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How to Take Care of Our Oceans
Lesson Objective
Students will be able to value natural environments and the learn the importance of taking care of our communities, specifically the
Background Information for Teacher
Student Prior Knowledge
Color Pencils or Crayons
Step-by-Step Guided Lesson
Step 1: Start Video
(Tips: Interact with the video by pausing, to ask questions or discuss information viewed with student.)
Step 2: Teach Lesson
Ask the student to think of the animals learned that live in the ocean. Then discuss if the animals would like garbage in their homes.
After coming to the conclusion that it is important to take care of the ocean, ask the student to brainstorm ways we can take care of
the ocean. If they are having trouble thinking of ideas guide them towards some ideas, focusing mainly on pollution.
After you have a list, tell the student that we are going to make a how-to book about caring for the ocean. Tell the student to pick one
of the ways we can care for the ocean and have them draw and color a picture illustrating it. Then ask the student to write, as best as
they can, what their picture is illustrating underneath it.
Step 3: Complete the worksheet attached below.
Worksheet for extra practice
Step 4: Review. Start the next lesson with the game or activity attached below for review so the student can demonstrate
understanding of this lesson before moving forward.
Water Coloring Sheet ( offline) worksheet