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By: Emmett B. White 

Sir Thomas Sopwith

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Sir Thomas Sopwith is a real-life hero. He invented vehicles such as planes and boats. His planes and boats were used to fight the enemy of the United States during World War I. He is a hero because without his invention of the Sopwith airplane series the USA may be part of Germany. He is a true inventor.


Superman is a superhero from comic books. He flies around saving people in trouble. He also protects society from villains. He has super strengths and comes from the planet Krypton. He also has a regular daytime job to keep his superhero identity a secret.

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a hero because she catches criminals and uses her golden lasso of truth on him/her to tell the truth about evil plans. She has unbreakable golden bracelets that deflect bullets when someone shoots at her. She believes in doing the right thing even if it is not easy. Wonder Woman works for the United States military and is a fictional character from comic books.

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