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How To Fill a Cavity

by, Ellie Moss

Have you ever wanted to know how to fill a cavity like a dentist does? Or, pose like one of the glamorous models that walk down the cat walk? Well, now you can! Follow this guide, and soon you will be able to sail a boat on open sea just like a real captain.  One day maybe you'll need one of these handy skills like making a perfect tattoo or you might be on a rescue mission and need to stitch up your leg. Test your skills, but remember to be careful!

A professional feng shui consultant is an expert in designing and decorating a space that creates positive energy. Just imagine what your room would look like if it was as calm as the wind and water; you can achieve this by consulting a feng shui expert. Often the consultant has a degree from an architectural or interior design school. Feng shui is the art of creating harmony and serenity in an area. Some people believe that feng shui makes a room feel calm and happy. Consultants can help create feng shui energy for many places and rooms, and so can you!

Avoid negative energy.

Keep your bed as far away from the door and electronics as possible. These things give out negative energy. 

1  Furniture layout.

Understand how your furniture will be laid out in the space. Be aware of where the door and the windows are. Solid walls are critical for good furniture placement and positive energy.

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom Like a Consultant

Create sleep serenity.

Make sure you have a solid headboard and supportive mattress. The bed must be high enough to let the energy flow under it.

4 Mind the yang.

Too much yang will give you too much energy. Plants possess too much yang, keep them away from you when sleeping or not in your line of vision.

Add color.

“For passion and energy have red, orange, purple, pink or strong yellow. For nourishment and stability have light, yellow or beige. For clarity and preciseness use gray or white."

Destination planning.

Plan your route carefully and make sure you have appropriate navigation tools. Check the weather to make sure it’s safe and only depart if all is clear. 

Check the equipment.

Make sure everything is working. Including emergency phone and check the boat and repair anything that needs repairing.

Set sail.

Untie the lines and carefully pilot the boat out of the harbor. Be sure to avoid any obstacles.

Stay alert.

Maintain a watch and be sure to continuously monitor for safe conditions. Safely navigate to your destination.

Be prepared.

Bring proper food and supplies on board. Always be prepared with extra necessities in case of emergency.

Sailors can sail all the seven seas to explore exciting destinations on lots of kinds of boats with a captain and a crew. The captain is in charge of the boat. The other people who assist and maintain the boat are called the crew. There are many different kinds of boats captains can sail, including sail boats, fishing boats, cruise ships, cargo ships, and yachts. Captains enjoy sailing for work and fun. 

How to

Sail a Boat 

Like a Captain

Being a tennis player is a very interesting job. Imagine making a living off playing a game you love. Professional tennis players play tennis for money. They are highly skilled players. Often they have been playing since they were children. Some players spend 5 to 10 hours a day practicing tennis. Many pros tennis players compete in contests all around the world. There are several thousand professional tennis players.

Racket position.

Next bring your racket back. Keep your elbow close to your body. Point your other arm in the direction you want the ball to go. Swing, trying to make contact with the ball in the center of your racket.  

5 Finish strong.

Follow through the swing ending with your racket above your opposite shoulder. Return to a ready position to be prepared for your opponent's next swing.

How to 

 Hit a Forehand

Like a Tennis Professional

2 Proper stance.

Footwork is critical to a good swing. On your toes so you can move quickly and pivot your feet so they are facing the ball. Your knees should be slightly bent and shoulders turned sideways.

Eyes on the ball.

Keeping your eyes on the ball is critical. The best swing in the world does not help if you miss the ball.

Proper equipment.

It is important to start off with the right equipment. Proper equipment includes a good tennis racket, comfortable clothing, and tennis sneakers.

Tattoo artists are very talented people that are artistically talented or designers to create tattoos. Tattoos are a form of expression for people young and old. A tattoo artist creates magnificent artwork on your skin. They create design ideas for you or they can draw your ideas. Tattoo artists work in a tattoo parlor. A tattoo is an injection of ink into the skin to create a design. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo just remember that a tattoo is permanent

How to 

Create the Perfect Tattoo 

Like a Tattoo Artist

Pick a location.

Now it is time to decide where the tattoo should be placed on the body. Explain the pros and cons of each area to reach a decision

Client consultation. 

Meet with your client to discuss the tattoo design. Some people might have something specific in mind and others just want to pick a pretty tattoo from a book.

4 Pen your design.

Transfer the tattoo from your sketch to the body location. If necessary, use a special tracing paper and trace lines using a pen onto the skin. 

5 Ink the tattoo. 

Finally it is time to bring your design to life. Inject a needle with ink into your skin to create the picture. Make sure to have sterile equipment.

3 Create a sketch.

Draw the tattoo based on your design ideas. Now is when you and your customer should improve the image to make sure it is how the client wants it.

How to 


Like an Ethical Hacker

Hacking is not illegal, but it is dreadful and can cause companies damage. An Ethical Hacker is a person who is paid by a company to “ test hack” (or break into) the company's software to help reduce chance of someone hacking the company. The goal is to make sure the software is secure so other bad hackers can not get in. To be a professional hacker you have to have common sense and strong technology skills. After software is tested by an ethical hacker and fixed, the software is more secure. Here’s how you can be an ethical hacker:

Test break.

Try to hack or break into the software. Use all the technology skills you think may be useful from past experiences

Research and learn.

Understand the company that hired you and the business that they're in so you can think of ways to break into their computer systems. Understanding the security of similar companies could also provide ideas to improve security.



Work with the company to implement your changes. These changes are how a company will protect itself from bad hackers.

5 Re-test. 

After changes are made be sure to re-test and try to hack the system again. Confirm that the issues you identified are now secure.

3 Propose solutions. 

Make recommendations to improve security if you find a not so secure area. Provide a checklist of ideas to the company.

Proper pick-up.

When customers pick up their car, be sure to return the proper car. Thank customers for any tips.

Drive away.

Carefully drive the car to the parking spot. When in the car be neat and careful not to scratch or damage the car. Treat all cars with respect.

How to 

 Drive a Car

Like a Valet

If you love driving cars, a valet is a great job for you!  A valet is responsible for parking other people’s cars. This service is sometimes offered in “restaurants, parking garages, stores, hotels, and other businesses". A valet should be responsible, cautious and a good driver. Valets often work at night and on weekends. Valets get paid a low wage and most of their earnings comes from tips. 

2 Critical info.

Take the keys from the driver. Record the car information such as the model and license plate. 

Customer communication.

Give the customer a ticket to pick up the car later. Find out when the customer plans to return to collect the car. 

Greet customers.

When the client pulls into the lot open the door for them. Be polite and respectful. 

Finish the procedure.

Now tie a surgeons knot. It should not touch the actual cut.  

Ensure proper equipment.

The right equipment is essential. You will need a needle holder, toothed forceps, fine suturing scissors, and fitting sturing material. The equipment must be sterile. 

Keep it clean.

First you have to irrigate the wound. Don't use soap because it can cause an infection but rubbing alcohol is good.

Stitch it up.

Now you are ready to start stitching. The stitches should be neat and ¼ inches apart.

Patient follow-up.

After you complete the process wait 7-14 days to have the patient come back. Check out the stitches and see if they are ready to take out.

You might not remember, but a doctor was probably the first person you ever saw when you came into the world or maybe you just see them at a checkup when you are ill. Doctors take care of sick or injured people, give checkups, and some even deliver babies. To do this you need an advanced or graduate degree from medical school and special training called a residency which can take 11 years or more. Great doctors have skill and a friendly personality so patients feel comfortable. If you want to know how to stitch a bloody gash like a doctor, here’s what you need to do:

How to 

Stitch a Bloody Gash 

Like a Doctor

A server is paid to serve food and help out at a restaurant. She/he is responsible for taking orders and bringing food to the customers. They also make sure the customer has a good experience. Good servers should have balance to be able to carry a lot of plates. They should also be knowledgeable about food and the menu to help customers with recommendations and food concerns. Did you know that the these days in the restaurant business waiters are called servers (which is gender neutral)?

Offer drinks first.

Serve the drinks at the beginning of the meal. Ask the guests if they want water first then go onto other drinks and other drinks after that.

How to 

Serve Food 

Like an Server

Welcome your guests.

 Approach the table. Greet your guests with your name and important information. 

3 Take the order. 

Know and explain the menu to the guests. Give the customers suggestions on meals that other guests like and the daily specials.

Status check.

Check in with the customers after a few minutes. If your guests are not satisfied it will be discovered quickly. Address any concerns.

Bring the food. 

When it is time to deliver the food pick up the dishes from the kitchens. Never touch where the guest will eat.

Give a sweet ending.  

Before you offer the dessert to clear the other dishes. Describe delicious desserts to entice your customers. When they are finishing dessert ask guests if they would like a check.

Models help advertise products for a company. This usually means posing in a company's clothing and making it look stylish and cool so people will buy it. You don't need to have any specific degree to be a model but some have a bachelor's degree or an associates degree. A good model is flexible, dependable, reliable, hardworking, and good at following directions. It is also important that you understand the emotion of the company and what you're doing and how to act for a specific ad. Here’s how you can pose like a model:

Dreamy eyes.

Don't show the white of the eyes. Don't stare but look at the camera, but if you want a dreamy look gaze at an object in front of you.

How to


Like a Model

Thin turns.

Here's a trick if you want to look thin. Turn your body about 25 degrees to the side. This way people won’t know how wide you are.

1 Hair care. 

Position the hair to a style that looks neat.  You don't want your hair to be messy and ruin the shot.

Arms up. 

Your arm has lots of flab so it will look large if it is squished across your torso.  To prevent this lift your arm up 1 or 2 inches.

2 Ears forward.

Are you a human? If so, you will naturally have a small flab under your chin. This flab will be less noticeable if you try to pull your ears forward, not your chin.

Drill the hole. 

Now the dentist will drill a hole in the tooth where the cavity is. They will use machinery to do this task.

A dentist is a doctor that focuses on teeth and mouth. They do checkups that include cleaning your teeth and checking for problems.One of the major problems are cavities.Many patients are scared to have cavities filled because of the needle so dentists have to be sensitive and kind. To learn how to fill cavities you are required to attend college and dental school and sometimes special training.  Watch out for that pain in your mouth it might be a cavity. 

Fill the cavity. 

There are many fillings to choose from so chose wisely.  Some examples of tooth fillings are amalgam, composite resin, and sometimes even gold.

How to 

 Fill a Cavity 

Like a Dentist

Prevent pain

First you will have to numb the mouth. It will feel like they can't feel anything.


There is a chance you will give a novocaine shot instead. Some side effects may be nervousness, dizziness, blurred vision and tremors

2 Laughing gas. 

You might give the patient laughing gas. Laughing gas is nitrous oxide that is given so the patient doesn't feel

Captain-- The person in command of a ship.

Tattoo-- To mark a part of the body with an permanent design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin.

Forehand-- In tennis and other racket sports, a stroke played with the palm of the hand facing in the direction of the stroke.

Tennis-- A game in which two or four players strike a ball with rackets over a net stretched across a court.

Toothed forceps-- A forceps with one or two fine teeth at the tip of each blade that mesh with the tooth or teeth on the opposite blade.


Suturing material-- The fine thread or other material used surgically to close a wound or join tissues.

Irrigate-- Apply a continuous flow of water or liquid medication to an organ or wound.

Advertise-- Describe or draw attention to (a product, service, or event) in a public medium in order to promote sales.

Cavity-- An empty space within a solid object. A decayed part of a tooth.

Suturing scissors-- A joining of the lips or edges of a wound or the like by stitching or some similar process.

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