, but I've figured out a way to make this doable and super easy. Second, ifyou're worried about having the time to do this, I've got you covered there, too. I breakeverything down into bite-sized, easy-to-digest pieces. We release everything one step at a time, so it's not overwhelming, and you can't jumpahead and do this out of order. You learn, you implement, you move on. And you havelifetime access, so you can never "get behind" with this. It will always be there for you, andyou can go at your own pace. Plus, you'll have access to our community and the ability to ask questions inside thecourse and connect with your peers inside an intimate space away from the distractionsof social media.Soulpreneurs Coaching Certification School

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1st Trimester (Jan 18-April 17th)Self-Coaching - Tues. at 4pm CT/ 5pm ET/ 2pm PTBuilding Influence - Wed. at 4pm CT/ 5pm ET/ 2pm PT2nd Trimester (April 18 - July 17th)Life Coaching - Tues. at 4pm CT/ 5pm ET/ 2pm PTYour 2nd CHOICE 2nd certification: (You choose 1 or more*)Health - Mon. at 4pm CT/ 5pm ET/ 2pm PTLeadership - Wed. at 4pm CT/ 5pm ET/ 2pm PTBusiness - Thurs. at 4pm CT/ 5pm ET/ 2pm PTSoul - Fri. at 4pm CT/ 5pm ET/ 2pm PT*life coaching and 1 additional certification are included in the school, each additional certification class add-on is $2222FINAL Trimester (July 18th - October 17)Apprenticeship (2 sessions / 1 hr per wk. per your arrangement)Launch your business - Tues. at 4pm CT/ 5pm ET/ 2pm PTSchool DaysSoulpreneurs UniversityDates & TimesWe recommend that youattend the live classroomduring the scheduledtime. If you are unable toattend live a recordingwill be made availablewithin your student login.GraduationNovember 52021Spring Break: March 21-27Summer Break: June 19th - July 5thHolidays

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Laws of the Universe Part 1Laws of the Universe Part 2Laws of the Universe Part 3The emotional guidance scale and the balanceanalysisYour inner being, vs. the voice of the ego Owning Your Energy Making peace with conflict in your personaland professional life Un-Attachment and Unconditional LoveHow to truly have an abundance mindsetPersonality testing and seeing which testsresonate with you.Personal Design Grid Mastering the art of lightness. Being the lightwhile being light-hearted in all thingsTopics Covered: Coaching1st TrimesterAlignment work

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Getting started to Build Influence Making Money Online NowHow to lay the foundation for yourbusinessPower Branding for your new career Launch a course now - (Done-for-youcourse ready for you to launch.How to do it without being salesy andyet making big sales. Mastering Video Live Streaming Your best social media platform Create and leveraging FREE groups onFacebook Create a paid membership groupTopics Covered: 12. Social Media Strategy to build influence Building Influence1st Trimester

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LIFE COACHING Service agreements, ethics, policies , andproceduresThe Balance Analysis and EmotionalGuidance Scale integrationLack mentality and Present Moment workintegrationSetting goals with your client Client Call StructurePower of questions Tapping into their creative genius Having hard conversations Start Booking Calls - How to set-upbooking calendar Midterm overview and what to expectApprenticeship examples and guidanceTopics Covered: Trimester This is a written exam and is acombination of written andmultiple choice.You must receive an 80% orhigher to pass and can take itunlimited times to pass.DATE GIVEN: JUNE 16thDUE: JULY 17th by midnightMIDTERM

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(Your Choice)C A T A LO G U E F OR 2 0 21HEALTH BUSINESS LEADERSHIP INTUITIVE SOUL Your second certification is included in your base tuition cost. You may choose additional certifications to be completed with an additional cost.Ce rt i fi e d H ea l th C o ac hCe rt i fi e d B us i ne ss Co a chCe rt i fi e d i n L ea de r sh i pCe rt i fi e d I nt u it iv e S o ul Co a ch

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Health fundamentals & Client intake formsHigh vibrational foods and liquidsLifestyle and Intuitive eating Behaviors that get in the way of healthsuccessHabits and lifestyle changes for goodHealth coaching protocol Cravings, emotional eating, and binging(Done-for-you course template) 11 day ToxinRelease course (Done-for-you course template) HealthyHabits courseWellness time management skills Niche and Client Attraction Health Coach MIDTERM Write a paperabout your healthcoaching designand methodology. You'll integrate thetwo books that youread for thispurpose.

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Time Management skills Creating client method of operation Methodology and approachStrategy Sessions with the clientMagnetic not salesyBuilding a Business and Marketing Plan Coaching multi-passionate clientsBranding Plan - (Done-for-you course template) Building Organic Growth on Social Media (Done-for-you course template) Building a funnel system with your client Resources and tools to help your client navigate1. Business CoachMIDTERM Write a paperabout yourbusiness coachingdesign andmethodology. You'll integrate thetwo books that youread for thispurpose.

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Leverage masculine and feminine energy toattract more people into your team Identifying personalities and leveraging thisknowledge with delegation Create a safe productive environment withadvanced interpersonal communication skills Creativity (visionary, clear goals) Responsibility Trustworthiness Authentic Engagement Self - awarenessBuilding leaders and expanding your influence Advanced building tribe technique Advanced building tribe leveraging groups onFacebook1. IN LEADERSHIPMIDTERM Write a paperabout yourLeadership designand methodology. You'll integrate thetwo books that youread for thispurpose.

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Meet your soul Fully awaken your gifts Client work with the light & dark Create a ritual around your sessions(Aiding clients into morning and eveningrituals) Energy prepping and closing calls withclearing Aiding the client into a spiritual practice. Soul Tools for your clients Creating the Daily Soul Practice (Done-for-you course template) Spiritual Freedom Course (Done-for-youcourse template) Sovereign Alignment™ Helping clients discover their gifts1. Soul CoachMIDTERM Write a paperabout your soulcoaching designand methodology. You'll integrate thetwo books that youread for thispurpose.

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LAUNCH Business Planning Part 1Business Planning Part 2Marketing Planning Part 1Marketing Planning Part 2Grow your Group Organic Growth Creating a Challenge Launching a Challenge Creating your own Course / Program Pt. 1 Creating your own Course / Program Pt. 2 Creating your own Course / Program Pt. 3 Creating Affiliates Q&ATopics Covered: Trimester

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GRADUATIONWatch each session in its entiretyPass the midterm written examTurn in your Apprenticeship workbook andcompletion of your 25 sessionsTurn in 3 audio recorded coaching sessionswith 3 different clients Receive a passing score on your midtermpaper Receive a passing score on your ethics, policiesand proceduresExit evaluation session and completion of anyadditional assignments that were given in lieuof your critique Complete the exit survey1.*If you were unable to attend live classes you arerequired to submit 1 page summary worksheetthat will be provided for each classGRADUATIONrequirements

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ACTIVEstatusWith any professional practice in order tomaintain your license or certification thereare certain maintenance requirements toensure that the professional is keepingcurrent, evolving with the practice andmaking sure their quality is increasing withtime.In order to keep an active certifiedstatus with Soulpreneurs University at thistime you must complete the followingannually:Be active in your practice, making a minimum of $10k annually. This includesbeing active on your site and creating new monthly content.Use your coaching skills for at least 20 hours per week by being employed, orworking for yourself.Be a volunteer coach or coach offering service for free. Volunteer hours mustbe a minimum of 5 hrs total per month within any organization, includingyour own.*Attend 6 of the 12 Continuing Education Mastermind Zooms (2022)*Pass an annual exam that covers current teachings from the SoulpreneursMembership and the Certified Mastermind Zooms*One of the three options below:All requirements are not due until after your first year anniversary of yourgraduation.

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Step 1Appy HereFill out this application and speak withyour Admissions Counselor.Step 2: Get accepted and reserve yourspot.Step 3:Set-up a Getting Started Session with Virginia..Soulpreneurs University upholds a rigor typically found at the mostprestigious universities and is at a fraction of the cost.We base student acceptance on personal development experience,commitment and class capacity.We have a small student-to-mentor ratio, so we can maintain the qualityand integrity of your certification process.

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Testimonialsreal people, real results"I absolutely loved Soulpreneurs Universityschool! Virginia’s teaching style is second tonone. She makes her lessons so relatable tous as coaches and people that, in turn, canconnect to clients on a whole new level. Ilove the outlines and conversation movingquestions she offers that I now use in myown coaching sessions. These templateshave taken my sessions to the next leveland helped me get to the root of clients'problems. This school is worth every pennyand then some." - Tiara Jena

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Testimonials"I've been a business coach andconsultant for 6 years prior to takingSoulpreneurs University and I choosehealth as my second certification. I'mnot saying I learned more aboutcoaching from Virgina in 6 months thanI did in my own coaching in 6 years....butit's about even~and I honestly feel like Inow have 5X my understanding of whatit truly means to be a coach.The art ofunattachment to outcomes (somethingyou learn and embody in V's school) wasthe biggest Ah-Ha for me personally.Literally this one lesson and the tools forsurrendering (another lesson) allowedme to pivot out of countless situationsin real life. It's really crazy how exactlywhat we are learning in schoolcorrelated to life and I'm not the onlystudent who noticed the divinetiming.So if you are unsure of what youdesire to do for the rest of your dayshere on earth AND you have a deepdesire to help others as a coach,thenhonestly ask yourself how it makesyou feel. Ask yourself if this opportunityis in alignment with your core valuesand future goals. And if you decide thisinvestment is for you, then get ready toenjoy some of the bestdays of your life!" - Stacia Joreal people, real resultsTestimonialsreal people, real results

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TestimonialsLife is funny; we always have choices onwhat to do and when to do things. Whenthe Soulpreneurs University opportunitypresented itself it was an answer to a desireI had unknowingly put into the universe.Just the month before, I had turned downanother opportunity for a course thatwould have been a fraction of the time andmuch more expensive. When I heard about all that was includedwith this school and the commitmentrequired, I knew it was an investment inmyself that I had been ready to make. Therate of return for what I have gained interms of soul growth, self-love, and supportthat continues beyond the classroom isunparalleled. I recommend to anyoneconsidering this course to look at whereyou want to be in 6 months or a year fromnow, ask yourself if you are worth goingafter those dreams, and then pursue themwith your whole heart. What you will gainfrom putting yourself first is more than youcould ever imagine. - Kelly PierceTestimonialsreal people, real results

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Testimonialsreal people, real results"Every single class session in theSoulpreneurs University was pure intellect& a soul-deep experience! I became thebest life & intuitive soul coach for myclients because of the expert teachings onself-healing/self-coaching & Virginia'sunique & highly-successful model! Inregards to my first statement, this schoolcompleted a part of my soul needing to bewhole so that I could help MORE soulsilluminate their path! In regards to thelatter statement, this coaching model ispioneering the road for many more geniuscoaches to come! I'm thrilled to have beenamong the first! It's now long after classeshave ended & I'm still in a state of flow &abundance, have a perma-grin, & best of allI'm gaining clients who are attracted to mygenius - that was developed right here inSoulpreneurs U!"- Melissa Nicole

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Testimonialsreal people, real results"Getting a life coaching foundation andthen secondly a certification within yourpassion or where you lean in naturally isprofoundly helpful. And, a great investmentin SELF.Having a dual Certification in “Life &Business” really enhances all thepossibilities for amazing relationshipswhether personal or professional for surevia the “Art of Asking Questions”. That includes yet is not limited to teamleadership at corporate, negotiations,publicity endeavors, stage presence,visibility, personal & professional soulfuland sincere attraction marketing andmore.... Let’s not forget tricky conversationswith family! I’m way more successful &confident with ALL THE THINGS sincegraduating."-Theresa King

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having a structured system foryour clients to get them betterresults and therefore create ahigher quality coaching service!IMAGINEbeing able to raise yourrate because of theeffectiveness of yourcoaching! Learn how to develop asystem that createsabundance in yourpractice, where you aren'ttrading time for money. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.Can't wait to see you in schoolGet Started by applying hereInvest in your happiness and deep love for helping others today. Yes, it is your turn.that because you said yes toSoulpreneurs University, youwill be able to run your practicewith ease, bring in theabundance you've been wishingfor, and spend more time withyour family, friends and livingyour dream life.