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An I Teach Dance Online Extension

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How Studio Owners Like YOU are using I Teach Dance

Emma's dance school records part of each class and adds that to a page in  Emma's online class . After Emma shows everyone her dance class "movie", she can't wait to demonstrate her new skills.  Emma doesn't know she is practicing and reinforcing what she just learned, she just thinks she is having fun.  

"See What I Can Do Mommy?"

The Teacher Says:

The little ones look forward to the last part of class when I "make a movie" of their dancing.  We started out doing a video of their circle warm up when we were getting to know each other.  I now post a little video weekly.  The kids love seeing the videos and, I believe, try harder knowing they will be in the movie. They can't quite understand working for something that will happen "in the future", but CAN understand an event that will happen at the end of "THIS class". They learn to pay attention because they want to look good in their movie.  And they have the video to dance with at home.  The parents can see the progress.  I am so thankful for ITD, because it reinforces what I'm teaching in an easy, fun way for the children.  

"See What I Can Do Mommy?"

Anna, a tap dancing champion, takes all forms of dance offered at her dance studio. ITD helps her keep her winning edge even when her studio is closed for weather reasons or she has to miss for ANY reason. She missed 3 weeks of class on a recent trip to England .  But, she kept up with her classes online and came home to win 1st place over all at her next competition.  Her mom is so happy Anna can keep up with her dance classes online with her dance studio even as far away as the UK.  

"Dancing makes me HAPPY!" 

If it were up to Anna, she would LIVE at the dance studio. She can't attend every class, as she travels with her family throughout the year. Her parents are writers and travel extensively.  Anna is homeschooled and is working at a 7th grade level.   When she is away from the studio, she takes her lessons online. If she has a question, she emails me or leaves a post on her private class online page.  Anna has traveled all over the world, but she says her favorite two places to be are our studio and on the stage. Thanks to ITD, I  get to teach this talented and awesome child. Her parents happily pay full tuition.  I edit and monitor her tap classes. And, it is helpful I am paid the same when she is out of town.  I like to  post new material at least 3 to 5 weeks ahead.

The Teacher Says:

"Dancing makes me happy"

Whitney:  I LOVE Ballet!   I am in the Company and have danced in our studio's Nutcracker Ballet for 5 years.  I've taken many ballet summer intensives in New York.  While I love to dance, I have decided to  go to college and study law.  Our dance studio's I Teach Dance membership helps me organize my dance practice as homework breaks as well as helping me study for ballet examinations.  I believe dancing has made me a better student in school .

"I Love Ballet"

The Teacher Says:

Whitney loves ballet and works hard to perfect her skills.    She also excels academically, is an honor student and will graduate Summa Cum Laude this year. ITD has helped her review for her Cecchetti exams, and take makeups and practice when she couldn't come to the studio. We have helped her locate  a school that will offer her the best  law education and opportunities to dance.  She also has a summer job assistant teaching ballet at a professional dance school near her future college.  Whitney  plans to take one of our online only ballet classes while at college to help her keep up her skills, stay in shape, and not get too homesick.  

"I Love Ballet"

"I Love Ballet"

More Homeschoolers 

Rosa says: we are homeschooled and have studied ballet, tap, jazz, and Contemporary for a long time. When our dance studio started giving ballroom lessons our parents signed us up. Robert says: We have been winning at ballroom competitions.  I like it except that I have to dance with my sister. We can study our classes online anytime.  Our studio has to close a lot because of snow, but we just take our makeups online.  Rosa: That helps us win our competitions.  

Rosa and Robert take every class we offer. Dance classes at our studio give them an opportunity to make many close friends.  They are members of our Junior Company and hold many titles.  Their mother uses our online classes as excercise breaks during her homeschool sessions as well as makeups if they have to miss their regular classes.   

Their Studio Owner Says


My friends and I started ballet to be better at sports.  Now, we also take the hip hop class after our ballet class.  We love our dance classes!  


At first, I wasn't sold on teaching ballet to a bunch of atheletes whose attendance depends on their game and practice schedule.  With our online extension, they are able to progress and experience some of the benefits of ballet training.  I do love teaching this group.  They are goal setters, respectful, fun, and hard workers.  They tell me their high school football team plans to sign up for dance next year.  I have to admit my studio can use  the extra revenue these classes bring in. But, I didn't expect to enjoy these kids so much.  One  soccer player/recreational ballet student's little sister has signed up for all of our regular dance classes.

Studio Owner/Ballet Teacher



  1. dramatics classes
  2. public speaking
  3. etiquette
  4. reading and comprehension
  5. study and organization skills
  6. exercise
  7. musical theatre
  8. healthy eating and cooking
  9. all of the dance subjects 
  10. Introductory online class for prospective preschoolers (this can be an excellent orientation class for children and parents, to help acquaint them with class procedures and skills they will study. Little children will feel more comfortable on that first day, if they already know what to expect.)
  11. voice & instrumental music


Class Ideas for in studio with online equivalents and ONLINE ONLY:

I Teach Dance Helps Students, Teachers, and Your Studio Succeed!

Look for qualified instructors who can put together an 8 to 16 week class and you are only limited by your imagination. Some studios provide a small study room and hire education majors at local colleges to tutor students in many school subjects as a service to their dancers and siblings and as an additional source of income. 

Questions?  Just send us a note, email, or call us during working hours:  Monday thru Friday 9-5.