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A Search for Our Families 

Once upon a time.....


There was a tomato, egg, and hamstring. They were all alone and wanted to find their family.


Tomato didn’t know if he was a fruit or a vegetable.


Egg didn’t know if he was was a protein of a fat. 


Hamstring did know if she was helpful or unhelpful in the body.

To find out they went on an adventure.


The first group they met were the muscles. 


“Why are you guys moving so much?” asked Egg.

“It’s because we want to make sure we stay strong. We don’t want to atrophy or get weak because we aren’t being used” answered Bicep.

“We also want to maintain our bodies weight” added Oblique 



 “Isn’t it tiring?” wondered Tomato.

“Yes, but the more we move the better our cardiovascular system will be.” said heart. 


Hamstring was starting to feel at home, but something was bothering her. 

“Hey wait. Why is everyone moving differently aren’t you suppose to be a family?”


“We are a family. In order for us to stay healthy and maintain fitness there are many things we have to do.” replied Bicep.

“Yes, like my job is to keep up our cardiorespiratory endurance.” said Heart. 

“Our job is to keep up our muscular strength and endurance.” added Bicep gesturing to Oblique.

“But we all have to stay flexible.” added Oblique.


Hamstring asked, “Well I am very strong, and pretty flexible am I suppose to be part of your family?”


“Of coarse you are!!! Welcome back Hamstring!” they all yelled.

Hamstring happily started to work on her muscular strength with bicep by squattting a very large weigth 3 to 5 times per rep. She said goodbye to her friends saying, 


“Good luck finding your family.”

The next group Egg and Tomato met were the 6 essential nutrients.


“Hey, I know you guys! I have been look for you to find out whether I fit in with protein or fat!” exclaimed Egg.


“Oh you think you know us?” bored Carbohydrates replied. “Do you know why I am needed in the body”

“Uh no…” answer Egg.

“Well, I fuel the body because I am found in sugars, starches, and fibers. There are healthy and unhealthy sources of me in food. For example, I come in vegetables which is good but I also come in soda which isn’t as healthy.”

“I didn’t know that, but I don't think he is part of my family….” whispered Egg to Tomato.


Egg and Tomato snuck away trying to find another family.

After walking a little ways they came upon another essential nutrient. 


“Hello, I am Egg and I was wondering…”


Fat interrupted singing “I am a lipid, another name for fat. I store energy, surrounding all cells and stuff like that. I don’t dissolve in water, because I am better than you!”


The end was louder than all the rest and scared Egg and Tomato.

“This sounds closer, but I don’t think I fit in here either” said Egg. 


So, Egg and tomato left.

Protein was that next essential nutrient that Egg and Tomato met.


Egg was getting worried that he would never find his family, but he had a little bit of hope that he might fit in here. 


“Please tell me that you are made of amino acids, found throughout the body, makes up enzymes, used to build and repair tissue, make hair, and is just really important!”


“Why, yes, I am all of those things.” smiled Protein.


“You are?!”

“Yes, and you egg are an egg-cellent source of protein.”


“I am? That means I am part of your family?”


“Yup! Welcome home.”


Egg was so happy and did his secret handshake with Tomato. 

“I know you can find you family too.” said Egg to Tomato 

Tomato then went on his own and met a lot of different things.


He met an Obesity Epidemic arguing with Weight management.


“The best way to help the people of America is to just inform them of what could happen. The more information the people have the better they will eat.” said Weight Management.


“That won’t help the sight of a greasy burger is irresistible.” argued Obesity Epidemic.


“Then exercise is the answer!”


“Well, none of this will help very fast because 36.5% of adults are obese”

He also met a food label.


“Hey you! What to know about your food. I have nutrient facts! I have calorie conversions! I have a serving size! I have daily value percentages! You know you need to know!!!” yelled Food Label.

Feeling really desperate now, Tomato didn’t know if he could walk any further. 


Almost like he fell from the sky an all knowing plate came to meet Tomato.


“My dear friend, I am MyPlate. I have been waiting for you to find me. I can tell you all you need to know.”


“Oh thank goodness! I have been so tired but all I want to know is if I am a fruit or a vegetable, but no one can tell me.”

“You are not a dairy because dairy consists of milk, cheese, and butter. As an adult you need about 3 cups of dairy in your diet per day. The best way to eat fair is a fat-free or low-fat because other wise you will count the calories from the fats.”

“You are not a protein because protein consists of meat, eggs, and nuts. As an adult you need between 5-6 ounces of protein in your diet per day. Seafood is not only good because of protein but it also has omega 3s that are also really good for the body."

“You are not a grain because grain consists of wheat, rice, and pasta. As an adult you need between 3-4 ounces of grain per day. 1 slice of bread is about one ounce of grain so you can only have 3 or 4 pieces of bread.”

“You are not a vegetable because vegetables consist of beans, peas, and carrots. As an adult you need 2 1/2- 3 cups of veggies per day. Vegetables are organized from dark grey to orange vegetables. The darker the better they are for you.”

“Well, my young friend, it turns out you are a fruit. And as a fruit you must fill 2 cups per day to keep adults healthy. Any 100% fruit juice also counts as fruit along with the rest of your family.”


“Oh wow, I am so glad I found my family! Thank you MyPlate!”

So, in the end Hamstring, Egg, and Tomato found their families. It was a really great adventure they went on too. They found out that as humans we need all the 6 essential nutrients. We need to exercise at least 30 minutes 5 days a week. We need to eat lots of vegetables and less grain. But mostly they learned that it is important to know how your body works so you can keep it working properly.