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The Hospital Church Ministry Guide to serve the Kingdom in excellence.

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Ministry Information Guide
Apostle Dr. Kenton Connor, Founder/ Senior Pastor
(844) 605-3787
(844) 60-JESUS
The information contained within this Handbook is
compiled for the purpose of educating and training this
local body of believers. The detailed policies and
procedures are established SOLELY for The Hospital Church.
We do not condone the reprinting of this Handbook to be
used in any way that will add conflict with the set order of
any other COOBIC Policies and Procedures.
The Hospital Church
From the Desk of Apostle Connor
Dear Family,
It is with great joy that we share with you the Vision God has given to this local body of
believers. God is doing great thing for us. However, we can never become satisfied with our
place in God, but must relentlessly desire God‘s will, order and way!
We believe in keeping leadership staff and members fully informed about our policies,
procedures and practices. It is my prayer that you will set aside time to thoroughly review the
information compiled in this handbook, so that you are aware what God is doing in our
church! To achieve maximum progress and success as a ministry we must adhere to and
respect the order God has given. I Corinthians 14:40 admonishes us to ―Let all things be done
decently and in order‖.
Oftentimes, when people hear the word ―order‖, they tend to associate it with negative
terms such as bondage, lack of freedom or oppression. However, the term actually has
positive meanings such as; stability, calmness, harmony, peacefulness, tranquility, serenity,
neatness or uniformity. So as you can see, ―order‖ is to be desired and not ignored or
We pray that each of you readily embrace the information detailed in the following pages and
encourage others to do the same. Let‘s work together to become and remain a ministry that
persistently maintains order.
O.R.D.E.R. Obedience + Rules + Direction + Excellence = Results
We look forward to growing and serving with you!
Expecting the Best,
Apostle Dr. Kenton Connor
Church Of One Body In Christ. Apostle Dr. Kenton Connor, Chief Apostle/Presiding Bishop
Bishop Norman Wright, 1
Bishop Marty Strickland, 2
Board Of Bishops
State Bishop
Jurisdictional Bishop
Senior Pastor of The Hospital Church
Assistant to Pastor
The Hospital Church Body
On a NATIONAL level, The Hospital Church is affiliated with the Church Of One Body In Christ.
The Church Of One Body In Christ is comprised of more than 90 jurisdictions. There are more
than 60 jurisdictions that exist within the United States and at least 25 foreign countries. Each
jurisdiction is under the direct administration of a bishop or overseer. The Headquarters of the
Church Of One Body In Christ is located in Houston, Texas. The founder Presiding Bishop of the
Church Of One Body In Christ is Chief Apostle Kenton Connor, who resides in Houston, Texas
and pastors the The Hospital Church COOBIC. The Church Of One Body In Christ has several
international departments. While the International Church hosts various meetings throughout
the year, the most attended meeting is the annual Holy Convocation. More than 7,000
members, in the first week of every November, are expected to convene from around the
world in a city for this annual denominational meeting.
On a JURISDICTIONAL level, The Hospital Church is a part of the Great Houston Ecclesiastical
Leadership Order:
Jurisdictional Prelate
Jurisdictional Executive of Women
Our Jurisdiction holds monthly Initiative Meetings, usually the first Monday of every month,
throughout the year. This meeting is to inform pastors and credential holders of vital
jurisdictional information. The Jurisdiction has special fellowship services that are held
throughout the year. Two main events are the Annual ―Early Rain or Spring Conference, held
in March, and The Annual ―Latter Rain or Holy Convocation, which convenes in August.
On a DISTRICT level, The Hospital Church COOBIC is a part of the Harris District. (Each
jurisdiction within the COOBIC is divided into districts, which are made up of local
Leadership Order:
Under Superintendent
District Missionary
There are three to four District Fellowships held throughout the year. In addition, we have a
District Meeting, which is held once a year. There may be other district events held
throughout the year. Our church tries to be good supporters of these events.
On a LOCAL level, The Hospital Church is an assembly of Bible believing saints committed to
the Instruction of God‘s Truth, and to the Demonstration of His love.‖ It is our mission to be
the kind of church described in the book of Acts where there is God-inspired teaching, heart-
inspired worship, love-inspired friendships, constant prayer and mercy-inspired care towards
those in need. Our doors are open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they
are in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Church Office
3:00PM Wednesday 10:00AM 2:00PM Thursday 10:00AM 2:00PM Friday 10:00AM
TUESDAY/FRIDAY Intercessory Prayer 5:30PM 6:00PM Bible Study 6:00PM 7:30PM
SPECIAL SERVICES: 1ST SUNDAYS Holy Communion & Baptism
2ND & 4TH SUNDAYS Children‘s Ministry 11:00AM 1:30PM (Ages 3-11) Youth Ministry
11:00AM 1:30PM (Ages 12-18)
MONDAY FRIDAY Prayer Service 7:00AM 7:07AM
MONDAY Bible Study 7:00PM
FRIDAY Ministry Training 6:00PM
FRIDAY Friday Praise Service 7:00PM
SATURDAY Choir Rehearsal 6:00PM
The Hospital Church Organizational Set-up
Ministerial Staff
Fine Arts
Music Ministry
Drama Team Dance Team
Membership Services
Biblical Guidance
Marriage Enrichment Couples
Seniors Ministry Special Events
Prayer & Visitation C.O.N.N.E.C.T.
Bereavement Support
Baby Dedication Baptism
Food Bank
Nurses Guild Usher Board Greeters
Media Ministry Intercessory Prayer
Altar Guild Altar Care Team
Courtesy Officers
Men's Department
C.A.R.E. Teams
Women's Department
Church Mothers Executive Board
Fellowships & Retreats
Training Institute
Christian Education Department
Sunday school
Evolve Youth Ministry
C.O.P. Children's Ministry
Administrative Staff
The Ministerial Staff of The Hospital Church consists of the Senior Pastor and its Elders and
Ministers. This staff is responsible for providing the spiritual leadership and oversight of the
church. The Ministerial Staff is committed to living in the highest level of moral integrity.
The primary purpose of our Ministerial Staff is to devote themselves to prayer and the study of
God‘s Word (Acts 6:2). This enables the Ministerial Staff, along with the Senior Pastor, to fulfill
its role in providing the primary teaching of the church, developing leaders and equipping the
saints to do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11, 12).
KEY RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: • Administering the ordinances of the church (Communion
and Baptisms) • Performing basic ceremonies (weddings, funerals and baby dedications). •
Working to facilitate peace among members of the congregation, particularly when conflict
threatens the welfare of the church. • Seeking to win back and reconcile the estranged. •
Overseeing ministries and working with Administration to develop new ministries. • Providing
accountability to one another. • Providing needed support and overall direction for the
ministry. • Performing other duties and functions as prescribed by the Senior Pastor.
The Church Administrator works in harmony with the Senior Pastor, assisting with various
tasks and responsibilities as designated. The Church Administrator has a firm grasp on the
direction of the Church and aligns key leadership teams with its mission. The Administrator is
responsible for managing all Weekly Service Teams.
KEY RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Assisting the Senior Pastor: The Administrator will assist the
Senior Pastor with all administrative and operational functions of the church, and give general
oversight of policies and procedures, as delegated.
Overseeing Administrative Secretary: The Administrator will oversee the clerical duties and
responsibilities of the Administrative Secretary.
Strategic leadership planning: The Administrator is responsible for assisting the Senior Pastor
with strategic planning and staff coordination in the execution of the church‘s purpose.
Supervising, training and development: The Administrator serves as overseer to the
volunteers of Weekly Service Teams.
The primary function of the Administrative Secretary is to oversee all activities of the main
church office as well as providing supervision to all church office assistants. The
Administrative Secretary is responsible for providing proper communication in an effective and
efficient manner. In addition, the administrative secretary serves as personal secretary to the
Senior Pastor.
The Church Office Assistants carry out various tasks and responsibilities as directed by the
Administrative Secretary. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, light
administrative duties (i.e. answering phones, filing and typing).
The Website Master is responsible for updating and maintaining the church‘s website. The
website master will insert current information and calendar details for our website viewers.
They also make sure that media is updated on the website regularly.
The primary function of tech support is to maintain quality control with the computer
hardware and software devices. The purpose is to update and refresh the computers
throughout the facility when needed.
These ministries function during weekly services and special events.
The Nurses Guild is a vital unit. This guild is staffed with competent persons, including
Registered Nurses (RN) and/or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). They serve at all regularly
scheduled services and all special meetings. They also accompany the Pastor during any
speaking engagements. In addition they serve the ministerial staff including visiting clergy.
The beauty of the Lord‘s house is its order and much of this will depend upon an efficient
Usher Board. Ushers help to ensure that attendees are comfortable and properly seated.
Ushers serve at all services, meetings, conventions, and special events including funerals.
Ushers should be alert, quick thinkers and swift movers in the sanctuary. Ushers train
periodically to develop new strategies to manage and maintain order in the sanctuary.
Greeters are the welcoming team of the church. Their motto is, ―We don‘t have visitors, only
honored guests! Greeters help to ensure that attendees feel loved and most of all welcomed.
This ministry oversees the church‘s media production and distribution.
This team is responsible for controlling, setting and maintaining the sound levels of
microphones and other audio equipment. This team is responsible for supplying videography,
image magnification and power point visual effects for projection screens. In addition, this
team provides audio and video recordings of every service.
This team is responsible for distributing the audio and video recordings of our services through
CDs and DVDs. These recordings are offered freely to members and guests.
OBTAINING CDS AND DVDS Service CDs or DVDs can be obtained by filling out a Distribution
Order Form (available in the back of every pew or at the distribution counter). These products
are normally available for pick up the next service date. However, on Sundays a limited
number of CDs are available the same day for church members and guests.
To ensure that we always have an ample supply of CDs and DVDs free of charge, we ask those
persons who regularly receive CDs or DVDs to make regular donations through our TRUTH
Partner Club. For details visit our distribution counter.
NOTE: In addition to these services we provide online media for members and guests. Those
who have access to a computer, can visit the website ( for easy
downloads to your computer or digital listening device (i.e. iPod or mp3 player).
INTERCESSORY PRAYER TEAM 1 Thessalonians 5:17 The Intercessory Prayer Team is a group
of mature committed believers whose central focus is to pray continually for the church, all
that are in authority, the sick, the bereaved and the lost. This group is aware that God‘s
people and the world are in desperate need of constant prayer. Our Intercessory Prayer Team
meets for prayer 30 minutes prior to the start of each service. This prayer ministry team
receives prayer requests. If someone should need prayer please call or visit the Administrative
The Altar Guild assists the Ministerial Staff during Ceremonial Services or Ordinances, like Holy
Communion and Baptism. They are responsible for the storage and preparation of all liturgical
paraments, vessels, elements and linens. This team is comprised of mature, growing believers.
Periodic training sessions are conducted throughout the year.
This team provides follow up to those who respond to the altar call. This follow up includes
answering questions, prayer, and scriptural support as to what was ministered to them during
the altar call. Information will be gathered and new converts will receive a reading plan. This
team consists of mature, spirit filled believers who have been trained in altar care.
(TRAFFIC and SECURITY) The Courtesy Officers, which are comprised of the Traffic and Building
Security Teams, work in and outdoors monitoring the parking lot and building facilities. These
attendants must be able to withstand hot and cold weather conditions.
This team is responsible for providing traffic control before and after church services and
special events. This team gives directions to parking stalls, issues parking stubs, and operates
barricade arms. This team escorts members, guests, and staff to and from vehicles upon
request. In addition, this team provides valet parking. Assisted Living Church Service Ministry
Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to show love by bringing church to the elderly community.
In our Assisted Living Church Service Ministry, a team just like you, to conduct church services
in Harris Counties. They are on different days and times depending on the needs of each
community and volunteer availability. This is one of the most rewarding ministries that our
church offers as our volunteers have the opportunity to connect with the grateful seniors in a
number of different ways.
There is a role for all types of people in this ministry, from leading the service, leading songs,
to greeting and praying for individuals. We can easily train you to serve in a way you are
comfortable. We provide you and the team you serve with everything you will need to conduct
a complete service including:
• CDs with hymns
• Song books
• DVD’s of Apostle Connor’s messages.
• Communion kits.
• Etc.
If you have children, they are welcome to serve with you. We have found children are blessed
by interacting with these caring seniors and the seniors love the children. We know that you
will be blessed and feel very appreciated by the people you are serving.
Breaking Bread Ministry
Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to show an outward expression of Jesus' love and care to those who need it.
Through doing something as simple as providing a hot lunch and boosting the spirits of others
who are less fortunate, you can help them know Jesus in a personal way. Most are homeless
and come in for a place to relax, feel safe and have a hot meal.
Communication Ministry
Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to effectively communicate the news about Jesus to our church family.
Help be the voice of the Hospital to the church and community in a variety of different ways.
Community Outreach Ministry
Purpose Statement
To bring awareness of The Hospital Church and all the resources it has to offer to the
community, and to reach one more for Jesus.
Our ministry assists with events that the Community Outreach Team does out in the
neighborhoods all around The Hospital Church.
Cookies Ministry
Purpose Statement
To provide a friendly environment for first-time attendees and encourage them to return.
Just like when a new neighbor comes to town, we bake and deliver cookies to first-time
visitors and recent attendees to The Hospital Church. If you love to bake and love to reach out
to others, this is the ministry for you! Volunteer you can get involved in this Kingdom Building
Correspondence to the Incarcerated Ministry
Purpose Statement
Our ministry exists to reach out to those incarcerated with God's love and grace by helping
them study the Bible.
This ministry is for anyone who has a heart for those incarcerated. No personal contact is
made with the incarcerated. Volunteers will correspond through a Bible Study approved by
The Church of One Body Seminary.
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Ministry
Purpose Statement
We are a community of deaf and hard of hearing who come together to share common
challenges and support each other. We want to welcome anyone to God's family and provide a
safe place to be accepted and loved.
The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministry is a place to grow and connect with God through a
ministry, which seeks to support each other and serve our community. We would love you to
be connected!
Financial Coaching Ministry
Purpose Statement
We provide sound, biblical coaching in a variety of financial areas.
Whether you need help with a real estate question, your retirement plan, saving for a child’s
education, or paying off debt, we have trained Financial Coaches who are experienced and
knowledgeable in a variety of financial areas. These coaches take a look at each situation with
fresh eyes and prayerfully endeavor to bring biblical clarity, wisdom, and encouragement to
each person.
Financial Freedom Ministry
Purpose Statement
To help each member become financially free to serve God’s purpose for their life.
No matter where you are in your relationship with money, we have a resource that can help
you grow into the money-manager that God wants you to be. Designed to encourage you in
your next stewardship steps, we offer financial classes, free seminars, and individual coaching.
We address topics like budgeting, saving, debt, investing, giving, estate planning, relating
about money, and other financial topics.
Food Pantry Ministry
Purpose Statement
Giving People hope, purpose, and food.
At The Hospital Church Food Pantry, we currently provide food, free of charge, to families and
individuals in need.
Good Neighbor Ministry
Purpose Statement
Good Neighbor takes the principle of "love thy neighbor" and puts it into action through
various projects aimed at assisting our neighbors in Orange, LA and Riverside counties.
We are committed to serving our neighbors in our Orange County communities. Each
community is unique and opportunities range from clean-up days to homework clubs.
Volunteers play with the children, encourage families and bring the love of Christ into the
community through these neighborhoods.
Homework Club & Tutoring
Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to show Jesus' love to children by helping them academically.
One on One Tutoring is for junior and senior high school students afternoons. Volunteers
choose the subject and level they feel most comfortable helping with; i.e. Algebra 1 or 2,
Chemistry, Biology, 7th Science, etc. Volunteers must be Hospital Church members,
(completion of CLASS 101, Baptism and signing the Membership Covenant).
The Homework Club meets on afternoons during the school year as volunteers are have
availability . It is a classroom tutoring environment for Elementary school children grades 1st-
6th. Tutors assist students with completing their homework and help them prepare for tests.
Hospital Church membership is a requirement to serve, (CLASS 101, Baptism and signing the
Membership Covenant).
Hospital Team
Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to show love and care to individuals in a local hospital.
You can bless someone's life by simply visiting and spending time with them at a local hospital.
Kids Choir
Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to reach our community with the love of Jesus through music.
The Hospital Kids Choir is a training ground for young worshipers. From ages 4 through the 6th
grade, children develop musical skills and a heart for worship through weekly rehearsals,
outreach events, bi-annual musical productions, and leading worship in church throughout the
Motel Church Ministry
Purpose Statement
The mission of Motel Church is to reach working poor and transitional homeless individuals
and families living in weekly motels with the hope that we have in Jesus Christ, while sharing a
potluck breakfast with them.
Motel Church is a rewarding family-friendly way to make a difference in our community. Every
week small groups, individuals and families from Hospital Church bring church and breakfast
to motels.
When you sign up, we send you all the information of where you will be serving, when to be
there, what to expect, and what to bring to contribute to the potluck breakfast we share with
our motel neighbors. The morning you serve, an experienced on-site leader meets you at your
motel for prayer and to direct the activities. Next, we set up to share breakfast and we lead a
few songs of worship. Then, a speaker shares a short, message of hope from God’s word and
prayer, and it’s time to pack up and head home.
Fast facts: Choose either a Saturday or Sunday morning, and in what area of town you want to
serve. Typical serving time at your motel is just 9 - 11:15 am. This is an easy ministry to try, and
your heart will be filled by the experience.
Members Admin
Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to be a support for the new and current members of Hospital Church by
helping with practical needs.
Help out with administration for the Membership team. Tasks include mailings, phone calls,
data entry, etc.
Time commitment 2-6 hours a week, in church office.
Club & Human Trafficking
Purpose Statement
Our ministry's purpose is to raise awareness, to educate, and to offer hands-on opportunities
to our Hospital Church community to eradicate Human Trafficking on a local level.
Does your heart beat with a desire to bring the corruption of Human Trafficking to an end?
Our ministry's purpose is to raise awareness, educate, do hands-on outreach, provide
emergency housing for rescued girls, and foster ongoing support for healing and recovery for
survivors. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we continue to partner church to
church at home and around the world.
Recycle Ministry
Purpose Statement
To provide Bibles to those who do not have them, both locally and globally, using proceeds
from recycling bottles and cans.
Do you have a heart to bring the news of Jesus to the spiritually empty? You can help
transform someone's life by collecting and sorting recyclables from at-home donations and
from around the church campus before they are taken to the recycling facility. Volunteers
typically serve on Sunday afternoons and some weekdays.
Hospital Insiders
Purpose Statement
Our ministry's purpose is to help lead in-custody men & women and their families toward
restoration with God, recovery from hurts, hang-ups, habits, and re-entry to the community.
The “S” in hoSpital stands for “Second Chance Grace Place.” We bring this Hospital Value to
prisoners and their families through a variety of serving opportunities including:
Assisting chaplains and prison volunteers
• Participating in outreach events within prisons or to prisoner’s families.
• Spiritual mentorship of inmates through correspondence.
• Supporting families with a loved one going through the criminal justice system.
• Helping those returning from prison obtain full restoration through a healthy church.
How can you help? Are you available during the business week? You can help in one (or more)
of the following ways:
Facility Shepherds - maintain relationships with chaplains of prisons
Outreach assistants - email and voicemail response and outreach
Data assistants - research prison contacts, church contacts, maintain data
Family Team - provide support and information to prisoners family.
Correspondence Team - provide spiritual mentorship through mail.
Re-entry Mentors - Saturday nights 5:00 -7:00
Hospital Singles Ministry
Purpose Statement
Hospital Loves Singles
Hospital Singles help Singles CONNECT with each other, GROW in their faith, SERVE others in
love, REACH their world for Jesus, and HONOR God with their life.
We are multiple communities of Single Men and Single Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and
60s, who are actively pursuing a relationship with Jesus by living out God’s purposes for our
life. Whether you’ve never been married, are divorced, are widowed or are a single parent,
then this is the place for you.
God doesn’t want you to live in isolation. Psalm 68:6 tells us, “God places the lonely in
families...” That’s us! Hospital Singles is a family where you can know others and be known.
Regardless of where you’re at in your spiritual journey, our family is open to you.
PICS Ministy
Purpose Statement
Visualizing Christ’s Message to the World
PICS (Photographers In Christ’s Service), consists of volunteer photographers of all skill levels
who have a passion for photography and a heart to serve God and our church. PICS often
provides photographs by request for specific needs such as illustrating a sermon point,
advertising for an upcoming event, website support, and church sponsored events and
ministry promotion. We also provide a photograph for every baptism and we often participate
in community outreach events where we share God’s love thorough our efforts. Additional
opportunities to serve are in the much needed support roles to our ministry. Areas as diverse
as meeting set-up, image processing, Photoshop skills and photographer assistant, are among
many opportunities available to serve.
Small Group Community Leader Ministry
Purpose Statement
The Small Groups Team is about encouraging, empowering and equipping our small groups.
Small Groups will help you to develop lifelong friendships with other leaders in the church as
well as your community. Be part of the team and help with hospitality, social media,
administration, newsletters, and coordinating. You may work from the office as well as from
your home, depending on the ministry.
Small Groups
Life is not meant to be lived alone. In fact, God hates loneliness. You were created to
experience life with other people, and that’s why at Saddleback, we encourage you to get into
a small group.
A small group is a group of three or more people who gather each week in a home, workplace,
or online. In a group you’ll hang out, study the Word, and pray together.
Groups come in all shapes and sizes married couples, singles, men, women, kids, no kids,
workplace, under 20, over 40 the list goes on. No matter where you are in life, there’s a
group for you.
Social Media Ministry
Purpose Statement
To connect with our community and promote various activities and events through social
We help create awareness for our church and various ministries using Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram and other social media to connect the community with what's going on in and
around The Hospital Church. Volunteers help with developing creative messaging for posts,
tweets and photographs.
Purpose Statement
We promote the welfare and safety of those visiting our campus.
We are a team that facilitates the safety and welfare of those visiting our campus. We "serve
and protect" by assisting with answering questions, helping the Health Care Ministry and
supporting the rest of the Security Ministry team. A law enforcement background is not a
requirement for service.
Law Enforcement Ministry
Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to create a place where those with law enforcement experience and
background can serve to help keep our Hospital Church family, and visitors to our campus,
If you are currently in law enforcement or retired from law enforcement, we have a serving
opportunity for you in our Law Enforcement Ministry. It’s designed to be an easy serving
opportunity; you serve while you worship. You can serve at whichever weekend service you
attend and sit where you normally sit. This ministry is available at all of our Hospital campuses.
This is a great opportunity to serve during Christmas, as well.
This team is responsible for making sure that appropriate doors are opened/locked and that
lights are turned on/off. This team is also responsible for patrolling the church building and
grounds to ensure that the church is protected from unauthorized persons. This team escorts
members, guests and staff to and from parking areas upon request. In addition, this team
oversees other internal security responsibilities.
Our purpose is to properly manage the funds received into this ministry.
It is very important to provide legible, detailed information on your contribution envelope.
This process ensures proper recording to your individual contribution record.
CONTRIBUTION This is for general donations to the church. PLO (PASTOR’S LOVE OFFERING)
This is for donations that specifically go to the Pastor. AUDIO/VIDEO This is for donations that
go to support our media equipment / distribution and the TRUTH Partner Club. OTHER This is
for miscellaneous donations (Building Fund, Missions, Guest speakers, etc.) TOTAL ENCLOSED
This is the total amount of funds enclosed inside the contribution envelope.
HOW DO I OBTAIN AN ENVELOPE NUMBER? Those wanting to obtain an envelope number
are asked to stop by the Administrative Office and fill out a Contribution Number Request
form and return it to the Administrative Office. The Financial Clerk will assign you an envelope
number. This number will be sent to you via mail or email.
IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER Please print your information neatly, this allows for
efficient data processing. Envelopes that are not legible or do not have complete information
cannot be guaranteed proper credit. Be advised that the IRS only considers contribution
envelopes, not cancelled checks, as proof of giving. Therefore, we advise that all giving be
placed in an envelope with legible/accurate information.
When giving, please use the same name, including any suffixes (i.e. Jr., Sr., II or III) or your
contribution number. Nicknames, titles, and last names only do not help us ensure proper
credit given (i.e. Sister Smith, Elder Sims, etc.). If parents want their children‘s giving to be
included on their contribution statement, the parents‘ name(s) or number should also appear
on the envelope. Couples filing jointly should include both names on the contribution
envelope. To update your personal information (i.e. name, address, marital status, etc.),
please stop by the Administrative Office and fill out a Change of Information Form.
HOW ARE OFFERINGS RECEIVED? While offerings are at times received openly by church
officers (i.e. during Sunday School or ―special offerings), members are encouraged to deposit
their offerings in our coffers that are located in the main lobby of the church. These coffers
provide a convenient and confidential means of giving unto the Lord. We believe that when
we give discreetly and privately, God rewards us openly and publically (Matthew 6:4).
CAN I RECEIVE CHANGE FOR CASH OFFERINGS? Yes. Anyone desiring ―change‖ for cash
offerings should inquire with an usher BEFORE depositing their gift into the coffers.
DO YOU ISSUE CONTRIBUTION STATEMENTS? Yes. A Contribution Statement, also called a
Year-End Letter, is a written document issued by the church verifying contributions received
from a donor during the previous year. These statements are issued annually and are made
available for pick up in the month of January. All statements not picked up from the
Administrative Office by January 31st will be mailed out.
regarding contributions should leave their contact information with the Administrative Office
who will forward it to the Financial Clerk. The Financial Clerk will then contact you.
WHAT IS THE RETURNED CHECK POLICY? Returned checks can wreak havoc on an
organization‘s financial records and cash flow. Before you deposit a check in the offering,
make sure there are sufficient funds in your account to cover it. If a check is returned for
nonsufficient funds, individuals will be contacted, either personally or by phone, and asked to
cover an administrative fee of $16.00 plus any other bank fees associated with the returned
check. The individual may then re-submit the check or simply pay the check amount.
WHAT IS THE “TRUTH PARTNER CLUB”? Truth Partner Club (TPC) is a partnership between the
committed donor and the ministry. The hallmark of this partnership is sharing the TRUTH of
God‘s word. Club members agree to regularly support the media ministry with their financial
gifts, which allows the ministry to continue to provide services free of charge.
HOW DO I JOIN TPC? Anyone desiring to become a TRUTH Partner Club Member must
complete a TPC Registration Form online or at the distribution desk. A TPC Membership Card
will then be issued to you. As a TPC member you are asked to commit to pray for this ministry
and to sow a monthly contribution in support of the Word of God.
The primary purpose of the Men‘s Department is to impact men‘s lives through teaching,
equipping and discipleship. The Men‘s Department provides leadership and overall support to
the church and its facilities. The responsibilities of the Men‘s Department include, but are not
limited to: mobilizing C.A.R.E. teams, training deacons, maintaining church grounds and
hosting annual church events.
Deacons are "servants" that serve with both ―head and ―hands. Those recognized as
Deacons are typically chosen to occupy positions of authority in the church, and through this
role they relieve the pastor and elders of any responsibilities that would keep them from
fulfilling their assignment (Acts 6:24). This ministry demands a high level of commitment,
maturity and dedication (1 Timothy 3:8-13). Training is conducted throughout the year and
plans are discussed on how to better carry out various responsibilities (i.e. offering collections,
assisting in church ordinances, security, etc.).
C.A.R.E. TEAMS The Men's Department is committed to mobilizing the following C.A.R.E
1. EXTENDED Care Team This care team is established to Communicate to brothers who are
displaced due to illness, college, military or job relocation. The goal of this team is to reach out
and keep in touch with our distant brothers showing them that we still care even though they
are not here.
2. CARE TAKERS This care team is established to attend to the beautification and care of our
grounds and facility. This team is also responsible for negotiating contracts for scheduled
3. INTENSIVE Care Team This care team is established to Restore fallen brothers who may be
struggling or straying away. The goal of this team to provide a lifeline for those in need of
assistance and recovery.
4. ACTIVE Care Team This care team is established to Engage men through natural and spirit-
based programs (i.e. fellowships, sporting events, bible studies, father/son breakfasts, etc).
The goal of this team is to coordinate events that will ensure that the men of HMC remain
active and engaged.
LEADERSHIP ROUNDTABLE Six times a year, men will gather at the Roundtable to discuss
various topics. Through relationship building and biblical teaching, these sessions are designed
to uplift, sharpen and enhance men & women to be strong leaders in the home and the
MONTHLY DUES All Men are asked to share a monthly donation of $20.00 (which equals $240
for the year). The monthly dues that are collected assist in special projects throughout the
year. Donations can be deposited within a Contribution Envelope. Simply write ―Men‘s
Department Dues on the OTHER line of the envelope and place it in the offering coffers or give
it to the Men‘s Chairman.
“Empowered Women for Purpose” OUR VISION for this department, as the name implies, is
to “Empower Women for Purpose”. God is calling for Spirit-filled and Spirit-led women who
are wellinformed, equipped, driven and inspired by the Word of God. To this end we will be
mature women endeavouring to totally depend on God. OUR PURPOSE is to go ―Back to the
Basics‖ according to Titus 2:3-5, by providing teaching, training, fellowships and activities that
will minister to the total woman of all ages. OUR GOAL is to create ―a unified women‘s
department, because ―where there is UNITY, There is STRENGTH!
The Women‘s Department consists of the Director, Assistant Director, Senior and Executive
Church Mothers, secretaries, treasurers and other appointed officers.
The Director stands as the leader of the entire women‘s department, who sets the vision and
the plan for the women. The Pastor‘s wife, who serves as Assistant Director, assists the
Director with various tasks and responsibilities, and stands as the leader in the absence of the
Director. The primary role of the directors is to set the overall vision of the Women‘s
Department. Both the Director and Assistant Director work in harmony with the Senior Pastor.
These women were hand selected by the Senior Pastor and work closely with the Pastor‘s wife
and Women‘s Director. They assist in teaching, training and building women of all ages. This
quorum of women is trusted to give guidance to other women.
This board is comprised of the Senior and Executive Church Mothers, secretaries, treasurers
and other women selected to assist in setting the women‘s agenda for the year. This board is
the mouth-piece for communicating the Director‘s vision and the ear-piece for listening to the
concerns of the women.
Auxiliaries function as the arms and feet of the Women‘s Department, and their presidents
function as liaisons for the directors. Auxiliary presidents also serve to rally women to
corporate fellowships in lieu of planning separate meetings and events. ELDERS, MINISTERS
& DEACONS WIVES We read in I Timothy 3:11….‖wives must be grave, not slanderers, sober,
faithful in all things.‖ These women serve along side their husbands and stand in support their
husband‘s calling and ministry.
Church Mothers play a very important role in the church. The Scripture declares that it is
proper for the elder women to teach and train the younger women in the church (Titus 2:2-5).
These women should be mature, spirit filled and full of Godly wisdom.
The Young Women‘s Christian Council is comprised of married and single women ages 18-45.
This auxiliary reinforces the need for women to be prayerful, good homemakers and lovers of
their families. This auxiliary also encourages young women to be active in the church.
The Christian Women‘s Council is comprised of women married and single women ages 46 &
up. This auxiliary continues the work of the Young Women‘s Christian Council (YWCC) by
equipping women to act as mentors to younger women.
The Prayer and Bible Band is one of the oldest auxiliaries our church. Through the operation
of this auxiliary, women are encouraged to build their spiritual lives through prayer and Bible
The Hospitality and Executive Hospitality Committees are women trained to show kindness in
preparing, serving and entertaining guests in the spirit of excellence. These committees work
closely together in hosting guests during special events and services.
Our kitchen is set up under the regulations and guidelines of the State of Michigan‘s Health
Department. The kitchen manager‘s job is to maintain the standards set in place by the MHD
to prevent violations or fines from occurring. The kitchen managers oversee all usage of the
kitchen, and ensure that proper procedures are followed.
This is the training arm of the Education Department. This institute conducts training
periodically throughout the year and is available to men & women of all ages.
The Women‘s Department hosts various fellowships throughout the year. Some fellowships
involve the entire church, while others are for a selected group. The Women‘s Department
also encourages women to participate in District and Jurisdictional events. Once a year HMC
women retreat overnight at an off-site location. There is a staff that gathers information to
plan and prepare for this event to take place. This retreat is usually held in the fall season.
MONTHLY DUES Women who are apart of this department are asked to share a monthly
donation of $10.00 for 10 months (which equals $100 for the year). The monthly dues that are
collected assist in special projects throughout the year. Donations can be deposited within a
Contribution Envelope. Simply write ―Women‘s Department Dues on the OTHER line of the
envelope and place it in the offering coffers or turn it into the Women‘s Department financial
This ministry provides anointed praise, worship and music. They assist in leading the
congregation into the presence of God through music and song. This ministry consists of
singers and musicians who serve in weekly services and special events.
The HC Drama team (a.k.a. Hospital Productions) brings biblical messages to life through skits
and various other dramatizations. Productions are done periodically throughout the year. This
ministry is open to members both young and old.
The HC Liturgical Dance Team provides an alternative form of worship through dance and
synchronized movement. This team is open to members both young and old.
Biblical guidance sessions are available to those seeking wisdom and direction during
traumatic life changes such as: grief, divorce/separation, loss of employment, etc. These
sessions are administered by our Senior Pastor and quorum of Elders. Sessions may be
scheduled through the Administrative Office.
Pre Marital and Post Marital sessions are available for couples seeking marital advice. These
sessions are scheduled through the Administrative Office. The church also provides Marriage
Enrichment Seminars. These seminars are open to the general public.
The Couples Ministry is provided to help couples build healthy and lasting relationships
through fellowships and other activities held throughout the year.
The Seniors Ministry provides fellowships and activities for senior saints ages 55 and up.
―Saved, Sharp and Strong in the Golden Years” is the motto of this ministry.
Members desiring to host special events such as: weddings, receptions, birthdays, open
houses, etc. must schedule them through the Administrative Office. Proper paperwork must
be submitted, and all events are subject to approval and facility usage fees may apply.
“How Can We Go, Unless We Know?” The Prayer and Visitation ministry involves trained
individuals who offer prayer and comfort to those who are in hospitals, residential homes,
convalescent centers, prisons, jails and shelters. There is a prayer and visitation leader who
works with a team who visits, prays and consoles those who are in need of comfort. If you are
aware of someone needing a visit, please contact the Administrative Office with complete
Connect is a service that seeks to Create Opportunities of Networking while Nurturing and
Encouraging Communication and Togetherness. This is a support group offered to those who
may be feeling disconnected or in need of direction/answers to questions regarding the
Experiencing the loss of a loved one is often the most difficult time for a family. Bereavement
Support is a team consisting of concerned supporters who provide comfort and assistance to
bereaved families. If a member experiences a death in their immediate family (i.e. spouse,
children, parents) please notify the Administrative Office for assistance. BABY DEDICATION
This service is provided to families who desire to dedicate their babies to the Lord. Baby
Dedications are held annually during the Easter season. There is a mandatory class all parents
must attend prior to having their child dedicated. Those interested in this service should visit
the Administrative Office for application and additional information.
Baptism is one of the two ordinances observed by our Church. Baptism is a service provided
to those who have repented of their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Baptisms are held on the first Sunday of the month. A mandatory class for baptismal
candidates meets 1 week prior to the Baptismal service. Those desiring to be baptized should
fill out a Baptismal form located in the Administrative Office.
Our food bank is a benevolence service which distributes food to needy families. This service is
offered weekly to families in our community. Please contact the Administrative office for
distribution dates and times.
The Sunday School Superintendent oversees the Christian education of the adults of HC. The
primary function of this position is to make sure that the various classes offered by the Sunday
School are organized, effective and growing in attendance. The following adult Sunday School
classes are offered:
DISCIPLESHIP This class focuses on the basics and fundamentals of the Christian faith. This
class is open to all members.
STRAIGHT AHEAD This class is designed for men and women ages 25 to 44.
FIRM FOUNDATION This class is designed to men and women ages 45 to 59.
WOMEN OF VIRTUE This class is designed for senior women ages 60 & up.
NOBLE ONES This class is designed for senior men ages 60 & up.
ONE FLESH This class is designed for married couples of all ages.
The following are special classes offered periodically throughout the year:
CRISIS MANAGEMENT This class is designed to help individuals navigate through pressing
problems and struggles.
PRACTICAL EVANGELISM This class is designed to lay a foundation for leading individuals to
Christ through practical applications. This class serves as the training arm for the Altar Care
HOME SCHOOL This class is designed to take Sunday School to those who are home-bound.
The Sunday Superintendent oversees the Christian education of the youth of HC. The primary
function of this position is to make sure that the various classes offered by the Sunday School
are organized, effective and growing in attendance. The following youth Sunday School
classes are offered:
Young Conquerors (12-15):
YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL Young Warriors (Ages 9-11)
Kids of the King (Ages 6-8)
Chosen Ones (Ages 4-6)
Little Rascals (Ages 2-4)
EVOLVE is a student ministry devoted to helping teens (ages 12-18) conform their lives into
the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29). EVOLVE is led by a youth pastor and is staffed with
qualified spirit-filled youth leaders who teach young people biblical truths in practical ways.
What does EVOLVE mean?
Establish a relationship with God Mark 1:15; Matt 6:33 Vacate the old way of Living 2 Cor.
5:17; Rom 8:9; Eph 4:22-24; Gal 2:20 Obey the Word of God John 8:31-32; 14:21; 15:3, 10;
17:17 Love Matt 5:44-46; I John 4:7-8; Gal 5:6 Value Authority Col 3:20; Heb13:17;
Eph 6:1 Equipped to Serve Luke 24:49; Eph 6:11-18
These are sessions designed specifically for young ladies ages 12-18. Theses sessions meet bi-
monthly. Each session is designed to discuss issues that hinder young ladies from living a pure
and separated life.
IRONWORKS These are sessions designed specifically for young men ages 12-18. These
sessions meets every fourth Sunday. Each session is designed to arm young men to resist the
influences of a godless society and how to become ―lights‖ and leaders in the world.
CHILDREN OF PROMISE Children‘s Ministry has services available for children ranging from 2
to 11 years old. Our Children‘s Ministry strives to provide a structured environment that is
safe, friendly and inviting. MISSION STATEMENT To develop a ministry in which children
are intentionally sought, Biblically taught, and shown that they are loved a lot. This ministry
strives to go by The 4 “C” Rule which stands for Consistency, Creativity, Care and Commitment.
OUR GOAL To operate a successful functioning children‘s ministry requires good leadership.
Therefore, our goal is to ensure that this ministry is well organized, well equipped and well
staffed. In simple words, the goal is STRUCTURE!
NURSERY/PARENT ROOM This room is provided for parents/caregivers of INFANTS and
young TODDLERS only. This is not a hangout room for teens or children. Instead, it is an area
specifically designed for parents who need a place to go when babies are cranky or fussy
during services. Closed circuit television of the main service is provided for your convenience.
There is a diaper changing area located in the adjacent room.
TODDLER / PRE K & KINDERGARTEN This room is for toddlers and small children ages 2 - 5
years old. From 11am 1:15 pm toddlers rotate through various activity centers. These
activity centers range from Bible Time Learning Center, Arts & Crafts Center, Snack Time
Center, Music Center, Game/Free Time Center, and Video/DVD Center. Each class will be
equipped with a mature qualified volunteer staff that is ready to serve your child(ren).
CHILDREN’S CHURCH “BUILDING THE ROCK” Our Children‘s Church is a ministry with a Solid
Foundation. It is open to children ages 6 - 11. From 11am1:15pm children experience a
time of worship geared to their level. They are also times Bible study, activities and games!
SUNSHINE BAND This is for ages 4 - 12 years. Sunshine Band meets every 2nd and 4th Friday
evenings during Bible study times. Various well prepared lesson plans are shared with
children. In addition, they host other events, outings and activities throughout the year.
HEALTH, SAFETY & DISCIPLINE Children who have a contagious illness or exhibit signs of
sickness (i.e. fever, diarrhea, vomiting, red or discharging eye, earache, or a suspicious looking
rash) should not attend children‘s services or activities. If your child becomes ill or unruly
during children‘s service, he/she will be isolated from the group and your number will be
displayed on the sanctuary screens. If your child‘s number appears on the screen, you should
report to their child‘s classroom IMMEDIATELY. If an accident occurs, the teacher will fill out
an accident report detailing the incident. Parents will be given a copy of this report and asked
to sign it for verification. A copy of the report will remain on file. VOLUNTEER
MISCONDUCT/SEXUAL ABUSE We will provide a safe, orderly environment for children to
praise, worship and learn about God. We encourage volunteers to behave with care at all
times. We do not condone volunteers acting in an inappropriate manner such as: screaming,
threatening, touching or hitting children.
CHILDABUSE & SEXUAL ABUSE REPORTING If a child under 18 alleges any abuse to any
volunteer we are obligated to investigate the matter and report it to the proper authorities.
This includes improper sexual touching, unusual and extreme bruising and bumps that appears
on any part of a child; especially if noticed consistently.
Although, it is popular to have some sort of membership procedure, our procedure is not like
most. We understand that it is the Holy Spirit‘s job to make men members of the Body of
Christ (1 Corinthians 12:13) and it is our job to receive them into the visible Church (Romans
15:7). Biblical history teaches that when the apostles preached in different cities they who
believed their word ―consorted‖ or clung to them (Acts 17:4). Soon they found a meeting
place and regularly met for mutual spiritual edification. This became the framework of the
local church. A local church is an assembly of believers walking by the same rule, sharing the
same faith and fearing the One God.
If you feel that God is leading you to identify yourself with this local church, we would like to
receive you into our family. Stop by the Administrative Office and complete a Welcome to the
Family form. This is a simple form containing basic information about yourself that will help us
to learn more about you. Please fill out this form and return it to the Administrative Office. A
representative from C.O.N.N.E.C.T. will contact you to set up a meeting.
In the meantime, we invite you to join our Discipleship Class that meets every Sunday morning
at 10 AM in the Executive Conference Room (adjacent to the main restrooms). This class is
taught by our Senior Pastor and provides him an opportunity to personally get to know you.
We also encourage new members to attend our mid-week services. We also recommend that
new members ―hang around‖ a few minutes after each service. This gives you an opportunity
to become acquainted with fellow members and saints.
We strongly believe that ―We are Saved to Serve, and that participation from everyone is
necessary for the edification of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:16). If you are not presently
involved in ministry, then we encourage you to visit the Administrative Office and fill out a
Ministry Involvement Form. This form will be given to a C.O.N.N.E.C.T. representative who will
review your information and contact you regarding the details of your assignment. Prior to
getting involved, you are expected to be…
1. Born-again, with a maturing and growing relationship with the Lord.
2. Committed to serving in a spirit of love and excellence at all times.
3. Make a Pleadge to living a lifestyle that is consistent with Christian principles. For example,
you must be free from all open forms of immorality (i.e. fornication, adultery, pornography,
alcohol/tobacco/drug abuse) or any other activity that might bring a reproach upon Christ or
His Church.
Note: If you are unsure whether an activity is deemed immoral or ―inappropriate, share this
with a C.O.N.N.E.C.T. representative when they meet with you.
As believers we often attend our place of worship and forget the main reason we are here.
After a while it may become a social meeting place and the reverence for the sanctuary is lost.
Ecclesiastes 5:1 states, “Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God…” This is a clear
and unmistakable warning to us who worship in His presence that we are to be cognizant of
the place in which we are worshipping.
Below are just a few tips that will help us to maintain order and reverence within the
Respect the Ushers. Allow them to seat you.
Refrain from walking during services. Constant walking/moving can be a distraction to other
If you have young children or if you may have to leave the service early, you should sit
toward the back and close to the aisle. This will allow you to leave without interrupting other
Conversations with other worshipers, including passing notes, should take place before or
after the service.
Turn off all cell phones and other devices. It is disrespectful to others when an electronic
device makes noise during the service. If you have a situation that requires you to keep your
electronic device on, turn it on silent or vibrate and answer it outside if needed.
When there is no Children‘s or Youth Church, please have your children/teen sit with you
and remain quiet. All children/youth 18 years or younger must be seated with an adult while
in the sanctuary. Electronic games, texting, playing etc. are not permitted in the sanctuary
during service.
There is a nursery room area for parents to take young children who may be fussy during
service. Closed Circuit TV of the service is available in the nursery area for your convenience.
Please dress appropriately for services. Tight and/or revealing clothes are better left away
from the church.
All eating and drinking is to be done in the Fellowship Hall area. Eating is prohibited in the
During inclement weather, if you should have a baby stroller or another wheeled device be
conscious to pause and wipe off the wheels. This will prevent mud or dirt from tracking
through the building.
Although this list is not inclusive, we encourage you to follow the guidelines of the church. If
at anytime you should have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to see our church
ANNOUNCEMENT PROCEDURES Prior to setting your event date, you must receive clearance
through the Administrative Office.
SUNDAY AND TUESDAY Announcements on these days must be submitted on an
Announcement Form and turned in to the Administrative Office at least 2 weeks prior to the
scheduled event. Due to the fact that services are recorded live on these days,
announcements will only be read if it pertains to the entire church body, the entire women‘s
department or the entire men‘s department. FRIDAYS These days are for any in-house
announcement. However, an Announcement Form must still be completed and turned into
the Administrative Office so information may be available on file for those inquiring about the
event. Fridays are a time where any announcement, big or small, can be made by any group,
auxiliary, department or appointed representative. To limit the number of announcements,
we encourage the leaders to place phone calls, send emails or text message reminders to
inform individuals about an upcoming event that only pertains to their particular group.
FLYERS If you are inviting others, please feel free to create flyers for distribution. All flyers
need to be submitted to the Administrative office for approval prior to distributing. Please
allow 1 week for review. Any announcement that needs to be added to the church website
must be submitted to the Administrative Office so it can be given to the Web Master.
Unless, it is an extreme emergency, handwritten notes will not be accepted on service days. If
it is an extreme emergency that may need immediate attention, please contact the
Administrative Staff with details.
The ministry reserves the right to limit the scope of your announcement.
Annual Revival