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Housing & Dining 7/26/18

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Oce of First-Year Experience
Lee Hall, Rm 106
230 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce Website
OFYE Facebook Page
Academic Success Center
Lee Hall, Rm 115
230 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce Website
The Learning Center
Lee Hall, Rm 209
230 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce Website
This How Towill focus on
Housing & Dining. For
questions specic to your
student, please call or email
the appropriate department.
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Cajun Connection Information
A Resource for Parents of RaginCajun Freshmen
The Oce of University Housing provides on-campus accommodaons
for the freshman class. It is important for your student to abide by
departmental and university rules and regulaons. Being familiar with the
Housing Handbook by Freshman Move-In Day (Sunday, August 12, 2018) is
the best way to start the school year o right!
In early August, residenal students will receive a leer sent to their
university email address that details Move-In Day info. Roommate names
and contact informaon will be distributed two weeks before move in.
Students should reach out to each other to get acquainted, plan room
décor and decide who will bring what supplies to help cut costs and save
space! Students will need to make sure that their rst full payment for
housing and meals is made prior to the Universitys deadline for tuion and
fees (Wednesday, August 8, 2018).
-On Freshman Move-In Day (Sunday, August 12,
2018), students and parents will print their Golden Ticket and follow their
specic route and specic me (please sck to me) indicated on the map
(emailed to the students University email address) to their unload zone.
Aer the vehicle is unloaded by volunteers, students and parents will
proceed to park according to their map. They will then proceed to the
Student Union (620 McKinley St.), where they will watch a welcome video
and receive their room key. Students and parents will have access to a
community fair before going to their rooms. Once at their building, the
students should nd their belongings in their rooms awaing their arrival.
Aer move in is complete, residents are invited to aend a welcome event
that evening. For more informaon about Freshman Move-In day, click
here. Early move ins are dictated and arranged by the coach, band director,
or SOUL camp director. Please note that the University has a freshmen live-
on-campus requirement. For more informaon, visit our website.
What is my rooms oorplan and what is included in the room?
Housing Powerpoint, slides 4-6.
What do I bring when I move in? Housing Powerpoint, slides 9-10.
When is my rst housing payment due? By the University deadline:
Wednesday, August 8, 2018.
How do I make a housing payment? Online Payment
How do I join a payment plan? Set up Payment Plan
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Oce of Housing
Buchanan Hall, 2nd Floor Suite
111 Boucher Street
Oce Website
UL Lafayette Dining Services
Student Union, 2nd Floor
Oce Website
The Dining Services sta works to ensure UL Lafayee students, faculty, and sta receive the highest
caliber in dining and service. One of the top ways Dining Services does this is by catering to the allergy and
nutrional needs of its students as much as possible. Nutrion informaon is conveniently displayed at each
food staon and can also be found online using the downloadable app "Bite by Sodexo."
Dining Services oers many meal plan opons (including commuter) consisng of varying Cypress Lake
Dining Room meal swipes, ex meals used at retail locaons, and declining balance (dining dollars) amounts.
Should your student get to college and decide to alter his or her meal plan to beer t dietary
habits, all meal plans  through the rst week of school by emailing from your UL email account.
A Flex Meal is a substute meal that allows you exibility in using your meal plan. Flex meals are
accepted at designated locaons on campus. Dining Services will provide a list of Flex Meal locaons. They
will also adverse the Flex Meal special per those locaons.
UL Lafayee Campus has many on campus dining opons in the Student Union, Agnes Edwards Hall Food
Court, Dupre Library, Café Fleur de Lis, and Zeus. Addionally, the Bourgeois Recreaonal Center has Jamba
Juice. Dining opons and hours on campus are exible and oen change during nal exams for later hours.
The declining balance feature of studentsmeal plans will be acvated on Sunday, August 12th. Students
will be able to use their meal plan declining balance points to eat in the below-listed locaons from move-in
unl lunch on Wednesday, August 15th, when the meals per week (swipes)poron of the meal plan will be
acvated for all students. For more dining and meal plan informaon, click here. Free food will also be
available at various events during Freshman Week. Details to come in the Cajun Connecon/Freshman Week
newsleer coming out in August.
Mon - Fri
Aug 13 - 17
7 am - 9 am
11 am - 1 pm
(*meal swipes turned on at
lunch on Wed, Aug 15)
5 pm - 7 pm
Sat & Sun
Aug 18, 19
11 am - 2 pm
5 pm - 7 pm