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Holocaust / Bosnian Genocide

Zachary Strickler

Ms. Longo

2017 Holocaust Booklet


Copyright Date: This book was copyrighted in the year of 1999.

Author: The author for In My Enemy's House is Carol Matas. She also wrote the novels "Daniel's Story", "After the War", and "Gotcha".

In My Enemy's House


Marisa- A blonde haired and blue eyed jewish girl who was living in Poland. She leaves her family to try and survive during the holocaust.

 Shmuel- Marisa's cousin (by marriage) who Marisa later falls in love with. Shmuel also gives Marisa the courage to leave her family and escape.

Mr. Kraszewski- A neighbor of Marisa that suggests she takes extra papers and disguises herself as a polish christian named Maria so she could survive.

Chapter 1: Characters

Mom- Marisa's mom is a very bravehearted woman who tries to get everybody through this hard time. 

The Reymanns- The Reymanns are a christian family. The father of the family is a High-Ranking Nazi Officer. They do many things that show anti-judiasm and Marisa has to watch all of it. Marisa walks into them playing Jew Out (An Anti-Judiasm board game) and loses belief. 


Chapter 1: Characters (Continued)

Chapter 2: Setting

In the beginning of the book it takes place in a small town in Poland called Zloczow (Pronounced Zwah-tef). This town is being bombarded and taken over by nazi soilders. The time of this book is during World War II and specifically during the holocaust. Later in the book, Marisa moves to Germany and mostly the rest of the book will take place there. In the meantime there are many camps where Marisa's family is located and most to all of her family members will die.


Chapter 3: Summary

The Novel In My Enemy's House presents a story about a jewish girl named Marisa and how she is going to survive the holocaust. Her hometown in Poland is being invaded by Nazi Soldiers and she needs to survive. Her neighbor steps up and gives her new identification papers saying that she is a polish christian.


All of her family is sent to camps except for her, she is deported to Germany and she is free to be because of her papers and her blue eyes and blonde hair. She finds a job as a servant in the household of a high ranking nazi official.


She starts working for the Reymann's and there is anti-semitism everywhere throughout the house. While she is living in horrid, she tries to find strength and courage to carry on and live a somewhat normal life.


She creates friendships and relationships between other to make herself "fit in" with the others. Between serving the Nazi father and the children she is horrified with everything that she see's


Later on in the novel Marisa start to find affection for the family and even though they might have been horrid she still cares for them.

Later on, after the war, Marisa goes to a camp and figures out that all of her family members died except for one. That one family member was Shmuel. Shmuel was her cousin by marriage. Before all of this she had fallen in love with Shmuel and she was so relieved to see him at least. 

Chapter 3: Summary Continued

My opinion on this book was very mixed. All my emotions came together at the same time while also at different times. I realized how important it is to learn about the holocaust as well as discrimination. This book. showed me how sad it was but at the same time it showed me that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. The Reymann's showed love for Marisa even though she was jewish, the difference is they didn't know. It shows how much labels and names change things in this world. To come together I think it brought a very powerful message to me and I enjoyed this book.

Chapter 4: Opinion

I would reccomend this book to anybody who likes an emotional but well brought together story. While this stroy displayed sadness and grief, it also showed how you have to keep on going and stay strong. This book is also sought out to be true even though it's made up. All in all, my reccomendation would go out to people who love a great story and enjoy reading an emotional story about historical fiction. 

Chapter 5: Reccomendations

I had the Bosnian Genocide also known as the Srebrinca and Zepa Genocide. This genocide started July 13th, 1995. This genocide was carried out by Army of the Reupublica Srpska (VSR), and Scorpions Paramilitary. They targetted mainly Bosniak and Croatian Civilians for certain crimes. The estimated amount of deaths was 8,373. The country of Yugoslavia organized this genocide and helped the perpetrators execute this genocide. They used "Ethnic Cleansing" as well. The main locations of these massacres were Bosnia and Herzegovina.              

Chapter 6: Genocide

Chapter 6: Genocide (Continued)

The Holocaust had many similarities to this genocide. One main similarity was when people took political power and messed everything up. Another main resaon these genocides broke out was because of racial tension and different beliefs. Both of these countries also killed relative countries people as well as they're own people. War also broke out before these genocides but stopped when these genocides finally ended. During the aftermath of these genocides people were punished for what they did.