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Admission Fee- $5 for adults and kids

Date- January 18, 2017- January 22

Time- 12:00-4:00

Objective of the event

Now I know the name of the festival is the "Empire Festival" but you dont have to be a emperor to attend the festival. The purpose of the event is to have fun and learn about the Gupta empire. The Gupta empire was called the "Golden Age" because of all of the achievements. We will have many shows, tents, food, and many more activities.

Empire Festival


Biryani- rice dish cooked with several spices, and a protein (typically chicken) 

Momos- A variation on the dimsum, eaten with a fiery red chutney.

Chole bhature- A spiced, chickpea dish served with a fried flour bread.

Kati roll- A wrap of kebabs, eggs, vegetables, and spices rolled into paratha. 

Baingan bharta- Roasted eggplant mashed together with a variety of other vegetables and spices, served with flatbread

Bhelpuri- Puffed rice fried with vegetables, in a spicy and tangy tamarind sauce.

Recheado masala fish- A spicy paste made of chilies, tamarind, and garlic is rubbed onto whole fish which are then fried. 


Dhokla-  made of fermented rice and chickpea batter.

Kulfi- An iced preparation made from thickened milk, almonds and pistachios.


Gulab jaamun- Small balls of dried milk, slow cooked and boiled in a sugar syrup.

Banana chips- Thin slices of banana deep fried in savory spices.

 Gaajar halwa- made by cooking grated carrot with milk, sugar, and dried fruits.


Masaka- A tea with the mixture of Indian spices and herbs

Lassi- yogurt based drink refreshing to have in the summer

Thandai- made from milk and dry friuts which makes it tasty and healthy

Kokum Sherbet- made by Kokum squash and it improvs digestion

Toddy- an alcoholic beverage created from all species of palm tree such as the palmyra


Food + Beverages 


 The Gupta monarchs were famous for their gold coins. They also issued silver coins however, coins made of copper, bronze or any other metals are scarce.

We will be offering many different souveneirs at the festival here are three of them.



This is a map of the Gupta Empire. This will be avilable at the festival

Charaka Statues

This is a mini statue of Charaka was one of the principal contributors to the ancient art and science of Ayurveda 

In the"Golden Age" metalwork was one of there many achievements, so we created this workshop. In this workshop we will bend a thin peice of metal and then we will have you bend the edges so the metal does not cut your skin. This will be fun for everyone (if you like to wear jewerly or just want to do it).

This is a workshop that will teach you how to make a traditional indian dish. The dish is Dal Khichdi and it's a rice dish with lentals and many different spices. If you love to learn or cook this workshop is for you and you get to keep it.

Cooking Lesson

Ring Making

This is a workshop that is fun for all ages. All you have to do is come to the tent that says "Gold Mine" and enjoy your time searching for imatation gold coins.What this means is the gold coins that they used for trade instead of money, you will be searching for. Like in the "Golden Age" you can use the coins for trade. They can be traded for different game passes or to get more time to mine. This will let you have the experience to have the trade sysem come to you. This perticular trade sysem allowed the people trade for items or coins.

Gold Mine

This is a ride wear you drive on a track/road designed to look like the Gupta empires roadway. During the Gupta period the village roads were built between houses and were often narrow as compared to the ones in cities. One of the important uses of the roads was to improve the trading activities on the Silk roads of the Gupta Empire. The raceway will have many houses and it will look like a village.



In this game you will try to recreate paintings from the gupta empire by throwing paint at a canvas. We will preovide the painting you will be recreating. If people can identify which one it is you will get a prize.Here are the painting choices:

Paint Game

The university name is Nalanda and it was founded in the gupta empire. In this "University" you will learn about several of there achievements.

In this game you will be in a fake university acting like your in school. Three of the achievements from the "Golden Age" are universities, mathematics, and literature so in this the universities name is Nalanda like the one from back then. There will be two stations, Math where you will play mega pliko and solve the math equation you land on, and Literature where you will create the first stanza of a haiku poem about your favorites. At the end of this tented game you will get a certificate of complition and a chocolate ribbon.

University Game

-For the university game you can win a certificate that wll give you one free order of bananna chips or a game you can win chocolate ribbon


-For the paint throwing game you can win dry paint or toys from the "Golden Age"


-For the race track you win a mini trophy or a mini car