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This How Towill focus on
Parking & Transportation.
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A Resource for Parents of RaginCajun Freshmen
Cajun Connection Information
Students living on campus may purchase fall semester parking permits
starng tentavely Log into ULink, select
Campus Services”, then select Access my Parking Account”, next select
Get Permit”. Permits are $40 per semester, $20 in the summer, and
must be renewed each semester. The zones for residenal parking are:
ZONE 22R Olivier Tower -
entrance located on McKinley St (parking—3rd level and above)
and Ta Street Parking Tower (all levels). Overow parking is located
in Zone 15 (EK Long o of Girard Park Circle).
ZONE 29R Smith
Street and Zone 27 along Rex Street. Overow parking is located in
Zone 15 (EK Long o of Girard Park Circle).
All students (including commuters) must have an acve permit for their
vehicle with transportaon services every semester.
Students not living on campus may park at Cajun Field with a free
commuter parking permit and be bused to campus. Be sure to
arrive at Cajun Field at least 45 minutes before class. Buses start
running at 7:00 am Monday—Friday. See schedule.
On-campus parking permits may be purchased through ULink for
Girard Park Circle Garage for $300 per semester (permits must be
renewed each semester). This locaon oers 1,000 guaranteed
permit parking spaces on oors three through six. Permits go on
sale tentavely on July 30, 2018.
Night permits for campus lots are also available to commuter
students for $25 per semester (permits must be renewed each
semester). Parking access for these permits will begin at 3:00 pm
in non-gated lots and 4:30 pm for many gated lots Monday—
A Resource for Parents of RaginCajun Freshmen
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Guests may park on levels one and two of the
Girard Park Circle garage. Accepted methods of
payment: debit cards and credit cards. Cash,
checks, and Cajun Card are not accepted. For fees
associated with visitor parking, click here. The
Girard Park Circle Garage is the only hourly parking
on campus available to visitors. Free 30 minute
parking is available in the side lot of the Student
Any individual who requires special
accommodaons for handicap parking on campus
must contact the Oce of Transportaon Services
and provide appropriate state issued credenals in
order to obtain a handicap parking permit. &
Vehicles in handicap spots without displaying the
proper state issued credenals will face a $300
citaon from the university and may be
immobilized or towed at the owners expense. If
immobilized, a $100 ne is added to the balance
due and all nes must be paid prior to removal. Tr
Transportaon services ulizes virtual parking
permits and LPR (license plate recognion) for
enforcement. Decals and hangtags are not issued.
License plate recognion soware is used to
idenfy parking privileges in certain locaons. It is
imperave when registering for parking on campus
that you enter your plate number correctly. When
registering, you will need:
student ULID
phone number
home address
assigned housing community
(if an on-campus resident)
license plate number
license plate state of issue
vehicle year, color, make, and model (SUV,
truck, sedan, etc.)
Parking regulaons remain in place 24
hours a day, 7 days a week.
Any parked vehicle must be registered with
the university.
A vehicle can be immobilized or towed
aer a vehicle accumulates three unpaid
The university provides transportaon from the
main campus to the satellite facilies of Bourgeois
Hall and Cajun Field. During the school year, these
shules run connuously from 7am to 9pm
Monday - Thursday and 7am to 7pm on Friday.
Night shules are available from 9pm to 11:45pm
Monday - Thursday and 7pm to 11:45pm on Friday
by calling 337-482-5305.
Please download our app "Ride Systems" for either
Apple or Android devices. Choose the Agency
= "University of Louisiana Lafayee". Select the
type of route you would like to see all buses on
that parcular route along with all stops
associated with it. You can get esmated mes of
arrivals for any of the stops.
Find pertinent information
regarding the UL Lafayette
campus and community.
Oce of Transportation
619 McKinley Suite 100
Oce Website
A Resource for Parents of RaginCajun Freshmen
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UL Lafayee is a bike friendly campus oering
special bike lanes on St. Mary Blvd. and mulple
bike racks across campus. All bikes on campus and
their use must be in compliance with state
requirements and regulaons which chiey
consists of having lights and reecve materials on
your bike, as well as ulizing streets instead of
sidewalks. Rules of the Road for bicycles. Register
your bike.
Other rules include:
Bicycles must be secured to a bike rack.
Individuals are encouraged to ulize a U bolt
style lock as they are the most secure.
Bicycles cannot be secured to a handrail, fence,
trash receptacle, tree, trip rails, sign posts or
anything other than a bike rack.
Bicycles not properly secured to a bike rack will
be impounded by Transportaon Services.
Bicycles which remain in bicycle racks or other
places 7 days aer the end of the semester will
be impounded by Transportaon Services.
Bicycles which remain unclaimed for 6 months
will be disposed of according to State of
Louisiana rules and regulaons.
Look for the yellow stars on the campus map to
see all of the residenal parking areas on UL
Lafayees campus. The black stars show
commuter and visitor parking areas. For more
informaon and a detailed map, visit the Oce of
Transportaon Services website.
& Visitor
Oce of
619 McKinley Ste 100
Oce Website
A Resource for Parents of RaginCajun Freshmen
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Looking for a great book to help you with transioning your student
to college? OFYE suggests  which
oers a handy month-by month guide for parents as the rst year of
college unfolds. While dealing with serious topics, the book reects a
fun, informave look at the rst year for parents of new college
students, making tongue-in-cheekconnecons between a childs
rst months of life to this newest important stage of development -
the freshman year.
Look for the book at your local bookstores, ISBN # 9781537682341 or