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Made by Robbie Robertson and Dave Shannon

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Hiawatha and the Peacemaker

Retold By: Max

Origional by: Robbie Robertson

Long ago in the woods, a man named Hiawatha was crying furiously. His entire family had been killed in a violent fire.

He knew this was the doing of the evil Tadodho. Hiawatha was filled with anger and revenge. He went to the riverbank and made a fire and camped there.

In the morning he saw a figure in the morning haze. It was the Peacemaker. The Peacemaker was coming south from his homeland. He wanted to make peace between the five tribes. The Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, and the Onondaga. 

First, they went to the Mohawk tribe. As soon as they got there, the elders were summoned, and the clan mothers looked with great curiosity and concern.
"Peace and power shall be our new way." Hiawatha said. 

The Peacemaker carried his message through Hiawatha.It was like he had special powers.
"But how do we know your words are right?" asked the Mohawk chief.
"We shall return to this land with all of the other nations united," Hiawatha answered.

So they went to the Cayuga nation. When they got to the Cayuga nation, Hiawatha told the Cayuga council of his pain and anger. Rage started burning in him and attempt to sooth him the Peacemaker, and he went outside. Soon the Cayuga chief agreed to join them

Together they rode as one nation. 

Next, they went to the Seneca tribe. Fifteen armed braves confronted them. For the first time, the peacemaker showed fear. The Seneca chief was nearby, and with a wave of his hand, the Warriors stabbed the ground in front of them. The Seneca chief came over and said that the wind had carried their message and he wanted to learn about the great law and the peacemaker. He agreed to join them on their journey to confront Cheif Tadodaho. 

 Together they rode as two nations.

They made the trip to the Oneida land. Suddenly a net was thrown over their heads. The Oneida chief stood towering over them and asked:"Why are you here?"
"We are here because we want you to join us on our mission to save Tadodaho." Answered Hiawatha.
He agreed.
Together, they rode as three nations.
We went back to the Mohawk tribe, and the Mohawk Cheif agreed.

They went to the Onondaga tribe where the hideous Tadodaho lived.His hair was burnt and singed because of the ongoing fires in the village many snakes in his hair. They walked straight towards Tadodaho. The four chiefs told him that they were here to save him from his curse. The Peacemaker said to Hiawatha to get a particular type of root found in the middle of the forest. Hiawatha couldn't think of how he could help Tadodaho, yet he believed he could. The Peacemaker told Tadodaho to keep drinking the medicine for three days straight.

When everybody came to see how Tadodho was doing, he was a man, the five nations dug up the biggest spruce and marked this as the tree of peace and made Tadodaho the eagle of peace to watch over the five nations.



The End!