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High Holy DaysY O U R G U I D E T O S E R V I C E S A N D P R O G R A M S F O R T H E 5 7 8 3 H I G H H O L Y D A Y S 2 0 2 2B O O K O F M E M O R Y ~ Y I Z K O RC O N T R I B U T I O N S T O T H E H I G H H O L Y D A Y A P P E A LT A S A G MS P E C I A L O P P O R T U N I T I E S F O R Y O U T H & F A M I L I E SM E S S A G E S F R O M Y O U R R A B B I , C A N T O R , E D U C A T O R & L E A D E R S2 0 2 2 R O S H H A S H A N A H Y O M K I P P U R 5 7 8 3TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOMOur High Holy Day ReunionFall News & Updates

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High Holy Day Appeal 2022 Register for Services & Events 2022 Book of Memory - YIZKOR Rabbinic ReflectionsFrom Your LeadershipCantor's NoteEducator's LearningPreparing for the High Holy DaysHigh Holy Day Services & ProgramsFall Festivals & Events Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6Page 7Page 9Page 10Page 11Page 13Page 17Page 18-28BULLETINTEMPLEANSHESHOLOMCONTENTSOn the cover: This year our doors are open for High Holy Days together in our sanctuary. Your safety is our utmost concern as we gather for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. In this bulletin you will learn about our Security Task Force and how they have been preparing for your returrn.President Marla Frank DavisCantor Paula BaruchRabbi Jordan CohenEducator Dora-Ann Cohen EllisionSECTION ONE: HIGH HOLY DAY HAPPENINGSSECTION TWO: FALL NEWS & UPDATES

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TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 3HIGH HOLY DAY APPEALAt long last we are returning to the fullness and splendour of High Holy Day services in our beautiful Rabbi Bernard Baskin Sanctuary. This year, all of our High Holy Days services will welcome worshippers both in-person and online. There is much to do to prepare both our sacred space and our streaming services for a meaningful Days of Awe for all. We need your help and support this year more than ever. In past years, Temple members and guests were asked to purchase tickets in order to attend High Holy Day services. This year, we welcome all, Temple members and Community members, to attend all of our High Holy Day services and programs free of charge. We do ask, however, that you support Temple Anshe Sholom through a donation to our 2022 High Holy Day Appeal.As we are reminded in the moving Unetanah Tokef prayer, Teshuvah, u’Tefilah u’Tzedakah – Repentance, Prayer, and Charity - are the primary mitzvot of the Days of Awe. Through your generous donation to our 2022 High Holy Day Appeal, you assist your Temple Anshe Sholom community to provide a meaningful High Holy Days experience for all and provide all the services and programs throughout the year that bring meaning to the Jewish people. Your generosity allows us to offer worship, learning and community to all who want to join us. After two years of being apart, the time is now to help us make this experience happen for everyone. Please do your part. Thank you for your generous caring and commitment! Watch our growing list of contributors in our weekly email. GIVE ONLINE: ARRANGE BY PHONE: 905-528-0121 ext 22We encourage a donation of $180 per family

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BOOK YOUR FREE SEAT FOR THE HOLY DAYS Everyone is welcome to attend all of the services with general seating Should you wish to reserve a seat in a particular location we ask that you book now through our office Call 905 528 0121 Ext 21 High Holy Day Reserved Seats cost 80 per person EVERYONE MUST REGISTER their plan of attendance at services and events on our Anshe Sholom webpage of High Holy Day Happenings Mark Your Calendar Our preparations for the Days of Awe begins with the month of Elul The Shofar is blown throughout Elul as a reminder of the spiritual work that needs to be done You can experience this heart wrenching sound by attending a Friday evening service during Elul Learning and introspection are the focus of our classes and events at this time The week before Rosh HaShanah we hold a special service called S lichot where we engage in evening learning offer a solemn musical introduction to the High Holy Days and working together we change the vestments of our Torah Scrolls to white The new month of Tishrei brings us to the year 5783 in our Hebrew calendar Rosh HaShanah is a joyful celebration while also reminding us of the responsibility to return and repair ourselves and our relationships On the 10th of Tishrei we arrive at Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement We welcome our many members and friends who may only come to our Temple for this one occasion We are glad you are with us SELICHOT Saturday September 17th at 8 00 PM Mandell Auditorium Main Sanctuary All Together Now ROSH HASHANAH Sunday September 25th at 4 00 PM Frank Auditorium EREV ROSH HASHANAHSunday September 25th at 7 30 PM Main Sanctuary ROSH HASHANAH MORNING 1 Monday September 26th at 10 30 AM Main Sanctuary ROSH HASHANAH FAMILY SERVICE Monday September 26th at 10 30 AM in the Chapel ROSH HASHANAH MORNING 2 Tuesday September 27th at 10 30 AM Main Sanctuary SHABBAT SHUVA Friday September 30 at 7 00 PM Main Sanctuary KEVER AVOT Cemetery Service Sunday October 2nd at 2 00 PM TAS Cemetery PJS PRAYERS Tuesday October 4th at 6 15 PM Online KOL NIDREI YOM KIPPUR Tuesday October 4th at 7 30 PM YOM KIPPUR MORNING Wednesday October 5th at 10 30 AM Main Sanctuary YOM KIPPUR FAMILY SERVICE Wednesday October 5th at 10 30 AM YOM KIPPUR AFTERNOON SERVICE Wednesday October 5th at 4 00PM Main Sanctuary YOM KIPPUR YIZKOR Wednesday October 5th at 5 00 PM Main Sanctuary YOM KIPPUR NEILAH Wednesday October 5th at 6 30 PM Main Sanctuary TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 4

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Our Yom Kippur Yizkor Book of Memory returns this year....As we prepare for the High Holy Days, we remember our family and friends who are no longer with us. As in years past, Temple Anshe Sholom once again offers you the opportunity to commemorate their memories and include their names in our special Yom Kippur Yizkor Memorial Book. Jewish tradition encourages honouring the memory of loved ones by giving tzedakah to honour their names.Thank you to everyone who chooses to donate to include names in our Memorial Book. Please use THIS FORM to submit the information that you would like to have included in this year's Book of Memories or email to office@anshesholom.caPLEASE SUBMIT THE BOOK OF MEMORIES INFORMATION BEFORE S'LICHOT ON SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2022 TO BE INCLUDED IN TIME FOR YOM KIPPUR MEMORIAL SERVICETEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 55783 Book of Memory - רוכזיYizkor:Submit the names of Your Loved OnesThe names will be shared during ourYizkor Service on Yom Kippur afternoon.

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Rabbi David Wolpe, in his book, “Teaching Your Children About God,” tells a story about a boy and his father who were walking along a road when they came across a large stone. The boy asked his father, “If I use all my strength, do you think I can move this rock?” His father answered, “If you use all your strength, I am SURE you can do it.” The boy began pushing. Exerting himself till he was red in the face, he pushed and shoved. He used his shoulder; he turned around and pushed with his back. The rock did not budge. Worn out and discouraged, he sat down and said to his father, “You were wrong. I can’t do it.” The father placed his arm around the boy’s shoulder and said, “No, son. You didn’t use all your strength: You didn’t ask me to help.”Our strength is in community. For two years we were unable to gather, and yet we were able to continue to support one another through an unparalleled time of difficulty. Now is the time to celebrate our return, which is what the Days of Awe is all about. In coming months join us for one of our “Havdalah with Friends” programs, one of our in-person services or study sessions, for S’lichot or Shabbat. Come to meet and greet with old and new, so that when we gather together in our Sanctuary for Rosh HaShanah, we can begin the new year not by saying, “who are all of these people?” Rather, may we enter our sacred place with words of gratitude for the growth and strength of the Anshe Sholom community after more than two years of hardship and loss. As we look forward towards the new year, may we be heartened by the closing words of Psalm 27, which are to accompany us in our efforts to prepare for return and repentance: “Look to the Eternal; be strong and of good courage! O look to the Eternal!”On behalf of Cantor Baruch, myself, and our entire family, we wish you all the best for a happy, healthy and sweet new year. L'SHANAH TOVAH U'M'TUKAH,RABBINIC REFLECTIONWelcome back home to all of our veteran members and friends! After the pandemic mostly kept us out of our spiritual home for the past two High Holy Days, this year we are back, and we look forward to greeting one another in-person with the most genuine wishes for a happy, healthy, and sweet new year. For thisHigh Holy Day homecoming, I hope you will find our services and programs comfortable and familiar, featuring many of the readings and melodies that you have come to know over the years. As the 18th century German Jewish philosopher Moses Mendelssohn wrote, “The High Holy Days are like a magnetic force that pulls us closer to our Judaic roots, heritage, and community that is found in the Synagogue.” May the force of the High Holy Days 5783 draw us all back in the spirit of renewal, reconnection, and return. We can’t wait to see you!Welcome home to all of our newer members and friends! Over the past two years of the pandemic shutdown, we have been blessed to have many new members join with our Anshe Sholom community, and many who are new to the Hamilton area as well. To all those who have joined with us recently, as we enter into the new year, we welcome you to your new spiritual home in Hamilton. We hope that you will have a long and meaningful association with the Anshe Sholom community, and we look forward to celebrating many joyful occasions together. Now is the time to get to know us. In the months leading up to the Days of Awe, we are offering many social, worship and learning opportunities to bring together our new and veteran members, to get to know one another in advance of the High Holy Days. Come join us! And if you have not yet had a chance, come visit us in the Temple. We will be happy to give you a tour.WELCOME HOME TO ANSHE SHOLOMRABBI Jordan CohenTEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 6RABBI JORDAN COHEN

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Please take a moment to visit our website under the Leadership section to recognize all of the fabulous congregants who give of their time and energy to make our Temple great. I would like to thank my Board this year who have been incredibly supportive, encouraging, and so hard-working. They really have gone above and beyond!I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gillian Burman, first Vice President, and the Re-opening Task Force for their hard work over the last two years. Their efforts created the necessary policies and protocols to keep us all safe through the pandemic in these unprecedented times.In a world challenged by a global pandemic, we have also had to deal with the growing threat of antisemitism and increased violence toward Jews in North America. The creation of a Security and Safety Task Force was a natural response to these concerns. This group has been working very hard and I encourage you to attend this years' AGM on September 11th to hear about all of the great things that they have accomplished. Income Generation under Gillian Burman has applied for and received a number of grants to help us update and improve security measures in and around our building. We are so excited to welcome you home!We are also excited about possibilities in this new year 5783!The clergy, leadership, and volunteers have worked very hard over the last year to continue the good work done by the previous Board, and to create so many opportunities to build a stronger, more inclusive and vibrant family to come home to. Our many working groups have continued to do an amazing job beautifying our cemetery, fixing our house, and making it safe. They have also worked diligently and cooperatively to create marketing strategies, and have begun the process to put in place succession planning. We have re-established the opportunity for communication between our congregants and Clergy through the Clergy Liaison working group, and the Board and the Clergy will be engaging in facilitated workshops through the URJ and the NCRCR to help strengthen all aspects of your leadership here at Temple. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to have so many wonderful volunteers on our many different working groups. TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 7FROM YOUR LEADERSHIPWE WELCOME YOU ALL HOME AT LASTPRESIDENT: Marla Frank DavisContinued on next page...

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In as many ways as we can we want to make everyone feel welcome and at home. As vaccines have fortified our immune systems, so too, have your Board and working groups striven to create a healthy culture, to fortify Temple administratively, organizationally and financially. In every way, we are moving forward to create a healthy and vibrant community, but we can’t do it alone. TAS needs you, now more than ever, to increase your financial support. Help us continue the momentum we have achieved through hard work, and dedication. Together we will insure a stronger, inclusive and vibrant future for our Synagogue.May 5783 be a year of health, happiness and prosperity for all of us.MARLA FRANK DAVISAfter three years as Temple’s Treasurer, Liora Malka will be stepping down. Liora has done an amazing job setting right the financial situation of not only Temple but our Cemetery as well. Liora’s work with Mark Levine last term, and her continued efforts this last year has been outstanding. Liora’s leadership has ensured that the cemetery accounts and license are up-to-date, the bookkeeping is streamlined and more efficient with the implementation of a financial dashboard, and we now have a purchasing policy. Of course we can’t forget that Liora has dealt with four different Bookkeepers and overall has been inspirational to all of us. Liora has agreed to stay on our Endowment and Financial working groups, and for this I am so grateful. Barring any new mandates from the Ontario government, we will be open and eager to welcome everyone to services in person.The Leadership at Temple encourages everyone to wear masks, if possible, in order to protect yourself and others, but all are welcome. We have also made arrangements for those who are still uneasy gathering in large groups, and have sectioned the Frank auditorium with a separate large screen TV to broadcast the service, to accommodate further social distancing.TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 8FROM YOUR LEADERSHIPL'SHANAH TOVAH,President of Temple Anshe Sholom

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The whole world is nothing more than a singing and a dancing before the Holy One. Every Jew is a singer before God, and every letter in the Torah is a musical note.-Nathan b. Naphtali Herz As the seeds of the pomegranate teach us, when we gather in number there is sweetness and there is joy. May you findmuch delight in the music of the High Holy Days this year. CANTOR PAULA BARUCHDuring this summer we have enjoyed several lovely gatherings in the backyards of our member's homes. Havdalah with Friends has been a wonderful way to meet new members and build relationships. It has also been an opportunity to sing together outdoors. This is something I have really been missing over the past two years. Singing together is a powerful act of faith and trust. Our voices are powerful and together, they can change the world.In the past few months we began a series of Drop In Choir sessions. On some Fridays a few people showed up at 6:00 PM and practiced some melodies and prayers to help sing them together at our 7:00 PM service. In this way we are slowly rebuilding a congregational choir. Services are a lot more enjoyable when you are familiar with the music and can join your voice in the mix of souls that attend worship. Both you and the congregation are uplifted by a collective song. At Temple Anshe Sholom, we have a long history of enjoying music at the centre of our prayer experience.Our High Holy Day services are rich with familiar and beloved melodies that soothe the soul and connect us to our people. This year our Quartette of singers, Bill & Fortunee Shugar and Janet Kronick & Mike Lakewood, isTEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 9CANTOR'S NOTEOUR VOICES CAN CHANGE THE WORLDCANTOR Paula Baruch B'SHIR L'SHANAH TOVAH,back on the Bimah to add richness and harmonies to our favourite pieces. The amazing Jordan Abraham, along with guitarist Geoff Hlibka, will accompany us as we remember what it feels like to be together in person.

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Please visit : for school registration information.DORA-ANN COHEN ELLISONSinging, Dancing and Learning with Friends: these are the activities that make High Holy Day services and learning at Temple Anshe Sholom fun, keep children excited to attend, and create lasting memories that become a piece of a child’s Jewish Identity. This year we will continue to make family connections and explore Jewish learning together. We are planning meaningful opportunities to gather in person, as well as our Online Yom Kippur PJ’s & Prayers: a short guided family moment of reflection before bed. I am especially excited about our 2nd Annual Erev Rosh Hashanah Family Celebration, this year featuring the amazingly talented David Gershon (of Judy & David!).After the holidays, I hope your children will continue to learn, celebrate and explore all things Jewish with us, when Religious School classes begin on September 17. Our students, teachers, and Cantor Baruch are planning for in person Shabbat and Wednesday evening classes for Kindergarten through Grade 7. Our Grade 8 through 12 students are invited to join Dora-Ann on Thursday evenings for our class: B’Yachad -Making a Difference in Your Community. TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 10EDUCATOR'S LEARNINGSINGING & DANCING & LEARNING WITH FRIENDSEDUCATOR: Dora-Ann Cohen Ellison L'SHANAH TOVAH from my family to yours!This year our school community has flourished as we continue to grow and welcome new families. We hope your family will join in our learning and ritual programs, renewing connections and engaging with other families. I invite you to look for our Family programs on the Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur calendars and register for the many engaging holiday opportunities.Educator at Temple Anshe Sholom

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Study Opportunities in the Month of ELULTEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 11PREPARING FOR THE HIGH HOLY DAYSDon't miss our SELICHOT service, the evening we change our Torah covers to white for the Holy Days.

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TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 12PREPARING FOR THE HIGH HOLY DAYSOur Machzor: Mishkan HaNefesh For our High Holy Days services, Temple Anshe Sholom uses the beautiful and inspiring Mishkan HaNefesh as our Machzor (High Holy Day prayerbook). Mishkan HaNefesh comes in two volumes, gold for Rosh HaShanah and silver for Yom Kippur.We ask that all attending High Holy Day services in-person bring their own copies of Mishkan HaNefesh. Slides of Mishkan HaNefesh will be available for those participating online. No loaner copies will be available in the Sanctuary.If you do not already own copies of Mishkan HaNefesh, please pre-order your copies in time for Rosh HaShanah. Both Hardcover and Kindle editions (much cheaper!) can be purchased through or through the publisher, CCAR Press, at Using a digital reading device at services is permitted and encouraged at Anshe Sholom.DROP IN HHD CHOIRIf you love music, singing and would like to learn the music of our High Holy Day services, we invite you to attend a Wednesday evening session of Music for High Holy Days. Cantor Baruch shares the melodies used at Anshe Sholom and together our voices help the congregation join in at our services.Arrive ready to sing at 7:00PM. Contact

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EREV ROSH HASHANAH SERVICE offers beautiful music, prayers, and readings with your community. TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 13HIGH HOLY DAY SERVICESROSH HASHANAHROSH HASHANAH MORNING SERVICE restarts your new year with songs, prayers and meditations. Torah, Haftorah and Shofar Blowing bring meaning and awe to this service experience. ROSH HASHANAH MORNING SERVICE on the 2nd day of Rosh HaShanah is a less formal service for all ages.Temple Anshe Sholom invites the entire HamiltonJewish Community to a family celebration of RoshHaShanah.ALL TOGETHER NOW is a Multigenerationalcelebration of our New Year with outstandingperformer and storyteller, David Gershon. This event, like all of our High Holy Day services isfree and open to all. Just book your spot bycontacting us: office@anshesholom.caBring the whole family to this event!ROSH HASHANAH FAMILY SERVICE is for families with young children. This service emphasizes essential prayers, joyful music, stories and movement. You'll hear the Shofar blown at this service and enjoy Apples with Honey!Did you know...Our main services this year feature the voices of Cantor Baruch & our Quartette: Fortunee & Bill Shugar, Mike Innes & Janet KronickBook your free seat at our services by CLICKING HERE

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KOL NIDREI YOM KIPPUR EVENING SERVICE brings us together for a solemn night of soul searching and connection. Our YOM KIPPUR YIZKOR MEMORIAL SERVICE is your opportunity to remember your dear ones who are no longer with us, but always in our hearts. This moving service creates a special space for our love and memories.See page 5 of this Bulletin to share the names you are remembering.YOM KIPPUR MORNING SERVICE reconnects us with our community and with our God. Join us for the inspiring prayers that renew our souls. TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 14HIGH HOLY DAY SERVICESYOM KIPPURBook your free seat at our services by CLICKING HEREFAMILY PJS & PRAYERS is a gentle introduction to Yom Kippur. Cuddle up for a story and a song before heading off to bed on this sacred night!YOM KIPPUR FAMILY SERVICE is a meaningful service with thoughtfully selected prayers and songs to help build your Jewish Identity!JONAH STORYTIME & CRAFT is an opportunity to use your hands to create something fun that will help tell the story of Jonah & the whale.YOM KIPPUR AFTERNOON SERVICE features the chanting of the story of creation from Torah.

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MUSICAL INTERLUDE with Jordan Abraham & Geoff Hlibka is a beautiful way to lighten your load during Yom Kippur. Be transported through music.The NEILAH SERVICE is an uplifting and joyous service as the gates are closing and we yearn for another year of closeness and joy. Melodies heard only on this evening will raise your spirits andinspire you to begin the new year with an open heart.TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 15HIGH HOLY DAY SERVICESYOM KIPPUR AFTERNOONIt's been said that the earth is crying. That we have lost touch with what is sacred in our relationship to all that is around us. In this moment of atonement we can reflect on the opportunity in front of us for the tikkun olam that can be our work together.YOM KIPPUR SHIUR with Rabbi Jordan Cohen is an opportunity to look more deeply at texts we study during the High Holy Days.Discussion and learning with your teacher and Rabbi.YOM KIPPUR CONCLUSIONBREAK THE FAST of Yom Kippur with your TAS Community. Enjoying the renewal of food and liquid into your body after a day of fasting is a comfort to be enjoyed with friends. Blintzes, bagels, herring, juice, tea and coffee with fruit and cake...come and enjoy together.Did you know...This year our main services are accompanied by keyboard player, Jordan Abraham and guitarist, Geoff Hlibka.Book your free seat at our services by CLICKING HERE

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SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th4:00 PM to 5:00 PMSPECIAL EVENTS & GATHERINGSA Shechecheyanu moment for your family! Join us at 4:00 PM to welcome Rosh HaShanah All Together Now. Stories and songs, fun and celebration are offered to all.FEATURING: David Gershon, performer & storyteller Location: Temple Anshe Sholom's Frank AuditoriumSUNDAY, OCTOBER 2ND2:00 PMCEMETERY VISIT: Each year between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur we visit the graves of our ancestors, to connect and remember. Kever Avot is a special time for our community to honour those who's shoulders we stand upon.NO NEED TO REGISTER! Come to Temple Anshe Sholom Cemetery, 427 Limeridge Road East, Hamilton, ONTASHLICH is a symbolic act of ridding yourself of your worst behaviours and habits by tossing them into the sea.This year we are meeting at Van Wagner's Beach. Park in Hutch's Restaurant parking lot and join our group. We'll provide you with your own baggie of birdseed to cast out into the sea. Rabbi Cohen & Cantor Baruch are on hand with birdseed to toss and a prayer sheet to use.NO NEED TO REGISTER! Just show up with your family.MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th4:30 PM to 5:30 PMTEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 16WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5TH4:30 PM to 5:30 PMBREAK the FAST with COMMUNITY Enjoying the renewal of food and liquid into your body after a day of fasting is a comfort to be enjoyed with friends. Blintzes, bagels, herring, juice, tea and coffee with fruit and cake...come and enjoy together.

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SIMCHAT TORAH FALL FESTIVALS 5783TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 17SUKKOT PREPARATIONSHelp build our TAS Sukkah on Thursday, October 6th at 1:00 PMHelp build our TAS Sukkah on Thursday, October 6th at 1:00 PMWatch our TAS website to learn how you can shake your lulav and etrog this yearSUKKOT FESTIVALHelp welcome the Sukkot Festival on Sunday, October 9th featuring THANKSGIVING DINNER (register with our TAS Office) Come to FAMILY FRIDAY on October 7th at 6:30 PM for a Sukkot themed ShabbatCome out to Sukkot Festival Morning service on Monday, October 10th at 10:30 AM and stay for a Kiddish LuncheonJoin us for Sukkot Shabbat service on Friday, October 14th at 7:00 PMSpecial SUKKOT/SIMCHAT TORAH Family Learning Program on Saturday, October 15th 9:15 AM to 12:15 PMSukkot Games Night on Saturday, October 15th at 7:30 PM, Beer, Nibbles & Trivia Team: 70's Themed! RSVP TAS OfficeCome celebrate the ending and beginning of our Torah on Sunday, October 16th at 6:30 PMObserve Simchat Torah at our morning service on Monday, October 17th at 10:30AMEnjoy our Simchat Torah Kiddish Luncheon on Monday, October 17th at 12:30 PM

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AGM details and highlightsNews from our Security Task ForceJewish learning at TASYouth GroupsPrograms to watch for this fallGiving at Anshe SholomFALL NEWS & UPDATESTEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 18

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TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 19Attention all TAS Members:Your Temple Anshe Sholom Board invites you to join us for this year’s TAS Annual General Meeting, which will take place on Sunday, September 11th, at 7:00 PM. This year we will be in person and online. As we get closer to the date, information about the ZOOM link will be available.WelcomeInvocation – Rabbi Jordan CohenApproval of minutes of AGM held September 26th, 2021 President’s Report – Marla Frank DavisRabbi’s Report – Rabbi Jordan CohenProgram Director's Report – Cantor Paula BaruchSchool Report – Dora-Ann Cohen EllisonFinancial Report – Liora MalkaApproval of the Actions of the BoardPresentation of Budget – Liora MalkaAppointment of AuditorsNew BusinessGood and WelfareClosing Benediction – Rabbi Jordan CohenAGENDA1.

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TAS Jewish Learning ~ Where Students Make Life-Long Friends & Strong Jewish Connections. What programs do we offer for your family?Temple Anshe Sholom offers fantastic supplementary Jewish learning programs for pre-school, school aged children & teens.Our registration is open now! Our goal for Jewish education at Temple Anshe Sholom is to foster a strong Jewish identity, in order to reinforce faith in God, love of Torah, and identification with Klal Israel, the Jewish people. We believe that Judaism meaningfully addresses the challenges and questions confronting the human spirit. Included in the mission of our Religious School is to help our students form bonds with other Jewish students and adults and to foster a true love of being a Jew. We believe Hebrew is essential for enabling the student to understand and participate in communal prayer and to promote a feeling of kinship with Jews around the world.Our Programs & TimesJk through Grade 7: Torah, Ethics, Traditions, Holidays, History & Hebrew Wednesday 4:30-6:15 pm and Saturday 9:15 am-12:15 pm. Engaging Jewish learning for all. Our school year kicks off with a Family program on Saturday September 17 at 9:15am! Please visit our school website to register.Age 1-4: Tot-Shabbat- A drop-in program for toddlers and their caregiver: Hebrew, songs, games, activities & Shabbat! Saturdays 11:00am-12:00pm. Our Tot-Shabbat drop-in program returns on September 24. No registration required, families are encouraged to attend when it works for you!Grade 8-12: B’yachad- Making a Difference in my CommunityThursday 7:00-8:30pm, plus 1 additional day each month to volunteer with various organizations in our community. Our high school program is open to all Jewish teens interested in learning how to make positive impacts on themselves and their community. This is a GREAT opportunity for teens to learn about ways to support and help their community, make new friendships, and will include opportunities to volunteer with and learn about many of our local Jewish agencies (grade 8-12)Please email Dora-Ann ( if you would like more information & follow us on on Instagram & Facebook.TAS RELIGIOUS SCHOOLTEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 22

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At Anshe Sholom our Youth are a priority. Our affiliation with the Union for Reform Judaism connects us with NFTY - North Federation of Temple Youth. NFTY is a movement that builds strong, welcoming, inspired communities through teen-powered engagement. Together, we pursue tikkun olam, personal growth, youth empowerment, and deep connections, all rooted in Reform Judaism. NFTY’s Northeast Lakes Region includes Ontario Canada; northern New York; Cleveland, OH, and its suburbs; and Erie, PA. We provide opportunities throughout the year to gather together as a larger regional group. ANNOUNCEMENT: Temple Anshe Sholom has a new Youth AdvisorMeet YAEL MORAIS, our new Youth Advisor. Many of our young people will know Yael from URJ Camp George, whereshe has served on staff and now as Song Leader. Yael is moving to Hamilton this Fall and is delighted to serve as our Senior and Jr Youth Advisor. TAS YOUTH GROUPSTEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 23 MORE LEARN MORE MORAIS leading songs at Camp GeorgeTemple Anshe Sholom has both a Senior and a Junior Youth Group. TASTY - Temple Anshe Sholom Temple Youth is our Senior Group and TASTY JR is our Junior Group. Cantor Paula Baruch supervises Youth Group activities.Making NFTY a Safer SpaceNFTY is committed to creating a safe and respectful space for all teens with every teen agreeing to abide by our NFTY’s Brit Kehillah – Our Community Covenant. If a NFTY teen has broken this promise we make to one another, please speak to an adult in charge of the program or use this form to notify our staff leaders. If you are a NFTY teen and are interested in being a part of our ongoing ethics work, please email /Resolution-to-Affirm-NFTYs- Stance-on-the-Rights-of- Transgender-and-Gender- Nonconforming-Peoples-FD- 6.8.2016.pdf

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TAS YOUTH GROUPSTEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 24TASTY Senior Youth Group members have access to aYouth Lounge at Temple Anshe Sholom. This is a space togather any time for meetings, games, homework, pizza andmore. You'll have free access to wifi, loads of board gamesand books. Each month a gathering will be planned andsupported by your Youth Advisor, Yael Morais. You'll be intouch with other Youth Groups in our Northeast Lakesregion and may plan get togethers with Oakville andMissisauga. During the year, 4 NFTY Region events arescheduled. We've even applied to host one of them righthere in February 2023! Come out and get involved...this isgoing to be a great year!SIGN UP!TASTY Junior Youth Group welcomes Youth grades 4 through 7 to come out to fun monthly activities. You'll meet your Youth Advisor, Yael Morais, and have input into what activities and events the group would like to do. Cupcake Wars and a trip to SkyZone were two popular events in the past. We also enjoy movie nights and games.Bring your joy and interests to this amazing group that is a little like being at camp from home!SIGN UP!

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TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 25UPCOMING PROGRAMSA Taste of Judaism is a three session workshop that introduces people to the Jewish Religion. Led by Rabbi Jordan Cohen, anyone can come out to this course to learn about one of the world's oldest faiths. Questions are welcome!Havdalah with Friends is a continuation of the fun we had over the summer. Each month we will gather in a location with different member hosts to enjoy music, conversations and the joy of community!BREAKFAST CLUB is the longest running program at Anshe Sholom. For over sixty years we've been gathering to listen to interesting speakers on a diverse range of topics. Now...the Breakfast part is back for $15 per session this Fall. Watch your weekly email for dates and speakers!

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TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 26This new Temple fund will be announced at the Annual General Meeting on September 11, 2022. The Fund is intended to be spent on aspiration goals that help the President to fulfil her/his mandate, including leadership development for lay leaders, professional development of the President, teambuilding, reward and recognition for volunteers and start up monies for new projects or programs not covered by existing funds. Monies may not be used on personal expenses, sponsorships or bursaries or needs-based requests.The President’s Discretionary FundA GIVING COMMUNITYYour gift to Temple Anshe Sholom is a blessing that allows our community to thrive. It also allows you to fulfill the important mitzvah of supporting the Jewish people and helping to create and grow our Jewish community, and ensures that the Jewish people always have a place to gather, worship and teach Torah to the next generation.FOUNDATIONBecome a member of Temple Anshe Sholom. This is a meaningful and important statement about your commitment to Judaism and Jewish community. A membership covers all of your family members living with you. It means that you are responsible for the continuation of our presence here in Hamilton. It also makes you eligible to vote at our AGM and take on leadership roles at Temple Anshe Sholom.How? Request a membership application from our Temple Office. You will meet with the Rabbi to learn more about your family and help you make connections to get the most out of our partnership. Our membership committee contacts you to arrange for your Dues Commitment. This is the amount that fits your ability to give. Dues are normally paid in monthly installments.

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A GIVING COMMUNITYTEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 27ENGAGEMENTTributes and Special Fundraisers: At Temple there are many ways to honour people and events in your life. Some have a long history and some are relatively new, and they all make a big difference in our ability to sustain our community.Annual Fundraiser ~ Each year we plan a fundraiser event to help sustain our programs and activities. We depend on your participation and sponsorship for these events. Buy a ticket or a table of tickets to our special events, be a sponsor if you are able to. Your commitment raises our ability to engage our youth, our seniors and our membership with outstanding programs and social events.Memorial Boards ~ Located in our main sanctuary our memorial boards with yahrzeit lights are a way to honour a deceased family member and ensure that their memory is always for a blessing at Temple Anshe Sholom. Order yours at our Temple Office 905-528-0121 ext 22Tree of Life & Jerusalem Boards ~ Located in our front lobby and upper lobby, these beautiful works of art offer various sizes of engravable plaques where you can honour a loved one, mark a special event or milestone, and further beautify our Temple home. Order yours at our Temple Office 905-528- 0121 ext 22Pathway of Peace ~ In 2016 we celebrated our 165th Anniversary as a community. At that time through a generous donation by the Dain Family, our front gardens were redone and installations of a pergola, gathering alcove and path widening paver stones were competed. These paver stones come in 3 sizes and can be engraved with your message. This gift assists us with maintaining our grounds and gardens and is a lasting legacy for your family. Order yours at our Temple Office 905-528-0121 ext 22Special Projects ~ Around our Temple building you can find many areas with dedication plaques, reflecting the history of our givers over our long life as a community. There are always projects we want to do, but cannot afford. Special angels in our Temple family make this possible and we thank them by naming the area or structure after them. An example is our lower level kiddish lounge sponsored by the Asa-Weisz families and dedicated to their parents, Margaret and Arthur Weisz. Book a meeting with the Rabbi or our president to learn what projects are needed at this time. Perhaps you will be our next angel!SUSTAINERSAnnual Givers & Legacy Gifts ~ At Temple we inspire each other to be part of a culture of philanthropy. Our members value Temple life which is so much more than our physical building. We invite those thatare able to join our top level of giving by becoming Annual Givers and planning for Legacy Gifts. Annual Givers choose a yearly amount they can give beyond their membership dues. These special givers allow us to maintain top level professional staff and office support so that access to programming, religious school, meaningful worship and social gatherings are never in question. Legacy Givers have several options. We provide free lawyer services to update your will to include a gift to the Temple upon your death. These have been among some of the most meaningful and helpful gifts we have received. Legacy Givers can also be assisted in purchasing a life insurance policy that lists Temple as a beneficiary. Call our office to be connected with our Fundraising team. DONATE:

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SAFETY & SECURITYSECURITY TASK FORCE:Shalom Members, we are your new Security Task Force and we are writing to update you on our work. We have been meeting since April of this year and have accomplished an impressive amount with regards towards achieving our goals. Our first step was to review old documents and discard/update outdated policies and to investigate our current security infrastructure. We then focused on and continue to improve a number of critical areas including policies and procedures for fire plans, emergency evacuation protocols, active shooter preparation. We have been overseeing Temple infrastructure upgrades such as new security cameras, improved panic buttons, door bolts, new front door project, and posting evacuation route maps throughout the building. We also reviewed needs for training programs and safety audits for first aid, security, defibrillator use, Ushers and Greeters. Lastly, we have been compiling a library of reference documents for future use and developing training and information manuals. The group will continue to meet annually as we work to improve upon the safety and security of our community. Our task force members are listed on the Temple website. If you wish further information or would like to get involved you can contact: Rabbi Cohen or Shelby via Temple office or our chair Ash Kuusk at We are honoured to have accepted the task of keeping our TAS family more safe and secure.TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 20

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Thank you!Since 1850 we've been building Jewish Community with kindness, compassion and resolve. In our 172nd year we invite you to join us and make great things happen!TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM | 215 Cline Ave North| HAMILTON, ON| L8S 2A1ANSHESHOLOM.CA