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Does doing good deeds mean you will get into heaven? Just when you think you have done everything right, surprise! This person learns an in-depth lesson on being right with Christ. Sometimes the actual message is deeper than what meets the eye.

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Holy Prison

Jazznae Braziel

(REUTERS/Dwi Oblo)


I caught the Holy Ghost on my way to hell. That is right, I said it, and I will say it again. I said I caught the Holy Ghost on my way to hell.

See, the whole time I was living I was so preoccupied with being the perfect Christian. The story of Jesus inspired me; I obsessed over his ability to be so giving, forgiving, accepting and loving. I spent my days and nights being so selfless that I became self-less. I thought less of myself and more of them.

 I put myself on the back burner to nurture them. I would feed the homeless and then go home and forget to eat. I stayed up nights helping my friends cry through their problems; therefore, I never got any sleep. I mean I was righteous, right? I did it all right. I forgave every person who ever hurt me and I allowed them back into my world as a show of my true forgiveness. Never once did I reject a beggar on the streets asking for money or something to eat.


On my death bed, I chanted my prayers until I began to speak in tongue. I slipped into a coma and danced the Holy Ghost across the sun. The moon was there to greet me on the other side, and I danced with her down into what appeared to be the darkest of nights. She turned to me; she smiled and said: "you have arrived; may your soul forever ignite."

Her words rang like cathedral bells in my ears. As I turned to walk away, Osiris appeared. I was confused and flushed with fear. My voice trembled as I asked him "where am I and why am I here? This doesn't feel like heaven."


He looked over his shoulder and said to me "You have passed heaven; you have entered the bowels of hell. We call this the underworld my friend." I didn't understand at all; I had done everything right. Osiris belted out a shattering laugh and said to me "All of you humans are the same. You don't understand any of what was left behind for you. Life is so simple that you make it hard; you must be insane! You didn't think that you could get into heaven without first loving one's self, did you? A selfless person is no different from a suicide victim; you both suffer from the lack of self-love."


So here I am, sitting in my self-imposed prison of love. My mother always told me good intentions paved the way to hell; now look at me. 

I am sharing my story for you to learn from me. Don't walk through life being naive. I did the Holy Ghost on my way to hell in an attempt to get to heaven.


With Love,


From My Holy Prison