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Pricing System

Each stone is categorised by the simplicity of its design, optional extras can then be added.

Some colours and materials are more expensive than others so these are also split into separate categories.

Cat1 stones are £890

Cat2 stones are £1100

Cat3 stones are £1600

Cat4 stones are £3000


Cat1 colours or materials add no extra to the cost of your stone

Cat2 colours or materials add 10% to the price of your stone

Cat3 colours or materials add 25% to the price of your stone

Cat4 colours or materials add 80% to the price of your stone

Welcome to the Hoskins Family Stonemasons memorial brochure

In here you will find a collection of over 350 memorials

We hope you see something you like, but always remember, anything is possible, we can interchange colours, shapes, sizes, designs and materials or we can start from scratch and help you design something entirely different.

We can source stone from quarries all over the world or right here in the UK, giving you a truly comprehensive array of wonderful, natural, solid stone memorials.

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The Ogee          4

Cat1 Stones     10

The Ogee

The ogee is a beautiful and traditional design, as our most popular stone we order these in bulk, this allows us to buy them in cheaper and pass those savings on to our customers

Still the same great quality

Still the same guarantees

Still solid natural granite

But for less!

This stone in polished black or honed grey for just