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Hermle 2021-22 Wholesale Catalog

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WelcomeHomewww.hermleclock.comVISIT USAbove: See BROOKFIELD on 55 2Hermle North America

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2021-2022 CatalogCuckoo ClocksNew ArrivalsTellurium ClocksTable & MantelWall ClocksFloor ClocksWELCOME210448310654We are pleased to present our 2021-2022 product collection for our wholesale buyers. Our line has transformed and evolved over the decades and we’re proud of this most recent collection. Many of these clocks are time-honored favorites, in addition to some new models that we believe you and your customers will love. From traditional to modern, we have it covered.CreditsStyling:Southern Provisions Co. Photography:Nicki Ahren’s PhotographyAll products and photography included in this catalog are property of Hermle North America and are not to be reused, replicated, or distributed without express permission from Hermle North America and its team.All rights reserved ©2021 Hermle North AmericaA Whole New Experience.Our quartz-powered cuckoo clocks are always a fan favorite.Our line is always evolving. Don’t miss our newest models for the 2021-2022 season!Our marvelous Tellurium clocks are unlike anything else available on the market, making them a best seller.Pick from our wide selection of table & mantel clocks to nd what your customers are searching for!Find classic, modern, and every style in between.Our stunning oor clocks feature elegant details to perfectly suit your customers’ style.32021-2022 Catalog

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NewArrivalsThese new additions to our best-selling line of clocks will leave your customers raving.01020403LIMITEDWALNUT 01087030461BLACK/NICKEL/ARABIC 23056740791OAK 01087050461WALNUT/BRASS/ROMAN 23056030791BLACK 01087740461MAPLE/BRASS/ROMAN 23056090791ICED BEECH/NICKEL/ARABIC23056T3079101. ROWAN 70919000058: White stained case with rounded corners and Makassar accents. Nickel accessories. Mechanical 8-day 1/2 hour strike movement. 29x9x5 in. MADE IN GERMANY. 02. CHARLOTTE: Round top floor clock with Westminster chiming movement. Available in 3 different finishes. 76x21x12.5 in. MADE IN GERMANY. 03. BRAYDEN: Modern table clock with a 14-day mechanical movement with passing bell strike. Available in 4 different finishes with either brass or nickel movements, and Arabic or Roman dials. 7x5x10.5 in. MADE IN GERMANY. 04. AIMEE 23054030340: Walnut bracket clock with brass Roman numeral moon phase dial and brass feet. 12x9x6 in. MADE IN GERMANY.4Hermle North America

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ARDEN Fresh and colorful, the modern Arden is a wooden wall clock with a time-only quartz movement and Arabic numeral dial, available in 10 nishes. Requires 1 AA battery. 22.5x9.5x4 in.MADE IN GERMANYWALNUT 71002032200OAK 71002042200RED 7102362200SILVER 71002L12200SPRUCE 71002N42200BLUE 71002S42200PEARL BEIGE 71002U62200GREEN 71002U72200GRAY 71002U82200MANGO 71002U9220052021-2022 Catalog

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RegulatorsHermle regulators range from comfortably traditional to sleek and contemporary. With our wide range of styles, you’re sure to nd the piece that’s perfect for your home.TRENDINGKINGSLAND A stunning mix of contemporary design and modern shapes, the Kingsland regulator features a 31-day time-only movement. 52x12x7.5 in.MADE IN GERMANY70961740761KENDALL Stylishly modern, the Kendall regulator comes in a sleek black nish with a 31-day autobeat mechanical movement. 36x11x6 in.MADE IN GERMANYLIMITEDBLACK 709777407616Hermle North America

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ABBOT The gorgeous Iced Beech nish brings a breath of fresh air into any space with this new Abbot regulator. Also available in black. Plays 4/4 Westminster chimes with automatic night shuto and silencing lever.34x10.5x5.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYICED BEECH 70993T30351BLACK 7099374035172021-2022 Catalog

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MORNINGTON Retro meets modern in the Mornington regulator with the rounded top and bottom and sleek lines.The nickel dial features a stunning moonphase and calendar indicators. Includes 1/2 hour strike and silencing lever.31x9x4.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYBLACK 70650740058WALNUT 70650030058LAREDO With its modern air and highlighted edges, the Laredo is full of graceful style. Features gleaming brass 8-day cable-driven Westminster chiming movement with automatic night shut-o, silencing lever, and brass accessories.34x10.5x5.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYWALNUT 709940303518Hermle North America

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GREENWICH Sleek and modern regulator with your choice of nish and a 31-day time-only mechanical movement. 37x10x5 in.MADE IN GERMANYLIGHT CHERRY 70875160761WALNUT 70875030761BLACK 7087574076192021-2022 Catalog

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ISABELLAHOPEWELLA simple classic, the Brooke regulator has a wooden frame with a bonnet pediment and Westminster chimes. Movement & accessories Made in Germany.26x12x7 in.ASSEMBLED IN USAGraceful burl veneer on a mahogany nish elevates the classic look of the Waterloo regulator. Features an 8-day mechanical Westminster chiming movement.26x12x7 in.MADE IN GERMANY Traditionally designed mechanical regulator with Roman numeral dial and gold tone design on front glass. Features an 8-day mechanical movement with Westminster chime, or a dual-chime quartz movement with Westmisnter and Bim Bam.27x11.5x6 in.MADE IN GERMANYRegulator wall clock in a cherry nish with a mechanical 8-Day Westminster chiming movement. Movement & accessories Made in Germany.26x13x7 in.ASSEMBLED IN USACHERRY 70820N90341LIGHT OAK 70815I90341MAHOGANY 70742070341MECHANICAL 70509030341CHERRY 70815N90341QUARTZ70509032214ANTIQUE WALNUT 70815Q10341BROOKEWATERLOOFULHAMBeautiful regulator with an 8-day mechanical Westminster chiming movement featuring a walnut nish, Roman numeral dial, and auto-night shut-o.26x10x5.5 in.MADE IN GERMANY71001030341FAULKNERCurio Wall Clock in a Cherry Finish with a Mechanical 8-Day Westminster Chiming Movement. Walnut nish available in limited quantities. Movement & accessories made in Germany.27x18x7 in.ASSEMBLED IN USALIMITEDCHERRY HNA70305N90341WALNUT HNA7030503034110Hermle North America

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CARRINGTONThe Carrington is a charming regulator with clean lines and a modern dial. Available in a variety of nishes, the Carrington plays your choice of Westminster chimes with an 8-day mechanical movement and auto-night shut-o, or a 14-day 1/2 hour strike movement. 22.5x9x5 in.MADE IN GERMANYWESTMINSTER CHIMESBLACK 70989740341BLACK 709897740141ICED BEECH 70989T30341ICED BEECH 70989T30141WALNUT 70989030341WALNUT 70989030141MAPLE 70989090341MAPLE 709890901411/2 HOUR STRIKE112021-2022 Catalog

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FreshInspirationTones and textures.Bold Colors areHere12Hermle North America

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NEASDENMARENKENNINGTONModern curved wall clock with glass Arabic numeral dial and steel rod pendulum. Time-only quartz movement. Available in Anthracite and Beech nishes.32x11x4.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYModern cuved wall clock with glass Arabic numeral dial and steel rod pendulum. Time-only quartz movement. Available in Walnut, Dark Oak, Blue, and Pearl Beige nishes.27.5x9x2.5 in. MADE IN GERMANYThe Neasden blends modern with classic with this brass wall clock and its 8-day mechanical movement with 1/2 hour strike.27x9x4 in. MADE IN GERMANYBold & Beautiful StylesREGULATORSYour home is just as unique as you are, so why stick to the same old designs? Check out these gorgeous modern styles to nd the one that’s right for you.ANTHRACITE 70644292200WALNUT 7100403220060991000261BLUE 71004Q72200BEECH 70644382200DARK OAK 71004042200PEARL BEIGE 71004U62200132021-2022 Catalog

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Feels likeHomeAXELGRAND CENTRALComfortable and beautiful.SAVANNAH IIA modern take on a wall clock. A steel swirl in a variety of colors with modern 12/3/6/9 markers and quartz time-only movement.1 AA BATTERY26.5x6x6MADE IN GERMANYBLACK70994292200BLACK/RED70869292200STAINLESS STEEL 70944002200SILVER/BLACK 70944U22200GOLD 70944X62200Colorful modern aluminum and acrylic pendulum wall clock with attached brake disc dial. Features an 8-day time-only skeleton movement.14.5x5x6.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYStainless steel round wall clock with minimalist dial and quartz time-only movement.12x2 in.MADE IN GERMANYRED 7099836072130471002100BLUE 70998Q70721* **Limited item14Hermle North America

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In Metallics &NeutralsWALL CLOCKSMetallic nishes and neutral colors are an on-trend item that your customers will love.HAMBURGOur best seller, our skeleton wall clocks come in a variety of nish options wth the 711 passing bell strike movement at an aordable price.25x6x4 in.Stylish & AordableMADE IN GERMANYAVAHIGHBURYContemporary glass wall clock with either nickel or brass mechanical movement and numerals with passing bell strike.22x4 in.MADE IN GERMANYGleaming brass rods and open clockface give a modern feel to this trendy wall clock with a quartz time-only movement. Requires 1 AA BATTERY.23x10x3 in.MADE IN GERMANY703320007111.HAMBURG709740007112.RAVENSBURG70731000711FRANKFURT707330007113.STUTTGARTFANFAVORITENICKEL 30906000791SILVER 70981002200BRASS 30907000791BRASS 7072200220013 42152021-2022 Catalog

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010201. AIRPORT 30504002100: World time clock. Requires 1 AA battery. 12x2in. MADE IN GERMANY. 02. DOROTHY 60992002214: Brass clock with lyre pendulum. Requires 2 AA batteries. 27x9x4 in. MADE IN GERMANY . 03. JACI: Modern wooden swirl clock with black trim. Requires 1 AA battery. 27x10x2 in. MADE IN GERMANY 04. METROPOLITAN 30466002100: Stainless steel wall clock. Requires 1 AA battery. 12x2 in. MADE IN GERMANY. 05. JORDAN: Modern white wooden wall clock trimmed in black with pendulum. Requires 1 AA battery. 27x11x2 in. MADE IN GERMANY. 06. JAYDEN: Modern wooden wall clock with pendulum. Requires 1 AA battery. 27x10x2 in. MADE IN GERMANY.0304 05 06WHITE 61023002200WHITE 61024002200WHITE 61022002200RED 61023362200RED 61024362200RED 6102236220016Hermle North America

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Our colorful statement wall clocks pack a punch of design at an incredible price. Each features a quartz time-only movement that requires 1 AA battery. NEWNEWMix & MatchMake your own set!STELLA20x1.75 in.GATSBY16x2 in.TITAN14x2 in.SADIE16x2 in.FINLEY14x1.75 in.ASPEN14x1.75 in.BAILEY16x2 in.MAE16x1.5 in.WHITE 31012BLUE 31013NATURAL WOOD 3101431011310003101031004310093100631017172021-2022 Catalog

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OverTheTopLEHMANA true favorite, the Lehman gallery wall clock is made with wrought iron and a quartz time-only movement. 1 AA BATTERY49x3 in.4201218Hermle North America

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CFBEADA. CARTER 42017: Wooden gallery wall clock with antiqued silver finish Roman numeral dial. Requires 1 AA battery. 32x2 in. B. CLAIRE 42016: Plastic silver gallery wall clock with 3D Arabic numeral dial. Requires 1 AA battery. 24x1.5 in. C. ANYA 42013: Stunning gold finish gallery wall clock with Roman numeral dial. Requires 1 AA battery. 32x2 in. D. DIANE 42015: Trendy wrought iron gallery wall clock with 3D Roman numeral dial. Requires 1 AA battery. 24x1.75 in. E. HENRY 42014 Distressed whitewashed wooden wall clock with tarnished metal 3D Roman numerals. Requires 1 AA battery. 30x1.5 in. F. REBECCA 42018 Black metal and whitewashed wood gallery wall clock with 3D Roman numeral dial. Requires 1 AA battery. 20x2.5 in. G. OLIVER 31016: Colorful wrought iron herringbone designed clock. Also available in monochromatic silver & grey (item number 31015). Requires 1 AA battery. 18x1.5 in.G192021-2022 Catalog

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ATTICUS 30913X62100Looking for a metallic pop of color? The Atticus also comes in a beautiful gold nish.ATTICUSModern meets classic with this wooden oversized gallery wall clock. 1 AA BATTERY27.5x3 in.MADE IN GERMANY3091374210020Hermle North America

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CuckooClocksOur quartz cuckoo models come from the Black Forests of Germany and feature intricately carved details and gurines. Check out our website for more details regarding melodies for specic models.TRENDINGSCHWARZWALDHEIDIPHILLIPHandcrafted wooden cuckoo clock features woodland creatures and moving dancers. Plays cuckoo call and melody chimes. Requires 3 C batteries. 18x12x6 in.MADE IN GERMANYHeidi themed quartz cuckoo clock with cuckoo call and melody chimes. Requires 2 C batteries. 13x8x5 in.MADE IN GERMANYTrain-themed cuckoo clock with cuckoo call and melody chimes. Requires 3 C batteries. 16.5x16x7.5 in.MADE IN GERMANY610007400077000212021-2022 Catalog

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SILASThis modern cuckoo clock oers a ery burst of texture for your home. Features cuckoo call and melody chimes. 2 C BATTERIES24x9.75x6.25 in.MADE IN GERMANY7200022Hermle North America

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RHEINBERGCUCKOO CLOCKSBAIERSDORFFREIBURGChildren twirl around with their barnyard friends just above a hiker who has caught a glimpse of a magnicent stag in this moving traditional cuckoo clock.Cuckoo bird emerges to count the hour and plays a variety of 12 melodies.3 C BATTERIES 13.5x13x7.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYThese hungry bears are searching for a sweet treat with the Bairsdorf quartz cuck-oo clock. Cuckoo bird emerges to count the hour with waterfall background, volume control, and light sensor.3 C BATTERIES9.5x9.5x6.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYOur favorite young German couple plays irtatiously in this Traditional German cuckoo clock. Cuckoo bird emerges to count the hour with waterfall background, volume control, and light sensor.2 C BATTERIES16x12x6 in.MADE IN GERMANY410005400064000LIMITED232021-2022 Product Catalog

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TRIBERGSpringtime is in full bloom in this cozy cuckoo scene. A young German boy plays his accordian to his faithful companion. Chimes cuckoo call with waterfall background. 2 C BATTERIES17x11x7 in.MADE IN GERMANY4200024Hermle North America

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Birds, gnomes, and squirrels, oh my! Our traditionally styled quartz cuckoo clocks feature a variety of classic characters, chimes, and motions.MADE IN GERMANY.OURCHOICEGo Cuckoo!Find your favoriteSTRAUSSMoving woodcutter & water wheel with cuckoo call and melody chimes. Requires 2 C batteries.14x12x7.5 in.76000SIMONSWALDSquirrel gurine cuckoo clock with cuckoo call & waterfall background. Requires 2 C batteries. 16x14x11 in.46000NEUSTADTCuckoo clock featuring classic German gnome gures with cuckoo call & waterfall background. Requires 2 C batteries. 18x12x7 in.43000ADELHEIDEHandpainted carved cuckoo clock with cuckoo call & waterfall background. Requires 2 C batteries. 13x9.5x7 in.55000HEDWIGSnowy owl with cuckoo call on the hour and melody chimes. Requires 3 C batteries. 22x8x4.75 in.73000HEIDELBERGCuckoo call and waterfall background with moving gurines. Requires 2 C and 1 AA batteries. 19x13x6 in.45000252021-2022 Catalog

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VILLENGENThis classically styled carved wooden cuckoo clock is a favorite for our customers around the country. Features cuckoo call with waterfall background. 2 C BATTERIES21x12x7 in.MADE IN GERMANY44000HEINRICHIt’s a dog’s life with this Heinrich cuckoo clock. This German chalet styled clock brings back times of old with its delicate features and handcrafted characters. Features Quartz movement with 12 melodies and cuckoo call on the hour. Requires 2 C batteries.21x8.5x5.5 in.MADE IN GERMANY7500026Hermle North America

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WEATHER STATIONGRETELBENDORFThe perfect piece for gardeners, this German-made cuckoo-style thermometer features a traditional German Frau and Herr on a moving balance.5.5x5x3.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYWooden carved bears search for honey in a traditional German-made cuckoo clock. Cuckoo bird emerges to count the hour and plays 12 melodies. 3 C BATTERIES10x9x5.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYThis Hansel and Gretel inspired mantel cuckoo clock is oh so sweet. Cuckoo bird emerges to count the hour and plays a variety of 12 melodies.3 C BATTERIES9.5x8.5x5.5 in.MADE IN GERMANY660006500058000272021-2022 Catalog

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NewCuckoo StylesWe’re bringing cuckoo into the modern age with these fresh styles. MADE IN GERMANY.01 ELSIE 78000: Modern cuckoo clock with cuckoo call and melody chimes. Requires 3 C batteries. 16x7x4 in. 02 ARLO 70000: Plays cuckoo call or melodies. Requires 1 AA battery. 11x5.75x2.5 in. 03 EMMA 79000: Plays cuckoo call or melodies. Requires 1 AA battery. 11x5.75x2.5 in. 04 STACEY 68000: Plays cuckoo call or melodies. Requires 1 AA battery. 11x5.75x2.5 in. 05 HELEN 69000: Plays cuckoo call or melodies. Requires 1 AA battery. 11x5.75x2.5 in. 06 HAMISH 67000: Time-only. Requires 1 AA battery. 11x5.75x2.5 in. 010203060405LIMITED28Hermle North America

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CuckooMinisCUCKOO CLOCKSThese miniature cuckoos pack a punch of design!WULFRICThis tiny and adorable time-only cuckoo style clock features colorful traditional German elements and a swinging Alpinist. Requires 1 AA Battery.8.5x6.5x4 in.MADE IN GERMANYThese mini cuckoos are top sellers!ANNALIESSEHANSEDELWEISSMiniature cuckoo clock with handpainted design and classic German gurines. Requires 1 AA battery. 8.5x6.5x4 in. MADE IN GERMANYMini cuckoo clock with your choice of melodies or cuckoo call on the hour. Requires 2 AA batteries.5.5x4x2.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYMini cuckoo clock with squirrel gure and painted owers. Required 1 AA battery. 10.5x8x4.5 in.MADE IN GERMANY56000590005700071000292021-2022 Catalog

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CuckooWhistlesThese handcrafted wooden cuckoo whistles are a perfect addition for your store’s checkout counter.MADE IN GERMANYTRENDINGNEW5. Birds 02024. Owl 02062. Gnome 02041. Dog 02033. Squirrel 020530Hermle North America

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Table &Mantel ClocksDecorate your mantel or home oce with these great selections!See BRAYDEN on pg.4312021-2022 Product Catalog

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32Hermle North America

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See JAXON on pg. 36332021-2022 Product Catalog

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ColorizeYour MantelThe Lakin aluminum pillar table clocks make the perfect accent piece for any shelf, desk, or mantel.Pick your favorite color! Feeling modern or traditional? Classic or contemporary? With the Lakin skeleton table clock, you have full customization at your nger tips with 9 dierent variations to choose from. Available in a variety of colors, the Lakin comes with a glass or metal Roman numeral or Arabic dial and an 8-day time-only mechanical skeleton movement in either a brass or nickel nish.8x4x4 in. MADE IN GERMANY.A BC DEFG HILAKIN23023X4072123024X4072123022X40721230255007212302536072123025T5072123023T4072123025X4072123025Q70721IHGFEDCBA34Hermle North America

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MikalThe Mikal is the Lakin’s cooler cousin with an extra leg in the game. This 4-pillar aluminum skeleton clock features a time-only movement and 4 color options.8x4x2 in.MADE IN GEMANYLIMITED230205007212302174072123021S6072123021Q0721PICK YOUR COLORKERI8-day mechanical movement. Time Only.7.5x4.5x2.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYWALNUT 2303603721RED 23036360721BLACK 23036740721ORANGE 23036U30721NATURAL WOOD 23036X40721352021-2022 Catalog

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LIMITEDFrom traditional, gothic, metallic, and modern, we’ve got the perfect table clock to t your style.Find the style that’s right for youBRONXHAMILTONBUFFALO JAXONWINDFALLFREMONTJACKSONLIBERTYQuartz time-only movement with world time map. 1 AA battery required. 8x8x3 in. MADE IN GERMANY.14-day mechanical movement with passing bell strike on the hour. 10x7x5 in.MADE IN GERMANYTime only, quartz. 1 C battery.8x8x3 in. MADE IN GERMANY.8-day mechanical movement with 1/2 hour strike chime. 9x8x5 in.Quartz movement feat. Westminster, Ave Maria, and Bim Bam chimes. 2 C batteries.15x11x6 in.Quartz movement feat. Westminster, Ave Maria, and Bim Bam chimes. 2 C batteries.20x11x6 in.Quartz movement feat. Westminster, Ave Maria, and Bim Bam chimes. 2 C batteries. 9x8x5 in.14-day mechanical movement with passing bell strike. 12x6.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYBRASS 22704002100BRASS 22986002100CHERRY 22857N90130WALNUT 42011WALNUT 42010CHERRY 22919N9QNICKEL 22843002100WALNUT 23018030791LIGHT CHERRY 23018160791BLACK 23019740791DARK ROOT WOOD 23050R50791LIGHT ROOT WOOD 23050R30791PINSTRIPE 23050R20791**indicates limited nishes36Hermle North America

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CLEARBROOKThe beautifully etchedClearbrook mantel clock makes a stunning centerpiece. The 8-day mechanical movement features Westminster chimes while the quartz movement features Ave Maria, Westminster, and Bim Bam. 2 C batteries are required for the quartz movement model. 12x10x5 in.ASSEMBLED IN USAMECHANICAL 22877070340QUARTZ 2287707Q372021-2022 Catalog

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ThePattersonA fan-favorite!****indicates limited nishesThe Patterson is a neo-classical inspired archway table clock that’s petite enough to t in the smallest of spaces while packing a big punch of visual interest. Available in 8 dierent nishes, the Patterson is a time-only clock with an 8-day mechanial skeleton movement and a metal Roman numeral dial. These timepieces are adored by customers around the globe, and their pricepoint is hard to beat for such a quality clock. MADE IN GERMANY.PATTERSONBe quality.CHERRY 23015160721RED 23015360721BLACK 23015740721GRAY23015D10721LIGHT BLUE 23015S40721DARK GREEN 23015S50721SWISS STONE PINE 23015T90721WALNUT 2301503072138Hermle North America

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1. KEHL 23003000711: Black and gold skeleton table clock with a mechanical 8-day passing bell strike movement. 10x4x6 in. Made in Germany. 2. LAHR 23004000711: Gold skeleton table clock with an 8-day mechanical movement with passing bell strike chime. 10x4x6 in. Made in Germany. 3. BONN 23001000711: Black skeleton table clock with a mechanical 8-day passing bell strike movement. 10x4x6 in. Made in Germany. 4. GALLAHAD II 22734000701: Black and brass skeleton table clock with metal dial. 14-day mechanical movement with passing bell strike chime. 10x4x6 in. Made in Germany.These delicate skeleton clocks are a favorite for adding a pop of decor to bookshelves, desks, and mantels. With four dierent styles to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone at a price your customers will love.1324392021-2022 Product Catalog

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1. Sweet Briar: Chiming tambour-style mantel clock. Mech. plays Westminster Chimes while Quartz plays Ave Maria, Westminster, & Bim Bam. Requires 2 C batteries. 9x20x5 in. Assembled in USA. 2. Laurel: Westminster chiming tambour mantel clock. 9x20x5 in. Assembled in USA. 3. Stepney: Mid-century styled tambour mantel clock featuring Westminster chimes and auto-night shut-o. Quartz model plays dual chimes. Requires 1 AA battery. 9x17x5in. Made in Germany. 4. Amelia: Chiming mantel clock. Mechanical movement plays Westminster chimes; Quartz movement plays Ave Maria, Westminster, & Bim Bam and requires 2 C batteries. 12x19x7 in. Assembled in USA. 5. Scottsville: Quarz mantel clock featuring Ave Maria, Westminster, & Bim Bam chimes. Requires 2 C batteries. 9x16x6 in. Assembled in USA.Mantel ClocksMantel clocks are a time-tested, classic timepiece. We oer a range of models in both mechanical and quartz to best t your customers’ lifestyle - and their budget.NEWSTEPNEYSWEET BRIARLAURELAMELIA SCOTTSVILLEQUARTZQUARTZMECHANICALMECHANICAL21135N9Q 23113504Q21130N9Q 21130I9Q21135N9034021130N90340 21130I90340CHERRY DARK OAKCHERRY LIGHT OAKMECHANICAL 21092030340QUARTZ 21092032114CHERRY 21134N90340MAHOGANY 22848070352CHERRY 21132N9QLIGHT OAK 21134I90340LIGHT OAK 21132I9Q1 2 3 4 5CORNELLStunning bracket clock in a Mahogany nish with an 8-day mechanical movement with Westminster chimes on polished bells, auto night shut-o, and Tempus Fugit dial.22x18x14 in.MADE IN GERMANY**Limited finish40Hermle North America

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Prefer something small and delicate, or big and bold? We have table clocks for every space!AUSTENAUSTEN8-day Westminster chiming mechanical movement with silencing lever. Quartz movement plays triple chime and features auto-night shut-o, and silencing lever. Requires 3 C batteries. Painted nishes come with painted rose dial. 13x10x6 in.ASSEMBLED IN USA8-day Westminster chiming mechanical movement with silencing lever. Quartz movement plays triple chime and features auto-night shut-o, and silencing lever. Requires 3 C batteries. Painted nishes come with painted rose dial. 13x10x6 in.ASSEMBLED IN USABLACK - MECH HNA22518740340BLACK - QUARTZ HNA2251874QGRAY - MECH HNA22518GY0340LIGHT BLUE - MECHHNA22518LB0340RED - MECH HNA22518RD0340WHITE - MECH HNA22518WH0340LIGHT OAK - MECH HNA22518I90340CHERRY - MECH HNA22518N90340LIGHT OAK - QUARTZ HNA22518I9QCHERRY - QUARTZ HNA22518N9Q* ******indicates limited item412021-2022 Catalog

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OURCHOICEQUEENSWAYSTRATFORDREMINGTONThis arched glass mantel clock features a 14-day mechanical bell strike movement and a beautiful walnut nish.12x8x6 in. MADE IN GERMANYPlays Ave Maria, Bim Bam, & Westminster Chimes. Movement & accessories Made in Germany.9x20x5 in.ASSEMBLED IN USAThis traditional Walnut mantel clock features handcarved ornamentation in a classic tambour case. Westminster chimes.11x28x7 in.MADE IN GERMANYLIMITEDWALNUT 22712030791WALNUT 21116030340CHERRYHNA21162N91050ACTON8x13x4 in.MADE IN GERMANYMAHOGANY2114207034042Hermle North America

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OURCHOICECLARKEBERGAMOLEYTONModern cubic table clock with a removable glass case. Features an 8-day mechanical movement that plays Westminster chimes on polished bells.8x7x7 in.MADE IN GERMANYClean lines and symmetry add to the sim-plicity of this sleek, modern table clock in Light Cherry, Mahogany, or Black nishes. The 8-day brass mechanical movement plays Westminster chimes on polished bells. Black nish features nickel movement. 12x8x9 in.MADE IN GERMANYOne of our continual best-sellers, the cone-shaped Leyton clock features a removable glass dome, skeleton movement, and passing bell strike on a 14-day mechancial movement.8x14x8 in.MADE IN GERMANYMAHOGANY22716070791LIGHT CHERRY22998160352WALNUT23052030340BLACK22995740791MAHOGANY22998070352BLACK 22998740352BLACK23052740340RED 23052T20340LIGHT CHERRY22716160791**Limited finish432021-2022 Catalog

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LIMITEDMACARTHURThe perfect display for your honored Veteran. This handcrafted agbox features a mechanical 1/2 hour strike movement. Movement & accessories Made in Germany. Flag not included.29.5x19x6 in.CASE MADE IN USACHERRYHNA92002N9013044Hermle North America

Page 45

DEBDENA polished and gleaming carriage clock paired with a brass moon phase Roman-Numeral dial. Plays Westminster chimes and features automatic night shut-o with silencing lever. 12x9x6 in.MADE IN GERMANYMAHOGANY22864070340OAK 22864050340WALNUT 22864030340452021-2022 Product Catalog

Page 46

CYGNUSAPOLLOA clean, modern design constructed using acrylic and a nickel movement. Plays 4/4 Westminter chimes on polished bells. Features automatic night shut-o and silencing lever.7.5x6x4.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYFloating acrylic panels intersect aluminum rods with an exposed brass movement in this new German-made desk clock. Perfect for the home or oce. Plays 4/4 Westminster chimes on polished bells. Features automatic night shut-o with silencing lever. 7.5x6x4.5 in.MADE IN GERMANYMODERNIZEYOUR MANTELGeometrical shapes, clean lines, and sleek design come together in perfect harmony with these modern mantel clocks.NICKEL23035X40340BRASS23034X4034046Hermle North America

Page 47

CHIGWELLPerfect for executives, the Chigwell is a stunning, modern, glass-cased clock on a glossy black base. The nickel plated movement plays Westminster chimes on polished bells. 12x9x10 in.MADE IN GERMANY22801740352472021-2022 Product Catalog

Page 48

ABOUT THE TELLURIUMTELLURIUM is derived from the Latin word for the Earth, and denominates three-dimensional astronomic models as they follow the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. Kopernikus’ ground-breaking astonomic discoveries in the in the early 16th century made the cosmic motions accessible to human imagination. One of the first telluriums in history was built by the Huguenot J.T. Desaguliers which he used as a means of illustration during his popular astronomic lectures in England. The oldest existing telluriums were devised by Dutch Willem Jansszoon Blaeu (1571-1638).At the beginning, the main purpose of the tellurium was to sohw the Earth’s inclination relative to the Sun. Later on, the moon was added to demonstrate the single moonphases and phenomena of lunar and solar eclipses. Today, Blaeu’s tellurium can be administered at the Nautical Museum of Amsterdam. Around the same time, a watchmaker called Siebenhaar from Schleswig (Northern Germany) developed his own tellurium, which was probably finished around the year 1651 and is now exhibited at Frederiksborg Castle in the town of Hillerad in Denmark. While the first telluriums were mainly built to demonstrate the planets’ motion relative to each other, later models are aiming more at the fairly exact mechanical approximation of the planets’ relative periods of revolution around each other by means of precise transmissions. With this masterpiece Franz Hermle & Sohn has created the world novelty, the first ever industrially manufactured mechanical tellurium. The Hermle Tellurium is one of the highlights of the Hermle collection, a timepiece for connoisseurs who admire the beauty and aesthetics of the fine art of mechanical clockmaking. The transparency of the case with its curved, bevelled glass panels and its stunning hand-made glass dome allows a fascinating look at the Hermle four-bell Westminster 352 chime movementwith its highly polished plates and the tellurium at the center of the dome. The Hermle Tellurium 22805 offers a solid wood piano finish, silver-plated dial with milled rhombus pattern, blue steel hands and a heavy polished brass disc and milled zodiac signs and delicate filigree rosettes. The Tellurium clock reproduces the annual orbit of the Earth around the Sun, with the Earth rotating around its own axis once in twenty-four hours. The Moon, in turn, revolves around the Earth in 29.5 days as it completes a full rotation around its axis. This allows the reproduction of the different moon-phases as they are visible from Earth. In the course of one year, the Earth passes all twelve zodiac signs, months, and individual days which are indicated on the brass disc.While the passing of time is exactly reproduced, this is not possible with regard to the geometric dimensions of the planets and the distances. For instance, if the Earth has a diameter of 30mm (actual size: 12, 575 km) the diameter of the moon, in proportion, would have to be 8.17 mm (actual size: 3, 476 km), and its distance from the Earth 903 mm (actual distance: 384,000 km). In proportion to the sizes, the Sun would reach the size of 3, 292 m (actual size: 1.4 million km), the distance to the Earth would amount to 351.57 m (actual size: 149.5 million km).Movement Description: 352-0708-day, spring-wound, movement with Westminster chime on 4 polished bells. Separate second feature. 11 jewel Swiss deadbeat escapements, polished brass disc has milled zodiac signs rosettes, in addition to the months and days of the year. The Tellurium has the reproduction of the Sun, Earth, and the Moon, incorportating the day/month indicator. Movement Description: 2987Quartz skeleton movement. Displays month, date, & Zodiac etc. Alkaline battery operates approximate 1 year. 48Hermle North America

Page 49

MEET THEASTROSolid metal ns intersect to form the frame of this Tellurium clock for a sleek look. Track the position of the Earth as it moves through the Solar System throughout the calendar year, complete with Zodiac. Plays Westminster chimes on polished bells with automatic night shut-o.15x13x13 in.MADE IN GERMANYBRASS23002000352NICKEL 23046000352492021-2022 Catalog

Page 50

Hold the Worldin Your HandsTELLURIUM CLOCKSQuartz movement clocks oer perfect function and sound with low maintenance, making them ideal for the modern household.ASTROLABIUMOur Astrolabium models are the perfect desk-sized clock with a calendar feature and the fan- favorite tellurium design with an easy maintenance quartz movement. 1 C battery required.9x9x12 in.MADE IN GERMANYFANFAVORITEMAHOGANY22836072987BLACK2283674298750Hermle North America

Page 51

TelluriumClocksBEST SELLERSTELLURIUM IIIThe geometric frame with uted walnut columns creates a Neo-Classical design. The gure of Atlas rests the Sun upon his shoulders beneath a star-studded glass dome. Features an 8-day mechanical movement with Westminster chimes on polished bells and automatic night shut-o. 15x13x13 MADE IN GERMANYANTIQUE WALNUT22948Q10352512021-2022 Product Catalog

Page 52

52Hermle North America

Page 53

TELLURIUMPerfect for executives and world-thinkers, this unique Tellurium table clock brings a pop of celestial charm to your space. The intricate tellurium follows the Earth’s rotation around the Sun throughout the calendar year. Features the Zodiac and plays Westminster chimes on polished bells with automatic night shut-o. Available in a variety of stunning nishes.14x12x12 in.MADE IN GERMANYBLACK/NICKEL22823740352BLACK/BRASS22805740352LIGHT CHERRY/BRASS22805160352532021-2022 Catalog

Page 54

Floor ClockCollectionALEXANDRIA Pinched-waist oor clock with an 8-day chain-driven mechanical Westminster chiming movement and moonphase dial. Move-ment & accessories Made in Germany. 80x18x12 in. CASE MADE IN USA ATHERTONThe slim and sleek design allows it to t seamlessly into even the smallest spaces. The 8-day chain driven movement plays Westminster chimes and feautures a beautiful moon phase dial. 77x19x10 in. MADE IN GERMANY WALNUT 01231030451BLACK HNA010890740451LIGHT BLUE HNA010890LB0451DARK GREENHNA01089DG0451GREY HNA010890GY0451CHERRYHNA01890N90451WHITE HNA010890WH0451LIGHT OAK HNA010890I90451REDHNA010890RD0451* ***Limited finish*54Hermle North America

Page 55

LIMITEDBROOKFIELD A charming bonnet pediment with uted columns in a bright cherry nish with bursts of burlwood veneer. Feautures an 8-day cable-driven mechanical movement with Westminster, St. Michael, Whittington chimes and automatic night shut-o. Movement & accessories Made in Germany. 85x25x14 in.CASE MADE IN USAPENNINGTON The bright cherry nish makes this grandfather clock pop with its burlwood veneer. 8-day mechanical movement features Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington chimes with moon-phase dial, auto night shut-o. Movement & accessories Made in Germany. 81x23x14 in.CASE MADE IN USACHERRYHNA010977N91161CHERRYHNA010994N91161552021-2022 Catalog

Page 56

SALERNOHandcrafted columns bend gracefully along this striking grandfather clock with a distressed walnut nish. 8-day mechanical movement features Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington chimes with au-tomatic night shut-o and moonphase dial. Movement & accessories Made in Germany. 86x17x28 in. ASSEMBLED IN USAWALNUT01092003116156Hermle North America

Page 57

Feels likeHomeNICOLETTEThe classic grandfather clock gets a Modern Farmhouse update with a black nish, gleaming nickel accessories, brass movement, and the sophisticated at top. 8-day mechanical movement features Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington chimes with automatic night shut-o. Movement & accessories Made in Germany.85x31x15 in. CASE MADE IN USABLACKHNA010802741161572021-2022 Catalog

Page 58

Mindfully MadeAnstead Grandfather ClockBlur the lines between modern and traditional style with the intricately detailed Anstead oor clock. With uted columns, carved overlays, and burlwood bonnet crown, the Anstead was designed for life in the modern home. Featuring only the best materials with American craftsmanship blended with the nest German clockworks available on the market today.Be quality.58Hermle North America

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CHERRYHNA010953N91171DARK OAK HNA010953041171ANSTEADThe beautifully carved details elegantly frame this grandfather clock, creating an heirloom that commands attention in any space. Available in Cherry and Dark Oak nishes. Features an 8-day mechanical movement with Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington chimes and moonphase dial. Movement & accessories Made in Germany. 89x27x15 in.CASE MADE IN USA*Tubular version offered. Please inquire for more details.592021-2022 Catalog

Page 60

ESSEXTEMPLEUltra-modern glass-sided walnut case showcases stunning brass tubes from any angle. 8-day mechanical movement plays Westminster, St. Michael, & Whittington chimes. Features automatic night shut-o. 78x21x14 in.MADE IN GERMANYA classic handnished grandfather clock with swooping inlays in a walnut nish. 8-day mechanical movement features Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington chimes with moonphase dial. 81x24x13 in.MADE IN GERMANYWALNUT 01219Q31171WALNUT 01093031161TUBULAR 0109303117160Hermle North America

Page 61

FOREMANHandcrafted to achieve an elaborately shaped burlwood inlay in a cherry nish. 8-day mechanical movement features Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington chimes with with automatic night shut-o and moonphase dial. Movement & accessories Made in Germany. 90x28x16 in. CASE MADE IN USA*Tubular version oered. Please inquire for more details.CHERRY HNA01095N91171BLAKELY With uted columns and a swan’s neck pediment, this grandfather clock has a regal feel. 8-day mechanical movement features Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington chimes with with automatic night shut-o and moonphase dial. Movement & accessories Made in Germany. 86x25x14 in.CASE MADE IN USADARK OAKHNA010993041161CHERRYHNA010993N91161612021-2022 Catalog

Page 62

BILTMOREGrandfather Clock with a Bonnet Top in an Elegant Walnut Finish with contrasting inlay. 8-day mechanical movement features Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington on tubular chimes with moonphase dial with auto night shut-o. 85x25x15in.MADE IN GERMANYWALNUT01131031171BERLINThe intricate oral ligree and striking handcrafted case create Old World charm in this traditional walnut nish grandfather clock. 8-day mechanical movement features Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington on tubular chimes with moonphase dial with auto night shut-o. 87x28x14in. MADE IN GERMANYWALNUT0121003117162Hermle North America

Page 63

1. NORFOLK 35065000132: Brass ship’s bell clock with a mechanical 8-day ship’s bell strike movement Quartz time-only option also available (35065002100). 8x4x8 in. MADE IN GERMANY. 2. SOUTHAMPTON 35066000132: Chrome plated ship’s bell clock with a mechanical 8-day ship’s bell movement. Quartz time-only option also available (35066002100) 8x4x8 in. MADE IN GERMANY. 3. MAGELLEN HNA91001N90132: Nautical box with a star inlay in a cherry nish. Features an 8-day mechanical ship’s bell, barometer, and storage compartment. 16x8.5x9.5 in. CASE MADE IN USA.Nautical ClocksOur nautical clocks are modeled after the classic ship’s bell clocks, specically designed for their accuracy and sound.EXCLUSIVE132Top ViewLIMITED632021-2022 Catalog

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64Hermle North America

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See TELLURIUM III on pg.51652021-2022 Product Catalog

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x6210070815I9034170815N9034170815Q1034170820N9034170944U2220070944X6220070989T3014170989T3034170993T3035170998Q7072171002L1220071002N4220071002S4220071002U6220071002U7220071002U8220071002U9220071004Q7220071004U62200410004200043000440004500046000540005500056000570005800059000610006400065000660006700068000690007000071000720007300074000750007600077000780007900022805160352228057403522282374035222948Q10352228360729872283674298723002000352230460003527074207034117171717171717171719191718191919191919161416151520131616161616161610 101510101313881515159 9941414146156151111111111117814105551313201010101014141111714555555513132324252625252325292927292123272728282828292225212625212828535353515050494910GREENWICH GREENWICHGREENWICHROWANSAVANNAH IISAVANNAH IISAVANNAH IIKINGSLANDRAVENSBURGKENDALLHIGHBURYCARRINGTONCARRINGTONCARRINGTONCARRINGTONCARRINGTONCARRINGTONABBOTLAREDOAXELISABELLAARDENARDENARDENMARENMARENATTICUSBROOKEBROOKEBROOKEHopewellSAVANNAH IISAVANNAH IICARRINGTONCARRINGTONABBOTAXELARDENARDENARDENARDENARDENARDENARDENMARENMARENFREIBURGTRIBERGNEUSTADTVILLINGENHEIDELBERGSIMONSWALDBAIERSDORFADELHEIDEANNALIESSEWULFRICWEATHER STATIONHANSSCHWARZWALDRHEINBERGGRETELBENDORFHAMISHSTACEYHELENARLOEDELWEISSSILASHEDWIGHEIDIHEINRICHSTRAUSSPHILLIPELSIEEMMATELLURIUM ITELLURIUM ITELLURIUM IITELLURIUM IIIASTROLABIUMASTROLABIUM IIASTROASTROWATERLOOTITANFINLEYBAILEYASPENSADIEGATSBYSTELLASTELLASTELLAOLIVEROLIVERMAELEHMANANYAHENRYDIANECLAIRECARTERREBECCAMETROPOLITANGRAND CENTRALAIRPORTAVAAVAATTICUSNEASDENDOROTHYJORDANJORDANJACIJACIJAYDENJAYDENFAULKNER FAULKNERHAMBURGFULHAMFULHAMKENNINGTONKENNINGTONMORNINGTONMORNINGTONHIGHBURYFRANKFURTSTUTTGART66Hermle North America

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INDEXMANTEL CLOCKSFLOOR CLOCKSNAUTICAL CLOCKSCUCKOO WHISTLES4201042011210920303402109203211421116030340HNA21162N9105021142070340HNA22518740340HNA2251874QHNA22518GY0340HNA22518I90340HNA22518I9QHNA22518LB0340HNA22518N90340HNA22518N9QHNA22518RD0340HNA22518WH0340227040021002284300210022712030791227160707912271616079122995740791227340007012280174035222848070352228640303402286405034022864070340228770703402287707Q229860021002299807035222998070352229981603522300100071123003000711230040007112301503072123015160721230153607212301574072123015D1072123015S4072123015S5072123015T90721230180307912301816079123019740791230205007212302174072123021Q7072123021S60721230253607212302550072123022X4072123023T4072123023X4072123024X4072123025Q7072123025T5072123025X4072123036030721230363607212303674072123036U3072123036X4072123050R2079123050R3079123050R50791230520303402305274034023052T203402305403034023056030791230560907912305674079123056T3079121130I9034021130I9Q21130N9034021130N9Q21132I9Q21132N9Q21134I9034021134N90340211350403402113504Q21135N9034021135N9Q22857N9013036364040424242414141414141414141413636424343433947404545453737364343433939393838383838383838363636353535353434343434343434343535353535434343363636444444040404040404040404040403654545454545454545959546262616155444606157555660606363636363303030303036464644HAMILTONJACKSONSTEPNEYSTEPNEYQUEENSWAYREMINGTONACTONAUSTENAUSTENAUSTENAUSTENAUSTENAUSTENAUSTENAUSTENAUSTENAUSTENBUFFALO IBUFFALO IISTRATFORDLEYTONLEYTONLEYTONGALAHAD IICHIGWELLCORNELLDEBDENDEBDENDEBDENCLEARBROOKCLEARBROOKFREMONTBERGAMOBERGAMOBERGAMOBONNKEHLLAHRPATTERSONPATTERSONPATTERSONPATTERSONPATTERSONPATTERSON PATTERSONPATTERSONBRONXBRONXBRONXMIKALMIKALMIKALMIKALLAKINLAKINLAKINLAKINLAKINLAKINLAKINLAKINLAKINKERIKERIKERIKERIKERI CLARKECLARKECLARKEJAXONJAXONJAXONAIMEEBRAYDENBRAYDENBRAYDENBRAYDENAMELIAAMELIAAMELIAAMELIASCOTTSVILLESCOTTSVILLELAURELLAURELSWEET BRIARSWEET BRIARSWEET BRIARSWEET BRIARLIBERTYALEXANDRIAALEXANDRIAALEXANDRIAALEXANDRIAALEXANDRIAALEXANDRIAALEXANDRIAALEXANDRIAANSTEADANSTEADATHERTONBERLINBILTMOREBLAKELYBLAKELYBROOKFIELDCHARLOTTECHARLOTTECHARLOTTEESSEXFOREMANNICOLETTEPENNINGTONSALERNOTEMPLETEMPLESOUTHAMPTONSOUTHAMPTONNORFOLKNORFOLK MAGELLENBirdsDogGnome SquirrelOwlWINDFALLAPOLLOCYGNUSMACARTHURHNA010890740451HNA010890LB0451HNA010890N90451HNA010890WH0451HNA010890DG0451HNA010890GY0451HNA010890I90451HNA010890RD0451HNA010953041171HNA010953N91171012310304510121003117101131031171HNA010993041161HNA010993N91161HNA010994N9116101087030461010870504610108774046101219Q31171HNA010905N91171HNA010802741161HNA010977N91161010920031161010930311610109303117135066000132230660021003506500013223065002100HNA91001N901320202020302040205020622919N9Q23034X4034023035X40340HNA92002N90130672021-2022 Catalog

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CLOCK FINISHES00 = White Non Distressed02 = Dark Polished Walnut03 = Walnut04 = Dark Oak05 = Oak07 = Mahogany08 = Natural Walnut09 = Maple 16 = Light Cherry29 = Anthracite36 = Red38 = Beech74 = BlackGY = GrayI9 = Light OakLB = Light BlueN9 = CherryQ1 = Antique WalnutQ3 = Chocolate WalnutQ7 = BlueT3 = Iced BeechT9 = Swiss Stone PineX4 = SilverWH = Distressed White00 White Non Distressed02 Dark Polished Walnut 03 Walnut04 Dark Oak 05 Oak 07 Mahogany08 Natural Walnut 09 Maple16 Light Cherry29 Anthracite74 Black GY Gray I9 Light Oak29 Red 38 BeechI9 Light Oak LB Light Blue N9 CherryQ1 Antique Walnut Q3 Chocolate Walnut T3 Iced BeechT9 Swiss Stone Pine X4 Silver WH Distressed White68Hermle North America

Page 69

HERMLE CLOCK CODESCLOCK ICONSMECHANICAL MOVEMENT CODES0058 8-day 1/2h. Mechanical Cable Driven Movement0130 8-day 1/2h. Mechanical Strike Movement, Floating Balance0340 8-day 4/4h. Mechanical Westminster Chime Movement, Floating Balance0341 8-day 4/4h. Mechanical Westminster Chime Movement, Pendulum0351 8-day 4/4h. Mechanical Westminster Cable Driven Movement, Pendulum0352 8-day 4/4h. Mechanical Westminster Chime Movement, 11 Jewels Escapement0451 8-day 4/4h. Mechanical Westminster Chain Driven Movement, Pendulum0701 8-day 1/2h. Mechanical Skeleton Movement0761 31-day Mechanical 31-days Movement, Pendulum0791 14-day 1/2h. Mechanical Skeleton Movement1050 8-day 4/4h. Mechanical Triple Chime Movement (Westminster, St. Michael, Whittington), Floating Balance1161 8-day 4/4h. Mechanical Triple Chime Movement (Westminster, St. Michael, Whittington), Pendulum1171T 8-day 4/4h. Mechanical Triple Chime Tubular Movement (Westminster, St. Michael, Whittington), Pendulum1171-890 8-day 4/4h. Mechanical Triple Chime Tubular Movement (Westminster, St. Michael, Whittington), Pendulum 2214 Quartz pendulum movement (Westminster, Bim Bam)2114 Quartz non pendulum movement (Westminster, Bim Bam)2200 Quartz time only pendulum movement2100 Quartz time only non pendulum movement0011711171N9N911611161category of clocks reference number nish movement type0 = Floor Clocks2 = Table Clocks3 = Wall Clocks6 = Wall Clocks7 = Regulators mechanical movement31-day mechanical movementquartz movementtime onlyone chimetwo chimestriple chimessilencing leverautomatic night shut-offmoon phase dialcuckoo call and melodiescuckoo call and waterfall

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70Hermle North America

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See Salerno on pg.56712021-2022 Catalog

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Hermle North America340 Industrial Park DriveAmherst, Virginia 24521P: 434.946.7751 F: 434.946.7747E: sales@hermleclock.comW: hermleclock.comShown on Cover:Buffalo in Brass Pg. 36PRSRTD STDUS POSTAGEPAIDPERMIT #20AMHERST, VAVisit Now For More Product & Warranty InformationSee Blakely on pg.61