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This is a booklet about chilli peppers. These beauties are delicious, healthy and they will set you on fire!

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Hot! Hot! Hot!



This is a Mexican pepper, really juicy and crispy one.

Jalapeños are usually gathered uripe - green. They turn red when left on the plant. 




My personal favourite. I fell in love with this pepper when I saw the image below. :o) 


Chupetinhos look like drops, big just as a thumb nail. Cute, fruity and spicy just enough.



Habanero is another well known pepper. 


There are more colour varieties, for example red, orange, mustard and chocolate. But do not get confused, the mustard and chocolate varieties do not taste like mustard or chocolate but share just their colour. :o)

Bhut Jolokia


This dangerous lady comes from India and can be found in lots of Indian spicy meals.


Not long ago, Jolokia, also known as the Ghost Pepper, was the most spicy pepper in the world!  

Carolina Reaper


Careful, this is the current record holder - the world's hottest chilli!


Can be easily recognised because of the sharp tail or sting.