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Helium Henry 

By: Victor Johnston 

Helium Henry was having a normal day in fifth grade. The sun was rising and the trees were blowing in the wind. He was super happy today because it was his best friend’s birthday. He got his friend Boron Boy a present today. His teacher brought balloons for Boron Boy, as they were going to throw a surprise birthday party for Boron Boy. Helium Henry was astonished by the balloons that were floating in the air. He wanted to go hold the balloons, but he was afraid that if he touched them they would pop. He did not ask to touch the he just looked at them. He built up the courage to ask to hold the balloon. When he was touching the balloon. He became invisible no one could see him. This was perfect for throwing the party he thought. He went to go talk to his teacher and tell her but when he talked his voice was squeaky. His teacher was surprised at Helium Henry but thought he had a good idea for the surprise party. Boron Boy went to the restroom and Helium Henry went outside and brought the balloons in. When Boron Boy came in he could not see the balloons because Helium Henry was holding onto the balloons. Helium Henry let go of the balloons and Boron Boy was so happy that he best friend threw him a party. It was the best day of his life he loved the surprise. They have been best friends ever since.