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Holding Space For You!

Holding Space 
What does it mean to Hold Space Holding Space” is the process of witnessing an emotional state with kindness, 
without judgment and excepting what is (awareness) in the present moment. Consider it this way; when you hold
space, you are creating a container for yourself or another person’s emotions to come up, be seen without interference 
and be released. Holding space is not something we can master overnight. It’s a complex practice that evolves as we 
practice it, and is unique to each person and each situation. No matter who your holding space for, yourself or others
put your technology away. Your not actually holding space properly for anyone with your phone out, texting, writing
emails or watching TV. Tune out from technology and your thoughts to tune in and BE PRESENT.
Holding Space for Self
Most people would say they can more naturally hold space for family, friends, even strangers but struggle to be there for
themselves. However, in order to expand your capacity to be there for others, you need to truly learn how to be there
for yourself. We all need to hold space for ourselves if we want to improve our overall wellbeing.
Holding space for self means becoming the container to experience yourself; to grow, to feel and express yourself. It’s 
an opportunity to check your direction, to see who or what is in the drivers seat of your life, and adjust your course as
needed. It's about being present, treating yourself with care, consideration, kindness, love and compassion. Listening to the
the needs of your body and mind, allowing your emotions to be just as they are, while listening to your inner wisdom. Learning
to the hold space for yourself can be a lifesaver in close relationships taking the demand off others to meet all your

Holding space for self is like a journey home to your true being. The key is to see yourself patiently with all your
imperfections, without judgement and criticism. To greet yourself with love and kindness, just as you would a dear
friend. When you are kind and hold space for yourself you impact the lives of others by being less reactive and more
responsive. You will be more available, empathic, kind, present, compassionate, balanced and truly at peace.
So the next time an emotional wave hits you be your own best friend. Take a warm salt bath, diffuse some healing oils,
grab a cup of herbal tea and snuggle up with yourself. Allow emotions to flow, accepting whatever comes with love. 

Holding Space for Others

What does it mean to Hold Space for someone else? It means that you are willing to walk alongside another person in
whatever journey they’re on without judging them, or making them feel inadequate, not trying to fix them or impact 
the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, listen without judgment in the present
moment and hold the intent for them to heal. Holding space for another requires a dual action on your part to hold the
space for anotherwitness their feelings with unconditional support while being present to your own
emotional state at the same time.
Holding space for another is more than just listening, it is an opportunity for the other person to be truly heard or seen.
Having empathy without trying to fix or change the outcome or offer up advice. Holding space for another person does
not mean that you have to ignore or avoid your own emotions. Also it does not mean that you should allow yourself to 
get sucked into the vortex of their emotional state. Holding space for another person can be incredibly profound. When
you hold space for someone, you bring your entire presence to them. It’s a way to truly support people in their own 
growth, grief or transformation without trying to take their power away by fixing their problems. It’s not shaming them
by implying they should know more than they do or overwhelming them by giving them more information than they
may be ready for. You must be willing to step aside so they can make their own decisions, while offering them
unconditional love and support. Giving gentle guidance as needed.
Holding space is not an option exclusive to teachers, coaches or wellness providers. It is something that ALL of us can
practice doing for each other. For ourselves, our partners, children, friends, co-workers, neighbors even strangers who
we share conversations with in passing. Every day is an opportunity to hold space for the people around us.

How I hold space for YOU
As an authentic mindfulness meditation practitioner, teacherand coach it is my intent to be fully present with non-
judgmental compassion and provide a sacred place that represents change from your everyday interactions and
conversations, that embodies an energy of healingawakening and peace. Holding the intent for that energy of healing,
awakening and peace to effortlessly transmit through me and assist in you healing yourself. While also maintaining
healthy, professional boundaries in order to set up a safe energy container for our time together in session. 
Additionally, I will be transparent about what is expected in session from you and how I will offer suppor
allowing you to process, journey and grow in your own way. So you are able to work with me with subconscious 
awareness that you can trust that you are safe and supported and that everything that occurs is meant for your absolute
highest and bests interest.

“May you be open to the light & love within you”~ cch 

“ I looked in temples, churches & mosques but I found the Divine 
within my heart” ~ Rumi 

Heart-centered Life 
The place in the center of our chest is called our heart center. The heart center houses the fourth chakra, the Anahata
chakra which is the source of inner wisdom. When we connect to our heart center we drop down from the thinking mind in to
feelings of our heart, as we separate from the chatter of the mind and align with the wisdom of the heart and turn
towards our intuitive self. Healing through Heart-Centered coaching process incorporates mindfulness and heartfulness
which supports you in identifying and aligning with your heart’s desires to consciously create and live an energetically inspired 
life. Following your heart, for what you need is nearer to the truth than may think.
Honestly speaking, if you desire to feel sustained joy and peace, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to live heart-
centered. Being heart-centered means coming from a place of love in all that we do and speak. The universal love that
vibrates from heart-centeredness can manifest in kindness, generosity, patience, compassion and forgiveness.
However, you can not give anything from an empty vessel. It is important to do the inside work of filling our hearts with
self love before we can give. Heart centered healing combined with self-compassion and mindfulness is
transformational process and a commitment. You will receive the guidance, tools, and support to create the
momentum you need to propel you forward into the life you envision.

What Will I Discover? 
  How to slow down to hear your inner voice and connect to your heart center. 
  How to become clear about your true intuitive voice vs the story running thru your mind. 
  Acceptance and self compassion to meet yourself where you are in the moment.
  Reveal and release things that are holding you back and creating discomfort in your body and your life. 
  Decreased stress, utilizing a responsive vs reactive mindset, being happier overall. 
  EE Empathy and compassion for others.
  How to build supportive habits, daily rituals and create a sacred space to support our self discovery journey. 
  Become aligned with mindfulness practices to live your life with more peace, purpose and passion. 
  Empowerment to live a life you love and consciously designed to match your intentions.  
  How to tap into the wisdom, greatness and infinite potential that is inside you. 
  Learn to trust and let go of your fears creating harmony in your body, mind, and heart. 

“Mindfulness is the miracle by which we master and restore 
ourselves.” ~Thich Nhat Hahn 
By charting new pathways in the brain, the practice of mindfulness can change the chatter inside our heads from
chaotic and stressful to peaceful and calm. Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we
are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. While mindfulness is 
something we all naturally possess, it’s more readily available to us when we practice on a daily basis. We all already 
have the capacity to be present, it doesn’t require us to change who we are. We can cultivate these natural qualities 
with simple practices that are scientifically proven to benefit us in many ways. Mindfulness is a tradition which has a 
rich history, the practice of intentional, nonjudgmental awareness of moment-to-moment experience has been 
practiced since ancient times in both East and West. Wisdom traditions for thousands of years have recommended
mindful practice in variety of forms to cultivate well-being in an individual’s life. Now science is calling mindfulness a 
researched path to wellbeing, confirming all the benefits the practice offers. In this fast moving world filled with
challenges that we all face, it is clear we need simple, powerful and truly effective tools that will help us find freedom
from stress, physical illness, depression and fear. Mindfulness is available to all of us in every moment, 
whether through meditations, body scans, or mindful movement just taking time to pause and breathe
during our daily routines. 

Mindfulness helps us put some space between ourselves and our reactions, breaking down our conditioned
responses. Mindfulness supports open-mindedness by helping us take our thoughts more lightly. It’s a life where we 
are aware of the state of having your mind be anywhere but the present moment, caught up in thoughts about things
your going to do later, something someone said, or something you’re stressing or angry about. Moreover, being stuck 
in the state of mind where we’re lost in our smartphones and social media. Living more mindfully equals being awake so 
we’re not missing life as we walk through it. Being awake means we’re conscious of what’s going on inside us, as it 
happens, so we can make more conscious choices rather than acting in auto-pilot mode. Let’s face facts, a stress-free 
life doesn’t exist, but mindfulness based tools will definitely make you more prepared to deal with the stresses that will 
inevitably come your way. These tools will also help you overcome the fear of failure, identify limiting beliefs holding
you back and keeping you from making positive changes in your life. When we are aware we can prepare for real 
change. Who knows, a solid mindfulness based practice may empower you to launch your new blog, create a life
changing product or write a book. Be open and dare greatly mindful friends!  
This above all: to thine own self be true”~ William Shakespeare 
Discovery from my own journey

Over the years I have come to know that human beings are expansive and amazing. In my opinion, this is especially true
of women. By nature women have unlimited wellsprings of love, power, creativity and nurturing readily available
withinHowever, women in general tend to be more likely to give much of those valuable resources away to others and
neglect to tap in to the those resources to replenish and nurture themselves as needed. Women are more willing to accept
themselves as a limited beings, plaqued with self-doubt, not following their intuition and giving away their power.
Well, let me state for the record, you are not alone! This pattern of thinking can go on for years and years. It does not
discriminate. This negative thinking pattern effects people of all shapes, sizes, race, age and gender. Luckily, Life” 
itself is a practice which generates opportunities to create new patterns breaking out of old belief systems. Deep down 
within you, you know you were meant for something more. Your not quite ready to throw in the towel on your dreams
and aspirations, nor should you be! After some soul searching you will come to know that you are enough and
everything that can be understood is already within you. I believe every person deserves to have the tools to get up
everyday and overcome challenges, being present, happy and fulfilled. Then and only then, will you find your true
purpose, and become the person you were put here to be. My focus will be to assist you thru meditation, awareness,
and heart-centeredness, so that you can discover your true being and your unlimited inner energy. True
change is an inside job, it cannot be attained through the outside material world. Are you ready to take a closer look
within and connect with your best self? Take a deep breath. I’m here to support you. Open your heart, open your mind 
and let’s get to it!  

Don’t take my word…..~EHIPASSIKO means…. COME SEE FOR YOURSELF 

Offerings to you
Sessions are 50 minutes in duration and offered as one-on-one or semi-private sessions. In order to facilitate lasting change, under the guidance of any mindful based
practice or coaching it is recommended that you chose to commit to a minimum of 6 sessions. During this time you will
be advised to maintain your practice in your personal time between sessions to reinforce the tools you will be
developing during our time together. As your coach,  I will be there to offer a firm but loving hand while guiding you to
strengthen your practice and restore your over all well being. I believe that every individual is unique and therefore your
wellness needs are unique to you. So before we work together, we will have a 30 minute free consultation where we will
get to know each other better. It will assist me in identifying your needs so I can determine what sort of coaching
timeline may work best for you
Coaching is a process and is only offered as a package. It includes all healing modalities as needed and
allowed. Which may include individualized guided meditations, healing crystals, light movement,

I would love to work with you 
It’s my passion to help you move forward with your wellbeing needs. Feel free to contact me by phone (610)213-9807 or 
via email mindful@cindychopson.coto request a free 30 minute phone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Holding Space For You!