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This project we do for a good cause which is to help our brothers in the Guajira collecting water bottles so they can consume that product

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Maria Jose Sanchez Repizo

Helping Others

Cra 7a Cll 2a B/ Belen Ibague

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Amid the tragedy by the drought in the north, theombudsman presented a disturbing report. Although environmental authorities have warned of the imminent presence of el niño, the drama in different regions of the country shows that few are prepared to resist its effects.

Alarm in La Guajira for malnourished children

 inclement summer and neglect state paints a devastating picture that is reflected in the alarming figures revealed by the ombudsman on la Guajira: the departament recorded 17000 malnourished children in the minicipality of uraba, where, in addition, only one of the 350 water reservoirs works.

 a worrying statistic that another 18.000 malnourished children in manuare are added, while in the capital, Riohacha, more than 2.000 children under five have unmet their basic nutritional needs.