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By: Shjon Dove

How do you get it?

This Is Transmitted by Sexuall and or by sharing needles with others. This is something that is having to be shared and to put out there for people to know and they wont have to be worried becouse they atleast they know that you have it and all you would have to know is not to share with them. 

How do you know you have it?




Night sweats

Muscle aches

Sore throat


Swollen lymph nodes

Mouth ulcers

HIV/AIDS can be cured Buy a Blood transplant that happened in 2009. But unfortantly the man whoo had this transplant died 3 years later. But after the transplant they couldnt find the HIV/AIDS.

Can it be cured?

Where can you get tested and treated?

You can go to your nearest family doctor and they can tell you where to go or you can just go right into the hospitail to get the help right away and or as soon as posible.

What can happen if you dont get treated?

If you don't get treated then you will have to live with it for the rest of your life and therefor you would have to tell everyone that the you sexual intercoures with that you have HIV/AIDS.

Follow up Questions 

1. How do you get it?

2.Where can you be treated?

3. Can you avoid it?

4. IS it are hard subject to talk about?