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Renewal offering for the 2017 / 2018 year

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Hire Intelligence
International Limited
EMS Insurance Solutions
This document is supplied to Hire Intelligence International Limited on the proviso that the information
provided herein at all times remains the property of EMS Insurance Solutions. It may not be copied,
circulated or otherwise distributed to any entity outside Hire Intelligence International Limited. The
concepts and recommendations outlined herein are, and will remain, the intellectual property of EMS
Insurance Solutions.
Business Package
Sums Insured
Contents Sum insured
110 Jersey Street, JOLIMONT WA 6014
3, 41 Boundary Road, NORTH MELBOURNE VIC 3051
4, 5 Musgrave Street, WEST END QLD 4101
16/60-66 Richmond Road, KESWICK SA 5035
Accidental Damage $400
Earthquake As per Policy Wording
All Other Claims $400
Sums Insured
Public Liability
Products Liability
Property in Physical or Legal Control
Property Damage Excess $500
Property in Physical or Legal Control Excess $500
Workers Compensation
Estimated Annual Gross Wages
General employees $337,718
Working Directors Not Insured
Contractors/Sub Contractors Nil
Interest Insured
The Insured’s legal liability to employees under the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management
Act 1981 and at common law.
Geographical Limits
Anywhere in Western Australia
Common Law Limit
$50 million any one person or number of persons arising out of one event.
Optional Extensions
1. Increased common law limit - Not included
2. Industrial diseases common law benefits - Not included
3. Overseas common law cover - Not included
*** Wages Declaration Needed ***
Motor Vehicles
2009 Toyota Hiace TRH201R MY08 Van LWB 3dr Auto 4sp 1135kg 2.7i
Security System $243
Tow/bull bar $1,337
Stereo/CD and/or Stacker $284
Air Conditioning $648
Mesh Cargo Barrier, Cargo Anchor Points $600
Wall and Floor Carpeting $750
$28,000 Agreed Value
2008 Toyota Hiace TRH201R MY08 Van LWB 3dr Auto 4sp 1135kg 2.7i
Air Conditioning $580
Mesh Cargo Barrier / Cargo Anchor Points $590
Floor to Wall Carpeting $750
Security System $75
LPG Tank $200
Relocated spare tyre $150
$23,000 Agreed Value
2011 Hyundai iLoad TQ-V Van 4dr Spts Auto 5sp 1061kg 2.5DT
Security System $401
Tow/bull bar $580
Air Conditioning $580
Mesh Load Cargo Barrier $590
$27,344 Agreed Value
2014 Toyota Hiace KDH201R Van LWB 3dr Auto 4sp 965kg 3.0DT
Garaging Location
North Melbourne
Air Conditioning $580
Mesh Cargo Barrier and anchor points $590
Wall and floor carpeting $750
Tow Bar with rear side step and protector $600
Basis of Settlement
$38,000 Agreed Value
Windscreen Extension
2016 Toyota Hiace KDH201R Van LWB 4dr Auto 4sp 955kg 3.0DT
Garaging Location
West End
Alloy Nudge Bar-LWB $943
Trailer Wiring Harness 7P Flat $89
1200kg Tow Bar w Telstra Step $729
Cargo Barrier $436
Basis of Settlement
$39,000 Agreed Value
Windscreen Extension
No Claim Bonus Protection
Premium Summary
Existing Policies
Policy Description
Last Year
This Year
Business Package
Workers Compensation
Motor Vehicles
Sub Total
The workers compensation rate has decreased by more than 20% however it is still higher than the standard
rate set by Workcover. I have approached the underwriters who can write workers compensation and they
have all advised that due to the large claim they would still be loading the rate about 75% putting them out of
the market.
You could consider transferring your cover over to CGU if premium is your number one concern.
Policy Description
This Year
Motor Vehicle
New total replacing Motor
As you can see there has been an increase in the motor vehicle renewal premium with Zurich. They have also
adjusted the excesses to $1,000. Without this increase in excess the premium would be a few thousand dollars
more again. After approaching the market all except for CGU has declined to provide terms based on your
claims history. CGU have offered cover with $1,000 excess across all vehicles with a saving in premium. The
CGU cover however is not an agreed value policy, it is market value only. They will not allow any no claim
bonus protection this year either.
Premium Funding
If you would like to spread out your payments over 10 months, this is an option. We would need to confirm
which option would you like in order to calculate.
Other Insurances Available
As your General Insurance Broker, our role is to inform you of different risk exposures and ensure you are
aware of the different insurance policies that may be available to you.
Below is a list of commonly available insurances. This list is not exhaustive nor does it include all types of
policies that we may have access to locally or globally. Availability of some classes may also be subject to
market conditions at the time.
You may find that not all these insurance policies are applicable to you today. As your business grows or
personal circumstances change, so may your insurance needs. We recommend your review of this list and
contact us immediately with any queries or concerns.
Aviation Hull
Loss of or damage to aircraft and related equipment.
Boiler Explosion
Covers loss or damage due to explosion or collapse of boilers and/or
pressure vessels requiring a certificate of registration.
Theft of property following forcible and violent entry to premises.
Contract Works
Loss or damage to the project during construction.
Contractors' Plant &
Loss or damage to unregistered mobile plant, drilling rigs and the like,
including plant hired in and out.
Fire or hail damage to growing crops.
Electronic Equipment
Material damage and/or loss of data following breakdown or malfunction.
Extended Warranty
Extensions to warranty periods of products.
Farm Package
Damage to assets on Farm or Rural property
Fire and Perils
Damage to fixed assets caused by a range of nominated risks.
General Property
Covers tools of trade etc away from business premises.
Damage to fixed glass
Loss or damage to residential premises and their contents.
Industrial Special Risks
Fire and Perils and Accidental Damage to fixed assets.
Jewellers Block
Loss or damage to stock of precious metals/ gems.
Covers Laptops & electronic equipment whilst in transit etc
Livestock and
Loss following death or loss of use of valuable animals.
Machinery Breakdown
Cost to repair following mechanical or electrical breakdown of plant and
Marine Builders Risk
Loss or damage to vessels during construction, testing and commissioning
and delivery.
Marine Cargo/ Transit
Damage to goods whilst in transit, by road, rail, sea or air
Marine Hull
Damage to private and commercial vessels and related equipment.
Mobile phone
Covers mobiles /pagers etc for damage in transit, burglary etc
Motor/Cycle /Caravan
Loss or damage to registered vehicles.
Motor Composite
Loss or damage to registered vehicles. Applicable to Automobile industry
ie Motor Dealers, Mechanics, Auto Electricians, Car Detailers and Panel
Personal Valuables
Loss or damage to jewellery, works of art and other valuables.
Theft of property in open air and/or without forcible entry
Accounts Receivable
Covers loss due to inability of the insured to collect amounts owing from
customers as the direct result of loss or damage by an insured peril to
records of accounts receivable which are contained in the premises.
Advance Business
Loss of future earnings and increased expenses following delayed
completion of a project caused by damage.
Audit &
Expenses due to unexpected audits required by any statutory body,
including Australian Tax Office.
Bonds & Guarantees
Performance Bonds
Alternative to bank guarantees. Covers financial loss arising from the failure
of parties to a contract to fulfil their contractual obligations
Loss of income and increased expenses due to damage to fixed assets.
Cancellation and
Cover is provided for loss of income and additional expenses incurred due to
occurrences such as adverse weather conditions or non appearance of
performers for many reasons, including death or illness.
Commercial Legal
The reimbursement of legal costs in either defending or pursuing legal
action in areas of contract, employment, criminal, property, patent and copy
write, motor and trade practices (both civil and statutory).
Breakdown Profits
Loss of income and increased expenses following mechanical and electronic
breakdown of computer equipment.
Computer Crime
Loss of funds following tampering with computer systems.
Corporate Travel
Costs following accident or illness whilst travelling.
Credit Insurance
This provides protection for insured debts following insolvency of a
customer and can be tailored to cover any single or group of specific
customers or a blanket cover over all customers.
Expatriate Cover
Medical & repatriation expenses following injury or illness whilst travelling
or working overseas.
Export Credit
Provides exporters with cover for default by customers or default due to
political interference.
Fidelity Guarantee
Losses due to the dishonesty of employees.
Inpatriate Cover
Medical & repatriation expenses following injury or illness for non residents
while inpatriated to Australia working on behalf of the Insured's business.
Legal expenses incurred to defend patent, trademark, copyright etc or to
pursue breaches of your patents etc
Journey Cover
Injury to employees solely and directly occurring whilst in direct travel to
and from work. (Important cover in States where there is no cover under
Workers’ Compensation).
Kidnap, Ransom and
Monies paid following kidnap of staff or family or threats of damage to
Loss of Licence
Lost income when an income producing licence cannot be maintained as a
consequence of disability.
Breakdown Profits
Loss of income and expenses following breakdown of key plant and
Marine Profits
Loss of income and increased expenses following marine transit material
damage claims.
Loss or damage to cash, cheques, negotiable instruments.
Personal Accident &
Death or disability following an accident or illness (cancellable contract).
Political Risks
Confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation, requisition, destruction or
deprivation by actions of governments or local authorities of countries in
which the insured may trade.
Product Tamper
Loss of net profit, recall and other expenses following product tampering.
Additional expenses incurred following labour disturbances.
Defence Expenses to successfully defend a takeover of a public company.
Voluntary Workers
Personal Accident
Death or disability following an accident.
Airport Operators/
Bodily injury and property damage arising from the operation of a licensed
Association Liability
This provides indemnity to those who hold positions on management
committees of incorporated organisations against negligent acts, errors or
Aviation Liability
Bodily injury and property damage arising from the operation of an aircraft.
Charterers Legal
Covers insured’s legal liability to owner of a chartered vessel and/or to third
parties arising out of the signing of a charter party agreement.
Defamation/Libel &
Damages and defence costs following defamation, libel and slander
Directors & Officers
Damages following a wrongful act committed by the directors or officers of a
Domestic Workers
Workers within your home premises
Practices Liability
Protection to a Corporate Entity for Liability arising from employment
related issues such as wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment, and
Extra Territorial
Insures the difference in benefits payable in different jurisdictions where
employees are working interstate or overseas
Impairment Liability
Bodily injury and property damage following gradual pollution.
Forged Transfers
Damages and expenses following negligence in share registry.
Marine Liability
Bodily injury and property damage arising from:
Operation of vessels
Carriers liability
Ship repair activities
Charterers liability
Container liability
Stevedore liability
Products Guarantee
Covers legal liability either at law or under guarantee to repair or replace
defective products made, sold or distributed by the Insured.
Product Recall
Expenses incurred in the recall of defective products.
Financial loss arising from an error or omission in the provision of
professional services of an organisation.
Public Liability
Bodily injury and property damage arising from business activities.
Products Liability
Bodily injury and property damage arising from products manufactured,
imported or sold.
Statutory Liability
Protects innocent employers & individuals from fines & legal expenses
arising from breaches of legislation such as Workers Compensation &
Occupational Health & Safety
Trustees Liability
Damages following mismanagement of superannuation funds by trustees.
Umbrella Liability
Provides cover in excess of standard Broadform Liability policies, including
Motor Third Party, but also provides blanket cover for many areas excluded
by those policies
Compensation /
Indemnity (WA)
Providing cover for employers’ liability for injury to employees, Act benefits
and at Common Law
Industrial Diseases
Providing cover for employers’ liability for injury to employees, working on
mine sites
Industrial Disease
Common Law
Providing Common Law cover for employers’ liability for injury to
employees, working on mine sites
As previously mentioned the above is not an exhaustive list of all policies available in the marketplace, but if
you would like us to provide more information on any of these or should you have any other insurance
query, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Important Notices
Duty Of Disclosure
Youre Duty Of Disclosure Contracts Of General Insurance Subject To Insurance Contracts
Before you enter into a contract of general insurance with an Insurer, you have a duty, under the Insurance
Contracts Act 1984, to disclose to the Insurer every matter that you know, or could reasonably be expected to
know, that is relevant to the Insurer’s decision whether to accept the risk of the insurance, and if so on what
You have the same duty to disclose those matters to the Insurer before you renew, extend, vary or reinstate a
contract of general insurance.
Your duty, however, does not require disclosure of matter:
that diminishes the risk to be undertaken by the Insurer,
that is of common knowledge,
that your Insurer knows or, in the ordinary course of his business, ought to know,
as to which compliance with your duty is waived by the Insurer.
If you fail to comply with your duty of disclosure, the Insurer may be entitled to reduce their liability under the
contract in respect of a claim or may cancel the contract. If your non-disclosure is fraudulent, the Insurer may
also have the option of avoiding the contract from its beginning.
Please note that your duty applies also when you seek to renew, extend, alter or reinstate a policy.
Utmost Good Faith
Every contract of insurance is subject to the doctrine of utmost good faith which requires that the parties to
the contract should act toward each other with the utmost good faith. Failure to do so on your part may
prejudice any claim or the continuation of cover provided by Insurers.
Average Or Co-Insurance
Some policies contain an Average/Co-Insurance clause which means that you must insure for the full insurable
value of the property insured. If you under-insure, your claim may be reduced in proportion to the amount of
the underinsurance.
A simple example, illustrating the basic principle, application and effect of the Average/ Co-Insurance clause is
as follows:
Full (Replacement) Value $1,000,000 Sum Insured $ 500,000
(Therefore you would be self-insured for 50% of the full value)
Amount of Claim, say $ 100,000
Amount payable by Insurers as a result of the application of Average/Co-Insurance $ 50,000
(Being 50% of the $100,000)
Subrogation And/Or Hold Harmless Agreements
You may prejudice your rights with regard to a claim if, without prior agreement from your Insurers, you make
any agreement with a third party that will prevent the Insurer from recovering the loss from that, or another
party who would be otherwise liable.
Some policies contain provisions that either exclude the Insurer from liability, or reduce its’ liability, if you have
entered into any agreements that exclude or limit your rights to recover damages from another party in
relation to any loss, damage or destruction that is the subject of a claim under the policy.
Examples of such agreements are the “hold harmless” clauses which are often found in leases, in maintenance
or supply contracts from burglar alarm or fire protection installers and in repair contracts. If you are in doubt,
please contact us.
Changes And Developments In Your Business
Your Insurance policies have been prepared with information about your business activities at a certain date.
Changes and developments may occur which could have a bearing on the adequacy or efficacy of your
The following list should be used as a guide to areas of activity which should be notified to EMS Insurance
Solutions as they are proposed or occur so that steps can be taken to ensure your organisation remains
adequately protected. It is not exhaustive, so when in doubt please contact EMS Insurance Solutions for
Acquisition of new subsidiaries, mergers or joint ventures in which you are involved in Australia or elsewhere
Acquisition, construction or occupancy of new premises; alteration, vacation, temporary unoccupancy,
extension or demolition of existing premises
Increases in value in excess of policy limits for buildings, plant, machinery or stock (whether due to
acquisition, economic inflation or exchange rate fluctuation)
Alterations to or disconnection of fire or burglary protection systems
Contractual liabilities assumed and legal rights contractually relinquished or diminished and any contracts
which impose onerous conditions
Changes in processes, occupancy or products and extensions of business operations, including new products
or processes
Granting of indemnities or hold-harmless agreements
Hiring, leasing or borrowing of plant and equipment
Acquisition of pressure vessels, lifting equipment or other substantial equipment
Movements of stock or equipment to new locations
Charter or operation of aircraft or waterborne craft
External Funding mortgages or other borrowings which create insurable interest of third parties in insured
Foreign trade and travel developments involving exposures beyond Australia, overseas acquisitions or
exports of products
General Claims Procedures
To compliment the careful planning in establishing your Insurance Policies, it is also necessary to adopt a
procedure for the proper and expeditious conduct of any claim that may arise.
There are number of steps which must be taken immediately:
1. Report the incident to EMS by telephone, facsimile or email, wherever practicable, preferably within 24
hours of the incident.
2. Regardless of whether or not the claim has been reported or a loss assessor appointed, you must
immediately do whatever is necessary to prevent further loss of life or property damage.
For example:
Call the fire brigade, ambulance, police or other appropriate emergency service.
If during business hours, ensure the evacuation, if necessary, of staff and neighbours.
If critical machinery fails, commence investigations to locate replacement plant or services.
Have a security company install boarding over smashed windows and, if appropriate, employ an
overnight security watchman.
Remove property which is exposed to further loss or damage to a more secure place if possible.
Providing no danger to life or limb is involved, ensure the safe removal and storage of vital business
3. Complete all claims documentation as soon as practicable (ensuring your ABN No. and Input Tax Credit
entitlement are included) and forward to us with any supporting documents.
4. Whatever the circumstances of the incident, DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU ARE AT
Your Insurer is entitled to deny a claim or pay a reduced amount if statements made by you or your employees
prejudice the Insurer’s position.
As your Insurance Broker, we are here to assist with the whole claims process; from lodgement all the way
through to settlement.
Dispute Resolution Process
If you are not fully satisfied with our services you should contact the Customer Service Officer. You can make a
complaint verbally or in writing. The Customer Service Officer will provide assistance in formulating and lodging
a complaint if required. We subscribe to Insurance Brokers Disputes Limited (IBD), a free customer service, and
to the General Insurance Brokers‘ Code of Practice. We will not inform anyone other than the adviser being
complained of or as set out below unless authorised to do so by you or to the extent required by law.
The complaints procedure is based on:
1. your right to:
be heard;
know whether our product or service guidelines have been followed;
provide and request all relevant material to support the complaint;
be informed of the response of the adviser being complained of;
be informed of our decision and the reasons for that decision;
know that the complaint is being reviewed independently where possible;
confidentiality; and
2. The right of the adviser being complained of to:
amass sufficient detail about the complaint to enable us to properly investigate and respond to the
provide us with all relevant information;
be informed of our decision and the reasons for that decision.
Upon receipt of a complaint the Customer Service Officer will discuss the complaint with you as soon as possible,
if possible within 24 hours of notification of the complaint. The Customer Service Officer will refer the complaint
to a case officer who is not involved in the subject matter of the complaint, who will within 5 working days:
a) conduct an analysis of the policy currency and wording; and
b) investigate the circumstances of the complaint including contact with the client and the adviser being
complained about; and
(c) report to the Customer Service Officer the result of the investigation in writing.
We will resolve the complaint if possible within 10 working days and we will provide the decision and reasons
for the decision in writing to you. If we are unable to resolve the complaint within 10 working days or if a
resolution is likely to be delayed, we will advise you that action is under way and give an anticipated timescale
for response. If we are unable to resolve the complaint after 20 working days and the complaint is in relation to:
a. a motor vehicle, home building and contents, sickness and accident, consumer credit, travel or personal and
domestic general insurance policy and a claim of not more than $50,000; or
b. a small business general insurance policy and a claim of not more than $5,000
You have the right to pursue the complaint with the IBD and we will provide you with details of how to access
the IBD. We will provide assistance in formulating and lodging a complaint if required. If we are unable to resolve
complaint after 20 working days and the complaint is in relation to a privacy issue, you have the right to pursue
the complaint with the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner and we will provide you with details of how
to access the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner. We will provide assistance in formulating and lodging
a complaint if required.
If the complaint is in regards to the policy itself and it appears to be a complaint against the insurance company,
you have the right to pursue the compliant with the Insurance Enquiries and Complaints (IEC) and we will provide
you with details of how to access the IEC. We will provide assistance in formulating and lodging a complaint if
If we are unable to resolve the complaint after 20 days and the complaint cannot be referred to IBD as set out
above you have the option of seeking independent legal advice and taking legal action.
We will take written notes of any conversation of meeting with you in relation to a complaint. These records
will be printed and sent to you for signature to confirm they are a complete and accurate record of the complaint
and negotiations.
Customer Service Officer contact details:
Address: Unit 3, 45 Ord Street WEST PERTH WA 6005
Phone: 08 9480 8900
Fax: 08 9481 1166
Contact Details
Your Account Manager
Name Alison Evans
Mobile 0419 615 405
Skype alison.ems
Phone (08) 9206 4004
Facsimile (08) 6245 2989
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