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Health First Quick Guide To Mental Health

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HEALTH FIRST QUICK GUIDE TO MENTAL HEALTH NEW TO THE WORLD OF NATURAL HEALTH TRYING TO LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE Then the Health First Network series of quick guides is for you In this issue we talk about an area of growing concern mental health

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MENTAL HEALTH TAKE TIME FOR SELF CARE IN SUPPORT OF POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS There are many things you can do to support your mental health get adequate sleep avoid caffeine and alcohol add low intensity exercise to your daily routine or just simply allow yourself a break when experiencing a period of stress as in now during this pandemic Of course eating a well balanced diet that is rich in nutrients can also have a direct effect on how you re feeling Since this is sometimes easier said than done there are numerous herbs vitamins and dietary supplements that can play a role in supporting the mind FOUNDATION OF MENTAL HEALTH A CALM MIND Research shows that mindful breathing can help lower blood pressure boost immunity and bring about a state of calm The next time the world feels like it s spinning around you simply breathe in for a count of 4 hold for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 4 A few rounds of this small act can set you up to better take on the day OMEGA 3 YOUR BRAIN BOOST EPA and DHA are Omega 3 fatty acids that are vital for normal brain development and function Helping with cell signaling and reducing inflammation studies show that a minimum of 1 000mg of EPA combined with DHA are key to supporting healthy mood balance L THEANINE YOUR ALL DAY STRESS SUPPORT Periods of prolonged stress can have a negative impact on our mental health so finding balance is key L theanine an amino acid that is naturally occurring in tea can help promote relaxation while keeping your mind sharp during times of stress Its ability to help support longer more restful sleep allows both your body and mind to recuperate and reset PROBIOTICS A BALANCED MICROBIOME A BALANCED MOOD Research is mounting on the connection between our gut and brain health Receptors exist in both that can have a positive or negative effect on our daily mood Ensuring the good bacteria in our gut are alive and well can ensure we are emotionally balanced too GREENS YOUR ENERGY BOOST ESSENTIAL Exhaustion can overwhelm the body and mind Reaching for another coffee or energy drink to cope may end up increasing feelings of anxiousness and irritability Fortunately antioxidant rich green foods and supplements can help to alleviate exhaustion naturally while improving overall well being LION S MANE YOUR COGNITION COMPANION Mental acuity may become affected by the constant feeling that we re spiraling out of control The pencil sharpener of medicinal mushrooms lion s mane is a great support when your brain is feeling like mush Lion s mane may help to stimulate nerve growth factor NGF which can inhibit brain dysfunction LIVEHEALTHFIRST

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PRODUCT INGREDIENTS Chewable L theanine tablets can help to calm the mind within 30 40 minutes of ingestion without causing drowsiness Sustainably harvested and tested for purity each capsule provides a potent dose of essential omega 3 fatty acids Organic full spectrum and micronized for superior absorption two capsules daily help support brain health 50 Billion clinicallystudied probiotic strains combined with ashwagandha to support gut health emotional well being and relaxation Combines a full serving of greens with taurine and 100mg of caffeine from kola nut that nourishes while it energizes FIND THESE PRODUCTS AT YOUR LOCAL HEALTH FIRST MEMBER STORE PLEASE VISIT HEALTHFIRST CA TO LOCATE THE STORE NEAREST YOU

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