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Social Media is the use of dedicated
websites and applications to interact with
other users or to find people with similar
interests to one's own.
The best places to use your social media
channels are where you will be able to
capture the best content i.e your gigs.
What, Where, When & Why
Acts have used Social Media successfully by
Before their gig (at the venue or places local
to the venue)
During the gig (capturing photos or footage
of themselves and the crowd)
After the gig (sharing how successful the gig
Using Social Media is a free and powerful
way to promote and publicise your gigs,
especially when collaborating with our Social
Media outlets (Nailed It Events).
Facebook is a popular free social networking
website that allows registered users to create
profiles, upload photos and video, send
messages and keep in touch with friends,
family and colleagues.
Twitter is a free social networking and
microblogging service that allows registered
members to broadcast short posts of
approximately 140 character called tweets.
Social Media Platforms
Instagram is a free online program and social
network that enables users to take, edit and
share photos with other users via Instagram's
own platform.
Definitions cited from
All platforms allow you to 'tag' a person or
company by using the @ symbol.
This is a feature that is crucial in letting your
posts get to a larger audience via the
Nailed It-Events social media channels.
How to 'tag' will be explained a little later.
Facebook is a brilliant way to make people aware of your
gigs and events.
As well as posting photos from your performances and
reposting the posters we upload of your gigs, you can also
create an event specific to your gig which you can then tag
us and the venue in.
Making an event is simple,
just fill out each section
using as much information
as possible, once
completed click 'Publish'.
When you post your event
don't forget to tag
@naileditevents and the
Twitter is a great way of keeping your fans up to date with your
gigs and your performances as they unfold, within 140
By 'tagging' users and venues, your tweets can reach a wider
audience than you could on your own. Tagging @Naileditevents
would notify us of your tweet and allow us to 'retweet' it to our
followers too, spreading your post further.
A 'Hashtag' is also a way of
tapping into a topic such as
live music. Users use
hashtags to categorise a post
which makes it easier to find.
You may have seen tv shows
utilise the hashtag to
encourage a discussion on a
certain topic.
You can also tweet photos
which prove popular with users,
both on their own or combined
with some text as in the
example above.
Instagram has similarities to Twitter but with the emphasis far
more on the visual. Instead of micro-statements like Tweets you
post photos or up to 60-second video clips, both types of
content are very popular. Research supports the claim that
images and videos are far more likely to be viewed and shared
and this applies to all the social media brands we have
mentioned. You can write a description for your photo or video
and even 'Hashtag' in the same way you can on Twitter.
Once you open Instagram it
is as simple as point and click
to take a photo or you can
hold your finger down to
record up to 60-seconds
of video. Using 'Hashtags' and
a description to help specify
what your photo or video is
about can help spread your
post. Don't forget to tag us
@naileditevents so we can
help spread your post further!
@username tagging and hashtagging are an important part
of growing your social media presence. In our case, by you
tagging us @naileditevents on all social media platforms it
enables us as an agency to help promote you further and
more effectively.
Be it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the @
symbol allows you to tag another account. If it's an
individual's account or a business such as Nailed It Events
using the @ symbol will allow you to tag that user. Doing so
notifies them of your post and will allow them to share your
content to their audience as well as yours.
'Hashtags' focus more on grouping your posts into a genre so
to say. For example, if you were to use the hashtag
#Livemusic your post will be grouped with all other posts that
share that hashtag. This can be a powerful tool if you want
your post to be shareable.
If you were an acoustic act you could use the hashtag
#acoustic #acousticmusic or even other relative hashtags such
as #acousticguitar or #guitar. Couple this with tagging other
accounts with the @Username tagging function and you are
making your social media posts far more effective.
Our username on all social media channels is:
Helpful Information
It is important that you follow us on all of our social media
channels to keep up to date and to enable you to tag us in
your posts. So give us a Like on Facebook and a follow on
Instagram and Twitter.
You can also contact our Social Media & Marketing Department
via email if you need any further help. We will always try our best
to answer questions relating to anything mentioned in this guide.
Our Social Media
If you are viewing this document on a computer you can click
the links above to head to each of our social media accounts.
To tag us our username on all social media channels
is: @Naileditevents
Email us at: