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Plate Boundaries Project

Divergent boundaries create new ocean floor. It has mid-ocean ridges. Creates a volcano. Has earthquakes.

divergent boundary, or constructive boundary, is where two sections of the eggshell - two tectonic plates - are moving away from each other. When this happens, they leave a gap in-between, and this gap can be filled by the magma from below. This creates a series of volcanoes all the way along the boundary.

One real world examples is the mid-atlantic ridge. Another real world example is the great rift valley.


Plat Boundaries

Transform faults are locations of recurring earthquake activity and faulting. Dosen't create a volcano. mid-ocean ridges. Has earthquakes.

One real world example is the san andreas fault.


Convergent boundaries destroy the ocean floor. It has deep-ocean trenchesCreates a volcano. Has the biggest earthquakes.

One real world example is the west coast of south america.

convergent boundary, or destructive boundary, is where two plates are moving towards each other and colliding. The pressure and friction is great enough at these boundaries that the material in the Earth's mantle can melt, and both earthquakes and volcanoes happen nearby.