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If you have to shop for Ken Bone, You will give him a suit. 

If Ken Bone doesn´t want to shop, you will have to shop for him.

If Ken Bone goes to the mall, Then he will get tired and not want to shop.

If Ken Bone needs a new outfit, He will go to the mall.

If Ken Bone gets mustard on his sweater, He will need a new outfit.

If Ken Bone gets a hot dog, He will get mustard on his sweater.

If he smells the great smells of the snack stands, He will want a hot dog. 

If Ken Bone goes to a baseball game, He will smell the great smells of the snack stands.

If Ken Bone wants to do something fun, Then he will ask to go to a baseball game.

If Ken Bone becomes bored, He will want to do something fun.

If Ken Bone has to listen to the candidates, then he will become bored.


If Ken Bone asks a question at the debate, then he will have to listen to the candidates.

If Ken Bone wears a red sweater, Then he will ask a question at the debate.

If Ken Bone Tears his pants, Then he will wear a red sweater.

If you give Ken Bone a suit, Then he Will tear his pants.  


If You Give Ken Bone A Suit.

By Ronnie Faris