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Homeowners Loan Corporation

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The Homeowners Loan Corporation (HOLC) provided government loans to homeowners who faced foreclosure because they could not meet their loan payments. 



The Homeowners Loan Corporation started in June of 1933 and ended on June 4th, 1951.

Julia Brooks

The New Deal


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The Homeowners Loan Corporation ended on June 4th, 1951. The Corporation ended because they did not make a loan in 15 years after 1948. The HOLC hasn’t officially ended until 1951. They spent 15 years tending their mortgages and keeping track of their money. When it finally closed they gave money to the U.S. Treasury.

The Homeowners Loan Corporation was created in June of 1933 to be a form of recovery during The Great Depression. The HOLC is a program that helps out people when they cannot keep up with their loan payments. The program is made to help people recover from foreclosure by offering government loans. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president that this part of the new deal formed under. The corporation managed to save 80% of the houses to the original homeowners.


  • Franklin Roosevelt climbed the Democratic ranks and became the assistant secretary during World War 1. 
  • Roosevelt ran for president in 1932
  • He also ran for vice president 12 years earlier in 1920.
  • Franklin Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio in 1920 while he was in Canada. 
  • Franklin was an only child and grew up with very wealthy parents. 
  • FDR thought one of his greatest accomplishments was the Social Security Act.
  • Roosevelt dropped out of Law School
  • FDR is known as the longest serving president 
  • He won all three of his elections by landslides.
  • Roosevelt tried to increase the size of the supreme court. 


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