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Help a Cause
Lesson Objective
Students will learn how to help a cause, and make a difference in someone's life by creating a dog toy from an old t-shirt.
Background Information for Teacher
Student Prior Knowledge
Old t-shirts (any size or color as long as there are no embellishments that can come off)
Video demonstration (Step 2)
Step-by-Step Guided Lesson
Step 1: Start Video
(Tips: Interact with the video by pausing, to ask questions or discuss information viewed with student.)
Step 2: Teach Lesson
Tell the student that today they are going to learn how to help a cause just like the boy in the video. Explain to the student
that it is always good to help those in need.
Tell the student that one way to help is by helping the environment using old materials to make something useful. This
keeps items out of the landfill. The new items can benefit someone or something else. Explain that today's project will
benefit shelter animals by creating new toys for them to play with.
Have the student cut the bottom half of an old t-shirt off (just below the sleeves, the truck on the t-shirt).
Cut 3 two inch strips from the material.Tie all the strips together with a knot.
Braid all three strips to create a toy for shelter dogs to enjoy. You can watch the video below for demonstration.
DIY Dog Toy video
(Allow the student to visit the shelter to present the toys or mail the toys to the local shelter with a picture or video. We
recommend visiting the shelter as a great field trip and a way for the student to see the animals, and ask questions).
Complete the assignment in step 3 to emphasize the moral of the lesson.

Step 3: Complete the assignment below.
Read: One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference (this book can also be found at your local library)
Before reading, ask the student to tell you what they think the book is about based on the cover.
Read a few pages. Have the student write down the challenge the character faces – an incident, problem, conflict, situation
Have the student write down other questions during the reading
Ask inferential questions: How would you feel if you were ___?
Imagine you were ___, how would you handle this situation?
How did ____ make a difference?
What were the challenges ____ faced?
What personal strengths did ____have?
How do the challenges faced by this character compare to ones you have faced?
Step 4: Review. Start the next lesson with the game or activity attached below for review so the student can demonstrate
understanding of this lesson before moving forward.
Art (offline) activity
Create a collage of pictures and student-created text about a character in the book they read who made a difference.
Make a collage about yourself that shows your personal strengths and ways you might use these to make a difference.