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My name is John – or it was my name- and this is my story of how I became Dr. Tantalum. I was an average man, working an average job – which was a scientist. I had any other average man’s day at work, except this day – where everything changed. I came into the laboratory and my friend said something to me that caught my attention; he had discovered a new element. This element discovered had a blue gray color, it was dark but still shiny, heavy, and hard, almost rock like. He decided to call this element “Tantalum”, after his pet turtle. The element looked safe, so we were not afraid of it. My friend asked if anyone wanted to test this element, by being in the same room with it, and break it down. Many other scientist wanted to go and see this element and be the first to break down a new element, but luckily, my friend let me do this.

I went in to the room with the element, wearing my safety equipment. I began to break down the material and observe it. When I broke into the rock, I accidently got cut by the rock, and it ripped my suit and went into my skin. My friend pressed the “Emergency” button, and I everything went black for me – I passed out.

 I woke up in a room that seemed isolated, surrounded by bright lights and scientists. I was strapped down, and observed. I had no idea what was happening, and began to panic. I began to yell for help and move a lot – this is when things changed. I felt a force inside me and it was powerful, it gave me adrenaline. I broke out of the straps that were holding me, and became free. When I broke free, I heard a familiar noise, it was an alarm, like the one from when I was exposed; this is when everything began to make sense. A few seconds later, there were these men that came into the room I was in, and they did not seem friendly. They had this long electrical batons, and they surrounded me, like I was some animal.

“We do not want to hurt you,” they said “but we need you lay on the ground and stand down!”

“Why are you doing this?” I asked, but they just kept repeating what they last said, the only thing they said. I was not ready to give up that easily. I began to try and see if there was an opening between the people, but I began to realize there was only one way out of this one – I had to fight myself out of this (which I had never done). I was able to take some of the men on, but not all. I thought of something I only saw in movies and decided to give it a shot. I slammed the floor in the hopes of it creating a ripple. I worked, and I was able to run out of the building; I escaped.