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Hiawatha and the Peacemaker

The fire spread rapidly, leaving only me behind. My family had been killed and my village destroyed, all because of the strikingly evil Tadodaho. I keenly sought revenge, I wanted to go to Tadodaho and shout as loud as I could. After the battle, I went to the beach and made a fire, I was indistinguishably angry but for some reason, I couldn't let it out.

Drifting steadily but slowly out of the ocean mist came a man somehow floating, he proceeded over to me and spoke. He was staggering over his words and I could vaguely understand what he was saying. “I-I-I have been demanded by the Great Law to see you. I-I will help you, but you must not hurt Tadodaho. W-W-We will travel across the land to find the other tribes, and we will respect each other. So please come with me to begin the journey ahead.”


I got on a boat that magically appeared and rode quietly with the man. The man told me his name, the Peacemaker. During the ride there were beautiful views of seagulls, sitting on the grainy distant sand. There were glamorous fish sliding through the water, but my favourite part of all were the statues that people built, they were huge and had precision cuts to make them look amazing.


My sightseeing was interrupted by the Peacemaker, “We are here, the Mohawk land”. It was a small but friendly-looking village with people rushing around and trading with each other. They stopped when I spoke, but when I spoke words were just coming out of my mouth, I spoke, “People of the Mohawk, me and the Peacemaker are gathering tribes to be one. This does not mean that we will kill Tadodaho but help him, to be good”.


A woman shouted out from the crowd, “But how do we know to trust you!”.


Others were nodding their heads in agreement when another shouted, “We need proof!”.


I told them something else and that seemed to get their approval.


With the Mohawk travelling by our side we went to see the Cayuga tribe. When we arrived we got off and spoke to the Cayugas, “Hello I am Hiawatha and I am here to be one tribe with all, so please join us on our journey to Tadodaho and we will help him to be a good person, we will all respect each other and we will live as one tribe!”.

Everybody was cheering and shouting After I explained to them, “We are not going to kill Tadodaho. We will just heal him from his current figure.”.


They still decided to go with us on our journey.


With two tribes with us, we went further and then the Peacemaker spoke to me in a clear voice, “We shall travel to Tadodaho and you Hiawatha, will be granted one wish of your choice, but first you must be brave because you are going to make an ancient legendary tea to heal Tadodaho from his curse.”.


Along the way the other tribes were enjoying the beautiful view, the Peacemaker had to remind them to stay on track, (I thought this was quite funny).


The next tribe was the Seneca tribe, when we arrived it was huge there were tens of thousand people there and the Peacemaker told me, “This is the Seneca tribe they have the largest land and the most people out of all of the tribes.”.


This place had so much food and so many people it looked like the whole world. (By the way, it looked like China). The Seneca people were had to lure but we got them to come on our journey. If you don’t know the Seneca people are the people with most power on other tribes.

The last tribe was the Oneida tribe-the smallest tribe. The most frustrating part was how far away they were from the other tribes and it was so foggy we could barely manage to get through it and navigate our last island. When we finally arrived, the land was poorly made and the tipis were old and broken down. The place had pretty much no food and the people were still happy. The people looked like they were hungry but didn't care and their boats were all patched up but still had holes. I wondered how they would get to Tadodaho. The answer came to me in an instant, we had extra boats that they could use and since there were very few people they could fit.


Tadodaho’s land looked evil and sorrowful. The people looked like devils and Tadodaho looked horrible, the worst of all.. His voice boomed as he spoke, “ how dare you enter my land!”.


The Peacemaker’s small voice responded, “we have come to help. We know how you feel but you must not get angry. Hiawatha will make a legendary tea that will heal you from your curse.”.

I went to find some tea leaves for it but the peacemaker shook his head, “You must find these four things to make the tea, starlight tree leaves, a small alaco rock, the sweetgrass that is in the middle of the field and the water from the ancient hot springs.”.


I got those things and put them together, it created a wonderful looking tea with a burgundy-red color. I gave it to Tadodaho and he gulped it down in an instant.

After Tadodaho drank the tea, he started turning into a brilliant eagle. He flew around and cried with joy, “Thank you so much, this is amazing!”.


It looked like fun so he went up to the tallest tree in the valley and perched rightfully on it and he said,”I have never felt so much power and goodness in my life!”. Everyone was cheering and so happy.

After the amazing experience I got a wish from the Peacemaker. I had to choose wisely so for that reason I chose to be wise. Then, magically I grew a long beard and I turned into an Aboriginal Elder. I spoke of peace and forgiveness for the rest of my life.