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Homeowner Loan Corp.


The purpose of this government agency was to refinance the homeowner's mortgages so their house would not be put into foreclosure. This agency was also known as HOLC.

HOLC ran from 1933 to 1951 and had 20,0000 employees. The purpose of HOLC was to provide relief to the unemployed citizens in order for them to pay their house mortgages. The program was supposed to help the real estate sales while stopping foreclosure as well


By Jalaysha Carter 


The purpose of the HOLC was to help the families in need keep their home. In order to get the loan the home could not be a farm and could not house more than four families. The agency would buy mortgages from the banks that were financed by the Treasury and capital. HOLC helped millions of families and was a huge success. 

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There is no real reason why the HOLC collapsed. The agency helped thousands of people keep their homes, and in 1951 the agency would be put to an end.

FDR was born in 1882

He was an only child

He collected stamps as a hobby

FDR went to Harvard

FDR was married to Anna Elenor Roosevelt

He was a distant cousin of Teddy Roosevelt

He had 98% of the electoral votes

His wife was his fifth cousin removed

The Social Security Act was one of his greatest accomplishments

The was the first president to do so much in 100 days

Home ownership...  raised 30%

Mortgages financed... 20%

Foreclosure... decreased

Homeless number... decreased

Unemployment rate... decreased

Government spending... decreased

Confidence building... increasing

Per Capital income... increasing

African Americans helped... 1%

Whites helped... majority (over 40%)

Stats and percents