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  • Finding a place to explore with just a day of holiday left in Singapore?


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Unveiling The Secrets Of Ancient Singapore(ignore the ads)

If you answered a YES to at least one question, we might find the perfect place for you .....which is FORT CANNING !!

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With the assistance of the Orang Laut(Sea people or sea gypsies), Parameswara prospered and rose in Melaka while Singapore was destroyed by the Siamese attack and returned to being a vassal of Siam.
After converting his religion Islam to a Muslim, Parameswara changed his name to Iskander Shah 

However, shortly after Parameswara's arrival, he killed Tamagi and became the ruler of Temasek.But the country was protected by a powerful country called Siam. When the king of Siam heard the news, he sent his army to kill Parameswara but he escaped further north.
While he was resting under a Melaka tree, he observed his hunting dogs chasing a mousedeer but unexpectedly, it turned around and kicked one of his hunting dogs ! He was so impressed by the courage of the mousedeer that he decided to settle there and name the place where he was resting at. This is how Melaka was founded.He also established an important trading port as well.

According to Malay tradition the last of the five kings who ruled Singapore during its Golden Age in the 14th century was Iskander Shah.
Iskander Shah was actually Parameswara, a prince from Palembang, fled to Singapore in order to escape war in Majapahit and was welcomed and treated well by Tamagi, the ruler of Singapore that time.

This photograph shows a photograph of Keramat Iskander Shah(Iskander Shah's Coffin) which is made of black ceramic material with atop and bottom row of lightly-coloured small square tiles and a star and a cresent are inlaid in the middle of the coffin(side view) on a raised platform in a pavilion surrounded by greenery plus a gable rises above a red-tiled roof supported by narrow wooden pillars equiped with tiled-flooring located at fort canning hill.

Why is there a symbol at the side of Iskander Shah's coffin ?

Big Question: 

Curious ? Go to Fort Canning now located at River Valley Road,Singapore 179037 now !


Also, don't forget to visit other attractions like the Sally Port, The Fort Gate ,The Spice Garden and The Excavation Site where chinese coins and malay coins are dug up just to name a few


If your time permits, do feel free to visit the locally-known National Museum of Singapore where artefacts that was dug up at differnt places like Fort Canning Hill and Duxton Hill. You can expect artefacts like the Hindu Kala, a gold armlet that represents time and destruction and and Glass Gobules and Beads that were used to trade witrh other countries.


We hope you have a good time at Fort Canning !