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Senneca Hilliard 

Miss Armstrong 

Due Date:11/29/17

English 2

Period 1

In Cameroon they have many different foods that are unique from what other people eat in their country. Cameroon have foods such as: Cocoyam, Plantain, Yam, and Rice that they eat. Different countries continuously go to Cameroon with different ideas and techniques that deals with foods. The people from French bought their food techniques to Cameroon which was French bread and Italian pasta. Because the French bread and Italian pasta was very expensive it could not go all around Cameroon. After seeing French’s unique foods and techniques, it helped Cameroon learn new things to cook for the people in their country. Cameroon has many brochettes that included foods such as: Soya, Sangah, Fish and soup dishes. The soil in Cameroon was very effective for the country because it grew many vegetables and fruits. Since meats and poultry were way too expensive in Cameroon they mostly stuck to eating and cooking fish. Food is important to a culture because it can show the relationship between the people and the country (Cameroon Cuisine).

Foods In Cameroon

In Cameroon there are many different languages that are spoken but the two main languages are French and English. The official language during World War 1 was German. After World War 1, German was no longer the official language of Cameroon. Even though German is not the official language in Cameroon anymore, 300,000 people still speak it. Each area of Cameroon has their own language that is spoken. Some of those languages are: Camfranglais, East, South, and the Center of Cameroon. One language can be classified as multiple languages in Cameroon. Some languages in Cameroon are hard to express on certain programs such as: the radio, television, and writing because the way it is wrote and the symbols that they use. Cameroon handled both The United Kingdom and France all at once. Now Cameroon is a freewheeling country. Housing has 83% of Cameroon’s society which are francophones. The other percent of Cameroon (17%) are anglophones. But over the years the percent of anglophones has cut down. Since there are multiple languages that are spoken all around Cameroon it may be hard for people to communicate with one another if they do not speak the same language (Oishimaya Sen Nag). 

Languages Spoken In Cameroon 

The government of Cameroon is placed in Central Africa. Cameroon honors 10 established  popular holidays. Popular holidays are coordinated in the Constitution of Cameroon and classified by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has the permission to put in place unique holidays, compose explicit days a nationwide holiday for exclusive events, and adjust the dates of a few holidays to concur with a work day rather than the weekend. The Commission of the Prime Minister discharges a guideline at the deadline of each year for the year directly after. Certain holidays will differ on periods established on their religion. Numerous saintlike holidays correspond with the lunar cycle rather than the calen. Area 115 of the Labour Code says that workers need to provide assistants with a salaried day absent for politically perceived holidays if the workers finish their 90 day trial business course. If the workers have need that people work on those holidays due to the nature of their assignment, they must contribute to the worker with a different pay day off in a 90 day trial, or superior pay added to their typical pay on the holiday. It is at the employer’s discretion. The government in Cameroon is important to its culture because it established the way to maintain rules, laws, and holidays in the country (Public Holidays Global).

Holidays In Cameroon