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High Holyday Bulletin 2021 - 5782

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2 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 Selichot Rosh HaShanah Day 2 Erev Rosh HaShanah Erev Yom Kippur Rosh HaShanah Day 1 Yom Kippur Saturday August 28th Monday September 6th Tuesday September 7th Wednesday September 8th Wednesday September 15th Thursday September 16th TABLE OF CONTENTS Rabbi s Message Page 3 5 Cantor s Message Page 6 Director of Education Message Page 7 TAS Leadership Message Page 8 Programs during Elul Page 9 Especially for Families Children Page 10 In Person Opportunities Page 11 High Holy Day Services Page 12 Yom Kippur Afternoon Programs Page 13 High Holy Days at a Glance Page 14 Giving HIGH HOLY DAY APPEAL 2021 Page 15

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3 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 Rabbi s Message Last year we spoke a lot about 5781 being an unprecedented High Holy Days And here we are again As we enter the New Year of 5782 it is no longer unprecedented For the past year and a half in response to the pandemic our leadership has chosen to follow the path of caution and we have been successful We know of not one case of COVID 19 that was associated with a Temple event or activity Following our tradition s pre eminent value of pikuach nefesh saving a life we have worked very hard to keep our Temple community Jewishly engaged and supported through online services celebrations classes programs and other outreach efforts all devoted to keeping our community connected without actually gathering in person I am proud of our congregation s efforts throughout these challenging times But I know after 18 months of a shuttered Temple building so many of us are tired and frustrated and eager to move on with our lives in the context of community With two doses in our arms we are ready to come back to our spiritual home I feel exactly the same way Which is why it saddens me so deeply to share the news that these High Holy Days 5782 will again take place mostly online There is still risk and with so many vulnerable adults and unvaccinated young people in our community we cannot afford to gamble with anyone s health or well being As Deuteronomy 4 9 teaches Take utmost care and watch your nefesh scrupulously CONTINUED

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4 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 Rabbi s Message CONTINUED The Hebrew word nefesh is most often translated as soul However the rabbis understood this term as a reference to the life force of an individual It is this verse that the Talmud quotes as a proof text for the concept of pikuach nefesh BT Berachot 32b There are so many sources in our tradition that encourage the active preservation of human life and well being at almost any cost With another pandemic High Holy Days it is interesting to note how this concept of pikuach nefesh relates to one of the central concepts of the Days of Repentance the practise of cheshbone hanefesh best defined as introspection or a self inventory As part of our process of repentance we are encouraged to look deeply within pushing aside our egos baggage and the defense mechanisms we put in place to hide our true inner selves It is a difficult and sometimes painful endeavour However cheshbone hanefesh helps us to identify not only our moments of weakness from the past year but also the positive learning and growth that we can take into the New Year While it has been a whole year since the last High Holy Days and we still find ourselves engulfed in a pandemic I know I am in a very different place than I was a year ago and when I look within I see a very different person Despite all the hardships and challenges of the last year and a half the opportunity for learning growth and development has been immense After eighteen months of lockdowns and isolation we ve learned that the idea that we are to employ any means available to save a physical life now reflects on our spiritual and emotional lives as well Our mental and spiritual well being are inextricably linked to our physical well being As the first century Hellenistic Jewish philosopher Philo of Alexandria once wrote The body is the soul s house Therefore shouldn t we take care of our house so that it does not fall into ruin Therefore as we prepare for the High Holy Days our considerations include both body and soul While our main services for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur will again be professionally streamed through Zoom from our TAS Sanctuary to your homes we will be providing numerous opportunities for gathering and celebrating safely in person as well as additional online events for spiritual nourishment and learning We hope you will find all these events both online and in person to be meaningful and engaging CONTINUED

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5 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 Rabbi s Message CONTINUED The details can be found in this High Holy Day Bulletin as well as on our TAS web site and Facebook page Be sure to note that all in person gatherings including our Second Day Rosh HaShanah service in the Sanctuary will require pre registration Covid screening onsite and masks will be required for everyone in attendance Without question this past year has been most difficult Many of us have experienced great loss not only of loved ones to the virus but we also grieve for the opportunities we have missed lament the time we can never get back and mourn for those essential human encounters that have been denied us by the need to isolate Like the Israelites in the Torah it feels like we have been wandering in the wilderness for a very long time God willing this journey will soon come to an end But even though the Promised Land may soon be in sight there is still much to do to be ready and lessons we still need to learn With the beginning of the month of Elul our tradition affords us forty days to put ourselves body and soul in order Please know that your Temple Anshe Sholom community is here for you and together if not in person then at least online we will make ourselves ready to take those final steps towards the blessings that are in store for us As it says in Psalm 27 which we read during Elul to prepare ourselves for return Show me Your way O God and lead me on a level path Do not subject me to that which would harm me Had I not the assurance that I would enjoy the goodness of the Eternal in the land of the living Look to the Eternal be strong and of good courage O look to the Eternal Psalm 27 12 14 Cantor Baruch and I look forward to welcoming you in person during this New Year in health and well being From our home to yours I wish you a shanah tova u m tukah a happy healthy and sweet new year L SHALOM RABBI JORDAN COHEN

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6 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 Cantor s Message Who sings in this world will sing also in the next Talmud Sanhedrin It is often pointed out to me that I am constantly singing Neighbours point it out when they pass by and I am gardening or when I am walking the dog My colleagues at work always say they knew it was me coming because they could hear the humming My family members are sometimes annoyed that I never seem to be quiet It can t be easy to live with someone who is always making music Thank goodness I found my calling in being your Cantor where music and singing is welcomed and celebrated I never could have imagined this past year when singing would be considered a dangerous virus super spreader activity I find it very challenging to sing while wearing a mask and always sing alone online But the hardest thing of all is not being able to hear my congregation s voice For this Cantor who leads worship and prayers the collective voice of our congregation is the fuel that keeps my spirit going and gives me hope for the future Our High Holy Days are rich with familiar and beloved melodies that soothe the soul and connect us to our people Once again this year we will be online for our major services and all of your favourite music will be there We have a Quartet of singers lending their voices to pieces we will offer during services this year We also have the wonderful recordings that our choir members have contributed to in the past year It is my hope that we continue to move back to being able to sing together and grow musically May we sing in this world and in the next SHANAH TOVAH CANTOR PAULA BARUCH

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7 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 Director of Religious Education Message Singing Dancing and Learning with Friends these are the activities that make High Holy Day services and learning at Temple Anshe Sholom fun keep children excited to attend and create lasting memories that become a piece of a child s Jewish Identity This year we will continue to make family connections and explore Jewish learning in both the physical Temple space and our virtual space As Public Health guidelines allow we are planning meaningful opportunities to gather safely in person as well as Online Family Services I am especially excited about our new Erev Rosh Hashanah Celebration in the Park and our popular Erev Yom Kippur PJ s Prayers both for families of all ages to prepare for the High Holy Days together After the holidays I hope your children will continue to learn celebrate and explore Judaism with us when Religious School classes begin on September 25 Our students teachers and Cantor Baruch are planning for in person Shabbat learning and online Wednesday evening classes for Kindergarten through Grade 7 Our Grade 8 9 students are invited to join Dora Ann on Wednesdays for our class Making a Difference in Your Community and we will be offering our Grade 10 Confirmation Class with Rabbi Cohen This year our school community has flourished even with much uncertainty and many changes At Temple Anshe Sholom our engaging programs and style of learning will continue both in person and online We hope your family will join in our learning and ritual programs renewing connections and engaging with other families I invite you to look for our Family programs on the Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur calendars and register for the many engaging holiday opportunities SHANAH TOVAH from my family to yours Dora Ann Cohen Ellison Director of Education

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8 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 TAS Leadership Message Who would have predicted that the pandemic would have lasted so long However there is some light at the end of tunnel Vaccination rates are high and continuing to increase We are in a better situation than 12 months ago at this time Ontario is opening up Realistically I suspect that after languishing for the last 18 months it will take a while for us to adjust to the new normal We are looking forward to the High Holy Days 5782 The Board Rabbi Cohen and Cantor Baruch have given much thought to the format of High Holiday services We have decided to have most services online virtual with some opportunity for in person worship Last year s High Holy Day virtual services were excellent and wellreceived This year we have a full schedule of beautiful worship services programs and events planned for all ages and interests The tremendous amount of work preparation and creativity that have gone into migrating our High Holy Day experience online has been outstanding and we are appreciative of the efforts of our clergy staff and incredible volunteers We encourage you to take part in as many of our offerings as you are able Seeing your faces in our Virtual Sanctuary will be inspiring for us all Our Temple is facing many weighty issues e g Beth Jacob Temple Anshe Sholom co habitation changes in the Temple Anshe Sholom cemetery and the Temple s financial situation and sustainability These will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting AGM and in the President s report at the AGM scheduled for Sunday September 26 at 7 00 PM The report will be posted on the Temple website at that time May 5782 be a year of health happiness and prosperity for us all May we be blessed with the time soon when we can put the pandemic behind us and once again can share in the joy of congregation life together in person SHANAH TOVAH Mark Levine President of Temple Anshe Sholom TAS Board Members

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9 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 Preparing for the High Holy Days Study Opportunities in the Month of ELUL

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10 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 Especially for Families Children MONDAY SEPTEMBER 6th 4 00 PM to 5 00 PM IN THE PARK We re starting the New Year by being ALL TOGETHER This multigenerational celebration is our Shechecheyanu moment of the year Together with your family enjoy songs stories and a joyful beginning to 5782 Rosh HaShanah in the heart of community Led by Dora Ann Cohen Ellison Location Churchill Park beside Temple Anshe Sholom REGISTER and bring your own lawn chairs or blanket TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 7th 9 30 AM ONLINE Rosh HaShanah Family Service is just for you and your children Join us for prayers songs and stories and of course the sound of the SHOFAR Make sure to have your apples and honey ready to bless and snack on REGISTER to join us ONLINE WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 15th 7 00 PM ONLINE Family PJs Prayers helps you get ready for Yom Kippur with a special story songs and prayer As Yom Kippur begins this program will help us settle for bedtime as we reflect on good choices and on fixing our mistakes Bring your favourite cuddle toy and a grown up to hug Led by Dora Ann Cohen Ellison REGISTER to join us ONLINE THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16th 9 30 AM ONLINE It s Yom Kippur especially for Families Join us as we reflect on how we can be kind helpful and caring individuals through prayer stories and song Engaging for children and meaningful for their parents grandparents too Led by Dora Ann Cohen Ellison REGISTER to join us ONLINE THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16th 2 00 PM IN THE PARK One of the most amazing stories we learn about on Yom Kippur is JONAH the WHALE Join us in the park for an interactive story time and amazing craft Led by Dora Ann Cohen Ellison Cantor Baruch REGISTER and bring your own chair or blanket

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11 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 In Person Opportunities We all look forward to being together in person MONDAY SEPTEMBER 6th 4 00 PM to 5 00 PM This is our Shechecheyanu moment of the year Together with your family enjoy songs stories and a joyful beginning to 5782 Rosh HaShanah in the heart of your community Location Churchill Park beside Temple Anshe Sholom REGISTER and bring your own lawn chairs or blanket TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 7th 4 30 PM to 5 30 PM TASHLICH is a symbolic act of ridding yourself of your worst behaviours and habits by tossing them into the sea This year we are meeting at Van Wagner s Beach Park in Hutch s Restaurant parking lot and join our group We ll provide you with your own baggie of birdseed to cast out into the sea NO NEED TO REGISTER Just show up with your family WESNESDAY SEPTEMBER 8th 10 30 AM to 12 00 PM We are offering the opportunity to attend 2nd Day Rosh HaShanah services in our Temple Sanctuary Attendance is limited so please register in advance Indoor gathering protocols are in place Masks are required REGISTER to be admitted to this service Join us on ZOOM here SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 12th 2 00 PM CEMETERY VISIT Each year between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur we visit the graves of our ancestors to connect and remember Kever Avot is a special time for our community to honour those who s shoulders we stand upon NO NEED TO REGISTER Come to Temple Anshe Sholom Cemetery 427 Limeridge Road East Hamilton ON

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12 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 HIGH HOLY DAY SERVICES TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 7th 10 30 AM ONLINE ROSH HASHANAH MORNING SERVICE restarts your new year with songs prayers and meditations Torah Haftorah and Shofar Blowing bring meaning and awe to this service experience REGISTER to join us ONLINE WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 15th 7 30 PM pM ONLINE KOL NIDREI YOM KIPPUR EVENING SERVICE brings us together for a solemn night of soul searching and connection As we begin the Fast of Yom Kippur together we connect with all that we hold sacred and return to our best selves REGISTER to join us ONLINE THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16th 10 30 AM ONLINE YOM KIPPUR MORNING SERVICE reconnects us with our community and with our God Yom Kippur is the moment in Jewish time when we dedicate our mind body and soul to reconciliation with our fellow human beings ourselves and God Join us for the inspiring prayers that re new our souls REGISTER to join us ONLINE THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16th 4 00 PM ONLINE YOM KIPPUR YIZKOR MEMORIAL SERVICE is your opportunity to remember your dear ones who are no longer with us physically but always in our hearts This moving service creates a special space for our love and memories REGISTER to join us ONLINE THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16th 6 30 PM ONLINE YOM KIPPUR NEILAH SERVICE is the time when our names are sealed in the book of life for another year As the gates are closing we raise our spirits and yearning to carry us through the final moments of this spiritual opportunity to return REGISTER to join us ONLINE

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13 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 YOM KIPPUR AFTERNOON On YOM KIPPUR AFTERNOON we offer a choice of ONLINE opportunities to connect for learning contemplation connection Be part of our community by choosing what fits best with your spiritual journey this year THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16th 1 00 PM ONLINE Spend time with the soothing sounds of music with Jordan Abraham at the piano There is nothing like music to open our souls to deeper connection and thoughts Sit back relax and enjoy this journey of listening Watch LIVE on our TAS Facebook Page THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16th 2 00 PM ONLINE Join Ralph Benmergui as we investigate the spiritual side of Judaism as it pertains to our High Holy Days This Yom Kippur afternoon we explore Yirah Awe What role does it play in our lives How can we infuse our lives with wonder and what are the gifts of bending our knees to the miracle that unfolds around us every day We will explore this gift together REGISTER to join us ONLINE THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16th 3 00 PM ONLINE Each Yom Kippur afternoon Rabbi Cohen invites those interested in deeper study to a Shiur This year we explore the book of Jonah and examine the difficult aspects of loss we all experience Join us ONLINE for study during your day of introspection REGISTER to join us ONLINE

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14 HIGH HOLY DAYS at a Glance MONTH OF ELUL PREPARING FOR THE REGISTER DAYS OF AWE Mon August 9 16 23 7 00 PM Thurs August 19 26 7 00 PM Sat August 28 9 00 PM ROSH HASHANAH Mon September 6 4 00 PM Mon September 6 7 00 PM Tues September 7 9 30 AM Tues September 7 10 30 AM Tues September 7 4 30 PM Wed September 8 10 30 AM Sun September 12 2 00 PM YOM KIPPUR Wed September 15 7 00 PM Wed September 15 7 30 PM Thurs September 16 9 30 AM Thurs September 16 10 30 AM Thurs September 16 1 00 PM Thurs September 16 2 00 PM Thurs September 16 2 00 PM Thurs September 16 3 00 PM Thurs September 16 4 00 PM Thurs September 16 6 30 PM Rabbi Cohen s ELUL Study Class ONLINE https tinyurl com kdvzzres Cantor Baruch s ELUL Study Class ONLINE https tinyurl com 447uarxa ONLINE hBit ly 3xS2lSp SELICHOT EVENT Canada Wide RJCC Program SERVICES PROGRAMS REGISTER ROSH HASHANAH All Together Multigenerational Program in the Park IN PERSON EREV ROSH HASHANAH SERVICE ONLINE https tinyurl com sbfftjz4 Rosh HaShanah FAMILY Service with Dora Ann Cohen Ellison ROSH HASHANAH Morning Service with Rabbi Cohen Cantor Baruch TASHLICH with Rabbi Cohen Cantor Baruch MUST PRE REGISTER CLICK HERE ONLINE https tinyurl com 2na3udza ONLINE https tinyurl com 522wy8x9 IN PERSON Van Wagner s Beach by Hutches Restaurant 2nd Day ROSH HASHANAH Morning Service IN PERSON MUST PRE REGISTER CLICK HERE with Rabbi Cohen Cantor Baruch IN PERSON Kever Avot Cemetery Memorial Service TAS Cemetery 427 Limeridge Road E with Rabbi Cohen Cantor Baruch SERVICES PROGRAMS REGISTER PJs Prayers for Yom Kippur with Dora Ann Cohen Ellison ONLINE https tinyurl com 8trrzb7d KOL NIDREI Yom Kippur Evening Service ONLINE with Rabbi Cohen Cantor Baruch https tinyurl com dvsf2sue Yom Kippur FAMILY Service ONLINE with Dora Ann Cohen Ellison https tinyurl com 7xs8t6kz ONLINE YOM KIPPUR MORNING Service https tinyurl com ymebjmev with Rabbi Cohen Cantor Baruch Musical Meditation ONLINE Watch LIVE on TAS Facebook Page with Jordan Abraham Jonah STORYTIME CRAFT in the park IN PERSON with Dora Ann Cohen Ellison Cantor Baruch MUST PRE REGISTER CLICK HERE SPIRITUAL INVESTIGATIONS with Ralph Benmergui YOM KIPPUR SHIUR Study Session with Rabbi Cohen YIZKOR MEMORIAL SERVICE with Rabbi Cohen Cantor Baruch ONLINE https tinyurl com 299tz3b8 ONLINE NEILAH SERVICE Yom Kippur Conclusion ONLINE https tinyurl com skz98c5k with Rabbi Cohen Cantor Baruch Fridge Friendly Guide LIVE LINKS in the Digital Version https tinyurl com mndavskn ONLINE https tinyurl com 4ezwvhdv Gold Boxes Traditional Professionally Streamed Green Boxes Recommended for Families Kids

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15 TEMPLE ANSHE SHOLOM 5782 YEAR 2021 HIGH HOLY DAY APPEAL After a year of isolation as we prepare to re open in the coming year we need your help and support more than ever Please assist us in our efforts to reach out and provide the services and programs that mean the world to the Jewish people Your contribution allows us to practice our values of offering worship learning and community to all who want to join us Thank you for your generous caring and commitment CALL 905 528 0121 ext 21