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Health First Quick Guide to Some Healthy Summer Fun!

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HEALTH FIRST QUICK GUIDE TO SOME HEALTHY SUMMER FUN NEW TO THE WORLD OF NATURAL HEALTH TRYING TO LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE M AD E IN CANAD A Then the Health First Network series of quick guides is for you In this issue we are sharing some healthy summer recipes using superfoods made or grown close to home

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HEALTHY AND MADE IN CANADA GENERALLY WHEN WE THINK OF SUPERFOODS WE LOOK TO EXOTIC INGREDIENTS FROM FARAWAY PLACES IN HOPES OF SUPPORTING OUR HEALTH BUT CANADA IS NO STRANGER TO SUPERFOODS SO CONSIDER LOOKING CLOSE TO HOME FOR THOSE INGREDIENTS THAT WILL INFUSE A LITTLE HEALTHY FUN INTO YOUR SUMMER ENTERTAINING Summer gatherings are looking different again this year Now more than ever it s so important to support our own health and the health of our Canadian communities as one You ll find a bunch of Canadian sourced little gems in this guide to help you stay healthy while celebrating summer

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PROBIOTICS A GUT HEALTH ESSENTIAL Probiotics are purveyors of good gut health which is central to your body s overall health and well being When indulging in summer fun this year a probiotic can help to support both your digestive and immune health You can get these good bacteria from supplements or fermented foods RECIPE COCONUT YOGURT ingredients Health First ProBio Supreme 2 capsules 1 L full fat coconut milk directions 1 Empty the capsules of ProBio Supreme into 2 clean glass jars 2 Pour coconut milk into each jar filling each jar equally 3 Place the lids securely on your jars and shake them up 4 Remove the lids place your jars in your Instant Pot and select the Yogurt button 5 When the program completes carefully remove your jars and let them cool then refrigerate 6 Coconut yogurt can be served plain or topped with fruit chia seeds or granola Enjoy Recipe and image courtesy of Astrid Fox healmeinthekitchen

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SUNFLOWER BUTTER HEALTHY FATS FOR EVERYONE Made from ground sunflower seeds sunflower butter is a great alternative to peanut butter With significantly more iron manganese and vitamin E and less saturated fat than peanut butter this is also an option for those with nut allergies Plus sunflowers require a lot less water to grow in comparison to almonds and their shells don t go to waste in production RECIPE SUNFLOWER BROCCOLI SOUP ingredients 3 cups broccoli florets 3 cloves garlic 1 cup water to steam broccoli and garlic 1 cube vegetable bouillon 1 2 Tbsp lemon juice 5 6 Tbsp Nuts to You Sunflower Seed Butter Salt and pepper to taste directions 1 Steam broccoli and garlic cloves until tender reserving cooking water 2 Pour hot cooking water into a measuring cup and add bouillon cube Whisk until dissolved 3 Combine all ingredients in a blender and pur e 4 If consistency is too thick add more water as necessary 5 Add salt and pepper to taste 6 Carefully reheat and serve

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WHEATGRASS LOCALLY SOURCED GREENS Wheatgrass is harvested as a young plant providing a nutrient dense source of chlorophyll Unlike other green superfoods it grows sustainably in all environments including Canada Green foods are alkalizing meaning they help to reduce acidity in the body They can sometimes be difficult to digest so look for fermented versions that tend to be easier on the stomach RECIPE RAW AVOCADO CAKE ingredients base 1 cup rolled oats 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 4 cup pecans 2 Tbsp coconut milk 1 Tbsp cacao powder 1 scoop Prairie Naturals fermented 1 Tbsp almond meal organic wheat grass powder 2 pitted dates ingredients filling 1 Tbsp agave nectar 2 tsp lemon or lime 1 4 cup coconut milk juice 1 Tbsp coconut oil 1 ripe avocado 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 2 tsp peppermint 3 scoops Prairie Naturals fermented organic wheat grass powder directions 1 In a food processor combine all the ingredients for the base Mix together until blended evenly 2 Press mixture evenly into the bottom of the cake pan 3 Freeze 2 3 hours 4 In a food processor combine all ingredients for the filling Mix together until blended and smooth 5 Pour filling mixture into the cake pan evenly layering over the base 6 Freeze 2 3 hours 7 Serve and enjoy

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FLAX OIL SUSTAINABLE OMEGAS Essential fatty acids EFAs are good fats that we cannot make on our own and must be obtained through diet Thankfully flax grows readily in Canada and provides both omega 3s and 6s to support skin heart and brain health Flax oil should never be used in cooking so it s best added to salads and smoothies or yogurt RECIPE STRAWBERRY FLAX NICE CREAM ingredients 1 1 2 cups frozen strawberries 1 cup frozen banana 1 2 cup soaked hemp seeds 1 4 cup Flora Flax Oil 1 4 tsp vanilla bean or 1 tsp vanilla extract Liquid if needed about 2 4 Tbsp directions 1 Add all ingredients to a high speed blender pausing to scrape down the sides as needed 2 Add liquid 1 Tbsp at a time if needed 3 Blend until smooth Recipe courtesy of Lindsay Young eatyoungnutrition

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BIOBASED CLEANERS ENTERTAINING ESSENTIAL Social interactions and healthy relationships contribute to overall well being One way we can safely interact within COVID 19 boundaries is to ensure we keep a clean and safe environment Be sure to use cleaners without harsh chemicals solvents or added fragrance This ensures you get rid of the germs while protecting family friends and the environment LIVEHEALTHFIRST

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PRODUCT INGREDIENTS 50 billion probiotics per capsule for the entire intestinal tract Gluten dairy and soy free Made with Canadian grown dry roasted sunflower seeds with no added sugar salt or hydrogenated oils Canadian grown certified organic fermented and gluten free Canadian grown organic non GMO seed to bottle fresh pressed and unrefined virgin flax oil Nontoxic plant and mineral based cleaner made from biodegradable and sustainable ingredients and packaging FIND THESE PRODUCTS AT YOUR LOCAL HEALTH FIRST MEMBER STORE PLEASE VISIT HEALTHFIRST CA TO LOCATE THE STORE NEAREST YOU