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Hiawatha and the Peacemaker

By: Jacob TImage result for bow and arrow



Look at Hiawatha. He is a very strong man. He is also very angry. *Grrrr…. Grrrr…..* Why is he so angry? The evil chief of the Onondaga tribe has taken all of their food and water. Hiawatha’s stomach is grumbling. *Grumble, grumble, grumble* He is very, very hungry. The evil chief also took all of their tipis so they don’t have a home. He also took all their clean clothes. Luckily, Hiawatha is very strong. But if doesn’t do something, he will smell very strong too! But then the more he thinks about it, he gets angrier and angrier.

He becomes so angry that he kicks a stone so hard that he knocks down a tree, which knocks down another tree, and another one, and another one. Which lands on his house setting it on fire because of the campfire inside. The fire spreads to the tree which spreads it across the entire village. Moments later, the whole village is ash. “Whoops,” said Hiawatha. The whole village turns to him. He then gets super angry and he runs off into the woods.

“This is all Tadodaho fault,” says Hiawatha “If I get my hands on him I'm going to- I'm going to- take all his stuff too!!!”. He goes to the sea to relax. He suddenly hears “You seem mad.” Hiawatha becomes super scared because the voice came out of nowhere. But then, a stone canoe came out of the mist that formed on the sea. In the canoe, there was a man who was dressed entirely in white. The man said “Hiawatha, you have a very strong voice. I would like you to spread a message of peace around the land so we will not have to steal from each other to survive”.

The more Hiawatha thought about it, the more he agreed. Many problems have come from the little amount of peace that our tribes have. Hiawatha decided that it would be best that he goes to spread the message of peace! He gets in the man’s canoe. As they row off the man says “Hiawatha, I am the peacemaker. We will visit all the tribes to unite them so we can join the land of  our tribes”

The first tribe they visited was the Seneca tribe. “Hello and welcome to our tribe!” The Seneca chief said as they got onto the beach of the island. “What would you like?” “We are here to make peace with you so we can stop stealing each other's things,” Hiawatha said. Hiawatha didn’t even know he said that, until he saw the man in white was touching his back. The Seneca chief then said “We have fought over things for long enough think so too! We should stop fighting over the things we need and live peacefully. I will go by  your side to help you spread the message.”


They began to paddle together as 2 nations together spreading peace. When they reached the Cayuga nation they were about to start to talk to them but then the Chief said “The wind carried your message of peace over to our village. We decided to go with you as well.”  “Well, that’s helpful”.  Said Hiawatha. They paddled together as 3 nations together spreading peace across the land.


When they reached the final tribe the chief immediately got into his canoe and said as he got in “The wind has carried your message again and they have decided to come join you.” “Well, I guess the wind is an information highway. We should go now to confront Tadodaho” together they paddled together as 4 nations.

When they got to Tadodaho’s island they all came together to confront him. Hiawatha came up to his house and gave it a big knock. Tadodaho looked out of his door and said: “go away.” Hiawatha did not give up so he said “We are here to talk about you stealing our stuff. We do not like it and we want you to stop!” Tadodaho finally said, “Fine come in.” They went in to see all of the stuff they had lost from Tadodaho. “We want you to stop taking all of our stuff.” Said Hiawatha. Tadodaho said “Why should I? It’s all mine! I want it more than you so it’s mine!”

It isn’t yours. It’s all of ours. We need to share our stuff! You shouldn’t be selfish.” Said Hiawatha. “You have caused problems for all of us and even yourself! People will do things back to you what you did to them! It’s called the golden rule!”  Tadodaho sat there sadly. Tadodaho said “I see what I did wrong and i’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” Hiawatha looked at Tadodahoand saw that he has changed. He had changed his evil ways and together we would continue to live in peace.

The end!





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