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2021-2022 Hello Family Annual Report

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ADDITIONAL PARTNERSFunding Support: Contec, Spartanburg Academic Movement, SpartanburgCounty Foundation, Spartanburg School District 7, South CarolinaDepartment of Health and Environmental Control, South CarolinaDepartment of Health and Human Services, South Carolina First Steps,ReGenesis Health CareImpact Investor: The Community Outcomes Fund at Maycomb CapitalProvider Support: BirthMatters, Hope Center for Children (Triple P),Spartanburg County First Steps (Quality Counts), Spartanburg RegionalHealthcare System (Family Connects) Project Development and Transaction Structuring: Sorenson Impact Center,David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah; Institute for ChildSuccess, Nonprofit Finance Fund, Social Innovation FundAdditional Support: Urban Institute, Riley Institute at Furman University,Way to Wellville, Children’s Trust of South Carolina, and Optus BankCORE FUNDERSBarnet Foundation Trust

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Partner Letter 01.BirthMatters Provider Report02.Family Connects Provider Report04.Quality Counts Provider Report06.Triple P Provider Report08.Community Connections10.Hello Family Stats12.Table of Contents

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Best Regards,Bryan BoroughsChief Operating Officer and General CounselInstitute for Child SuccessBryan BoroughsJanuary 31, 2023Partners,As we continue to celebrate the successes of Hello Family's first year, we want to thankeach  one  of  you  for  your  support  in  making  this  project  a  reality.  This  past  year  hasbeen full of success stories, challenging situations, and new gaps unfolding that we canwork  together  to  fill.  We  also  want  to  take  a  moment  to  thank  the  providers  for  theirservice to the families in Spartanburg. It is your commitment to this community that issetting the stage for increasing positive outcomes.There  have  been  many  highlights.  A  Family  Connects  nurse  identified  postpartumpreeclampsia  during  a  home  visit.  While  the  mother  spent  the  night  in  the  ICU,  theoutcome  could  have  been  far  worse  without  the  quick  intervention  of  a  trainedprofessional.  BirthMatters  has  continued  to  display  willingness  to  serve  whereverneeded  by  becoming  a  formula  pick-up  location  once  we  discovered  mothers  weredelayed in receiving formula for their newborns through WIC. Quality Counts' intensivecoaching in Hello Family funded centers has proven to be tremendous in strengtheningthe  quality of  experiences  for  our  youngest  learners  and  has  been  a  steady  force  fordirectors  during  constant  staffing  issues  that  are  facing  our  country  today.  Triple  Pfound great success in broadening their reach to include child development centers inaddition to local schools. By doubling efforts with existing Quality Counts centers, bothdirectors  and  parents  are  being  given  the  resources  and  support  they  need.  And,  ofcourse, our rockstar quarterback Kaitlin Watts and her deputy Emily Glass, have beenwaking up every day focused on making sure all of the different pieces of this project fittogether and move forward.
As you review the following data, stories, and information, be proud of your part in HelloFamily. This effort has already proven to be needed, helpful, and life changing for somefamilies. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to sharing new successstories as year two continues.1

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BirthMatters provides community doula services to young, expectant mothers at nocharge to them. Trained doulas provide educational and emotional support to each familythrough home visits and birth support. Services continue until the infant is 12 months oldand complements the medical care model. 57babies were born within city zip codes. mothers living within city zip codes were served. 2871.4%Non-CesareanBirths82.1%Born at HealthyBirth Weight82.1%Breastfedat Birth 28 28 24 23 23 2085.7%Non-NICUAdmission“Having a doula was the best thing that happened to me atthat time. Amber was there for me from the beginning to theend. She helped me through postpartum recovery and to getmy life on track. The key was self-love and self-care.” Marquila, BirthMatters Client 28 28 282

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THE DAY I DISCOVERED mother I got sick - physically sick. I sat in thephysician’s office chair just staring for whatseemed like hours. What started as a nervousgiggle, shortly turned into a full-blown cackle.I genuinely thought I was losing my mind. Iwasn’t cut out to be a parent! How was Igoing to support a baby, let alone myself? Asan 18-year-old freshman in college, I wasextremely dismissive of my responsibilitiesand wasn’t quite ready to be a mother. Thatchanged when I met my doula and becameone of the first people served byBirthMatters. I still remember the day mydoula’s sister approached me during a hot,early morning as I dropped my siblings off at summer camp. She told me about a wonderful program in the area that helped youngpeople like myself and offered amazing resources for families with infants and children. Ijust smiled, nodded, and thought to myself, “What in the world is a doula? Maybe it’s anurse or a midwife or something that’s going to see me while I’m pregnant.” Honestly, I wasBenji Collins is a certified community doula, medicalassistant and lactation counselor.3"Once I met my doulaand became moreengaged in the program,I was blown away."intrigued by what the program had to offer whilestill a bit skeptical about services that would beoffered at no cost to me. I was even moreskeptical of the duties of a doula and how minewas going to become what she described as “mybest friend” throughout the next few months.Once I met my doula and became more engaged in the program, I was blown away by the child, parenting, and breastfeeding classesoffered and the cool prizes that we got for participating. I was able to meet otherindividuals like me and my partner. Most importantly, I got the opportunity to learn how totake care of myself and the little life growing inside of me. I’m even more fulfilled nowthat everything has come full circle. I went from being a birthing person with a doula tonow becoming a part of the BirthMatters team. I am proud to say that I am now acommunity-based doula who can help other individuals that are going through the sameexperience!I would be a

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Program OutcomesEligible Residents = 497 (eligibility determined by address)Participants Enrolled = 334 (67.2% of eligible residents)Completed Home Visits = 236 (70.7% of program enrollees)Family Connects launched in April 2022 and is offered to all primary caregivers ofnewborns’, including fostered and adopted, who reside in city zip codes of Spartanburg andgive birth at Spartanburg Regional Hospital. Shortly after the baby’s birth, a registered nursewill visit the home of the newborn, provide health checks for both the infant and the birthmother, assess needs and offer supportive guidance on a wide variety of child and infanthealth-related topics. The nurse documents the visit — including the physical assessmentsand community referrals — and relays the appropriate information to the family’s healthcareproviders. Primary care physician Postpartum appointments GLEAMNS Utility Assistance WIC/DHEC Medical TransportationTop 5 Most Common Referrals Include:

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after birth are full of emotions. I believe our work at FamilyConnects is beneficial because it allows postpartum moms an opportunity to reflect on thebirth of their child. I have had a few clients tell me that, “This pregnancy was a lotdifferent than the first,” or “I know I have other children, but my other children never didthis before.” Offering new moms an opportunity to learn more about postpartum health,child safety and early development allows them to be more conscious of what to look forwhen caring for themselves and their babies. Making sure these moms have everyresource possible ultimately helps contribute to a more positive mothering experience.Being a mom can be challenging, but lack of access to resources can make a hardsituation more stressful. The most enlightening part of my job is leaving the client withmore confidence in themselves when it comes to their role as a woman and mother. To beable to listen to them and for them to feel they have support is very rewarding. I had oneclient tell me, “I am so thankful for nurses in our city who are so passionate about momsand babies getting the best care and support.” When she told me this, it washeartwarming and made me feel my job was worthwhile. THE FIRST FEW WEEKS Anjonique Fernanders (pictured top left) transferred from the Nurse Family Partnershipprogram to Family Connects in April 2022. "AJ" is a registered Nurse Home Visitor with aMaster's of Science in Nursing.5

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Quality Counts creates high-quality learning environments and promotes best practices forteachers  who  help  prepare  our  youngest  students  for  success  in  school  and  life.  Byproviding  targeted  professional  development,  mentorship  and  coaching,  and  nationallyrecognized assessments, this program lays the foundation for continuous improvement.Quality  Counts'  program,  Spring  andSummer Literacy Counts,  provides centerswith books  and  activities  to  support  a  loveof  reading  and  learning.  It  is  during  theseearly years that children build curiosity andstimulate their imagination through reading,rhyming, and looking at pictures. gement in coaching and support using twoindicators.  The  first  indicator  relies  oncoaching  visit  data  which  states  centersare  fully  engaged  if  they  receive  thenumber  of  coaching  visits  required  bytheir  star  rating  over  the  course  of  thetwelve  months.  Coaching  visits  areconducted between each center's annualassessments.  All  eight  Hello  Familycenters,  serving  approximately  400children  total,    exceeded  their  number  ofcoaching visits last year.QUALITY COUNTS defines full enga-
290 books provided to 42 classrooms46,106 total reading minutes467 children received 2 books each934 books total taken home6

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Jessica Flowers, Conscious Discipline Coach, pictured top right. Article written by Courtney Cancer, QualityCounts TA since 2016, pictured bottom right coaching a child on how to open their food independently.7connect  with  your  school  family  and  commit  toclassroom  expectations.  During  subsequentvisits,  teachers  utilized  techniques  as  Jessicaobserved  and  provided  feedback,  buildingteacher  skills  and  confidence  in  their  ability  toprovide  social  emotional  learning.  The  QualityCounts  TA  also  increased  skills  in  supportingclassroom social and emotional development asJessica  provided  personal  coaching  anddebriefing  opportunities.  The  respect,understanding and  kindness in  classrooms hasincreased  due  to  the  continuous  support  andcoaching  of  the  TA  and  Ms.  Flowers.  It  wasillustrated as a child asked another child to lookat  their  work  and  initially  the  other  child  said,“no”  they  wouldn’t  look.  The  child  quicklychanged their  mind, stopped  playing, looked  atthe  other  child’s  work  and  complimented  them.Those  children  had  been  partners  for  theconnection  activity  during  that  morning’s  BrainSmart Start. Numerous other anecdotes can beshared  from  her  coaching  sessions,  illustratingthe  mental  fortitude  Conscious  Discipline  isbuilding in classrooms."The child quickly changedtheir mind, stoppedplaying, looked at theother child’s work andcomplimented them."highlight  of  the  year!  She  engaged  with  children  during  moments  of  conflict  to  modelteaching  social  skills  and  methods  for  managing  emotions  for  teachers  and  technicalassistance  providers  (TAs).  Everyone  was  able  to  observe  her  interactions  and  askquestions and get specific classroom information. Ms. Flowers also provided coaching onimplementing  the  structures  of  Conscious  Discipline  in  the  classroom.  The  initial  focusincorporated the components of a Brain Smart Start – unite as a class, disengage stress,CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE COACHING,              provided by Jessica Flowers, was a 

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TRIPLE P The Protective Factors Survey (PFS) is a pre-post, self-administeredsurvey that measures protective factors in five areas: family functioningand resiliency, social support, concrete support, nurturing andattachment, and knowledge of parenting/child development. Triple P offers support for the entire family, either in their homes or in a group setting, byproviding parents and caregivers the tools and resources they need to be effective andconfident in their roles. This program also offers support as children leave foster care andtransition back to their families or into new family situations.of individuals saw gains in child development/knowledge of parenting.75.3%of individuals saw gains in family functioning and resilience.80.8%of individuals saw gains in social support. 58.9%of individuals saw gains in concrete supports.24.7%of individuals saw gains in improving and nurturing attachment. 54.8% Received Triple P38215410573 AND lives in Spartanburg city zip code AND has a child 8 or youngerAND completed the PFS8

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“It is a privilege to be able to share Triple P with ourcommunity because of its potential long-term impactand the immediate support it provides to families inneed of positive ideas, tools, and new strategies forparenting.” Tonya Wang, Triple P Practitioner “I am reaffirmed in my mission to share Triple Pstrategies with the families in our community everytime I see a parent’s face light up when they realizethey are already using positive parenting at home. It iseven more reassuring when I see a parent recognizethere is a better way than the parenting that they’vebeen taught, and they are excited to try somethingnew to positively influence their relationships withtheir children at home.”“Triple P normalizes misbehavior before it teachesstrategies to help with those misbehaviors. To see aparent go from shy/quiet in a session to fullyengaged, asking questions, and even getting excitedabout the strategies taught is my why.” Porsche Miller , Triple P PractitionerMEET THE TRIPLE P TEAMJulia Ceva, Triple P Practitioner/Supervisor9

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COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS has been out in thecommunity to build awareness andconnect with families. Two communitybaby showers were hosted last year toconnect expectant and new moms with resources and support. Over 10 localand state partners were present toshare support and celebrate withthese growing families! Each familyleft with essential items such asdiapers, wipes, and books. With over140 in total attendance at both events,these will continue as biannual events. HELLO FAMILYCOMMUNITY OUTREACHrising with over 20 events attended orhosted by Hello Family last year. Theseinclude events in partnership with localnon-profit organizations, businesses,child development centers, schooldistricts, and community groups.Additionally, marketing efforts includenews media appearances, bus and busshelter ads, billboards, promotionalvideos, social media advertising andmore. Follow us on Instagram andFacebook to see where we will be next! is steadily 10

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of 2022 in an effort to bridge gaps and create conversation betweenlocal service providers working with families, parents, and/or children.Two events took place last year with over 40 organizationsrepresented. Quarterly opportunities for networking will be availablemoving forward. in the fall HELLO FAMILY LAUNCHED HELLO CONNECT continue to be promoted statewide as an easy tool for parents to build their knowledge around and support earlychildhood development. We include Palmetto Basics handouts with allHello Family information that is dispersed. Basics activities and eventstake place regularly through local partners such as Spartanburg CountyFirst Steps, Spartanburg County Library, and more.THE PALMETTO BASICS 11

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FacebookInstagramFacebookInstagramFacebookInstagramHELLO FAMILY STATSHello Family launched a website and social media channels on January 12, 2022. Sincethen, we have strategically planned daily interactions to increase website traffic and socialmedia followers. We have seen consistent community growth and increased publicawareness of Hello Family and our mission since launch. Posts + Stories1,152Profile Vists2,321Content Reach32,579Website Views7,864On average, 21website views daily.HotlineConnections95*Online Data reflects January-December 2022children59families3612

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