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juan andres reyes diaz 

Punto de Recogida 
Colegio tolimense-ibague tolima-
Grado: 7-3


It helps the brothers of the guajira...
 hey are the most needy




help costs nothing , remember to always
help the needy, because you do not
know what can poasar in the future and
what can this living , and in life
everything is returned , neither are
you going to know the calamities that
can happen and you I suffered touch ,
so that helps because when you 're
needed someone to help give your hand
like you 're going to do , do it,

 Help them

The reason for doing this is to help the
guajira Children Carrying bags or bottles
Sealed water , but we need your help, they
 I ask that Children in Need That Are not They
can do anything, they are dying of
Malnutrition and lack of Food Aid  please

the reason